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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mirroring each other crowds

This is "Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me." Part 2
From my Inner Goddess to my outer woman

First of all I would like to thank you for being such a reflection of me and for teaching my being so many lessons. Now is the time for Re-loving to me. 
I forgave you already and deeply there, I love you soooooo much I see, there are some words limitations, what we may face especially, when we would go out of rational dimension.

Please feel it. Feel what I, we, are sharing with you. I'm not going to be focused on the past. Both our beings made mistakes but in the end, when we learned from it or even, it made us going through some even heavy process... 
remember " Love will conquer all" - are you still singing with me ? What will not kill us will make us stronger.

Love it is energy, what want's to flow, circulate and not to stagnate. That's why I would like to move on. I would love to create with you sisterhood. We love the same energies. We have to learn from each other how, in harmony, we may love not only inner man of our own being but also inner man of outer being.

Basically your own inner man and my inner man are both shared between of us. Not even triangle but square. Polyamory in the monogamous relationship. :) A bit complicated. Si ?

Amiel said that is good to first learn relation with one person... then when you master it you may go for open relationship.

Conscious relationship it is not only between two people but between all their parts and energies. 
Not only inner man and inner woman but also on other dimensions: between body, heart, mind and spirit, between inner father, inner mother and inner child, between inner optimists and inner critisizer... whole universe is in each of us.

One of the purpose in life and tantra is to create there in us connection, friendship, inner dialogue, harmony and love in place of separateness, inner fight and dominance.

Relationship with another being may seem even more complicated but with awareness of this our inner crowd and all processes connecting with another being, it may give us wonderful tool what we call " mirror " in tantra. Seeing you, may help me to reflect on me. Thank you mirror. 
Michal Kali Griks 
10.06.2018 Badulina community, Orgiva, Spain

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me. Part 1

This is one of the best piece what i ever wrote. It is interesting that it happen in very challenging time for me. I just let the divine inspiration flow through me. 

Inspired by book "Conversations with Good" Book 3 " An uncommon dialogue. 

Dedicated to my beloved, who is challenging me like never before :)

This is Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me. 

I love you as much as possible. When I would influence to love yourself more there, would more love be circulating between us in Yoniverse. The same when I would learn how to love my self more I would be able to love you more. That's why the highest purpose of life is to learn how to love and just love. On all possible levels: Sexual, Relationship, Intellectual and Spiritual. That's why is so important to share that love, that wisdom to the others. When they know, when they use it than more of that energy circulate not only for them but also for us, for all universe. That's why, when we make love in the  tantric way, without losing energy but making it circulate, we don't only make love to ourselves, to our partners. We make love to whole universe. We create abundance of love , what is just natural to share. You're my mirror, reflection of my inner Goddess within me. Thank you for teaching me all those lessons, for communicating to me. Thankful that, I may know my other half, what was suppressed through generations. thankful you, I may learn about her. Thankful you I may heal her as well. Thankful you I may liberated her. I may give you a space and in the same time I give her space.... that's what she needs right now I guess. I may trust you, her myself and your, my and our process. I want to love you more, to love her more. When more love may circulate between us, than this may reflect inside of us. When we love our masculine and feminine, than, we create more harmonious couple inside of us. What inside may reflect outside. And vice versa. What outside may reflect what is inside. We may learn so much from it, so much from each other energies. Just we have to be aware about this. Now You are :)
My inner man may learn all this as well. He may teach your inner man, who like my inner woman was suppressed through generations. Now they may learn from each other. They may be like a brothers or rather best friends. Is it not beautiful ? 
Love is beautiful. We just have to allow it to flow as much as possible. 
Commit to remove the barriers, heal the limitations, build up the trust, liberate into more and more life with passion. 
Create more and more heaven on Earth. Here and now
For ourselves = for others
Thank you all my mirrors. 
I love you as I love my self

Michal Kali Griks

Monday, June 4, 2018

Essence of Tantra Retreat in Spain

Spanish translation will appear here soon:


Friday 29.06.18:
18.00 - 21.30 Taste of Tantra open evening in some spiritual centre in Orgiva ( details soon )
For the people, who do not join whole retreat suggested donation 10 Euro 

Saturday 30.06.18:
8.30 – 10.00 Tantra Kriya Yoga
10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast break
11.00 – 14.30 Connecion
14.30 – 15.30 Lunch break
15.30 – 19.00 Love Communication
20.00 Sharing of the day

Sunday 01.07.18
8.30 – 10.00 Chakra Breathing Osho Meditation
10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast break
11.00 – 14.30 Introduction to Tantra Massage
14.30 – 15.30 Lunch break
15.30 – 19.00 Tantra Tool Box
20.00 - Sharing and closing ritual

In beautiful community in the nature near very spiritual small town in Alpujaras - Orgiva, Spain

29.06.18 - 01.07.18

200 Euro per person 350 per couple
Early bird before 17 June: 170 per person 320 per couple
Whole profit would go for building up, improving our retreat, cultural and spiritual centre in our community.
When you feel that price is too high for some reason and you feel to be on the event just contact us as soon as possible to find best solution. 

Price include vegan healthy food. We may advice you with accommodation in the neighbourhood

Ad 1: "Taste of Tantra" – Introduction to practise

In this introductory workshop we give small examples of simple safe exercises which you can continue practising later with your partner or on your own. Anyone following the instructions from this introduction may rapidly and dramatically improve her/his life. We let you have a taste of what tantra is, and what we teach as a whole course at the School of Tantra Movement.  A little bit of everything like for example:

– Theory; what tantra means to us and our practical use of it
– recognizing and training the PC muscle
– open communication
– Melting hugs
– Awakening the senses meditation
– Eye gazing


Ad 2: Connection

Nowadays, in modern times thankful technology we could contact each other even when we are thousands kilometres away. In the cities we are living so close to each other. Communication was never so fast. But still we are alienated like never before in human history. We never felt so lonely like now. Did we lost something on the way ?
This workshop is
to connect beyond capacity of mobile phones,
to build Friendship with big "F", deeper than making hundreds friends on facebook,
to feel Love with big "L" deeper than sending <3 through internet
to connect with real
nature beyond the discovery channel
To found what we lost, to find our deep nature, to connect with ourselves and other participants maybe deeper that you ever did even with your friends, with your family.
Tantra gives us tools to connect with all parts of you, connect with yourself, then connect with your partner, group, family, other people, animals, nature and whole universe. Beautiful slogan "We are one!" tantra is transforming from believe in to real experience. If you allow yourself to feel it, you would never be the same. You would never love in the same way.
That's why we choose this workshop in the beginning.

Communication of Love.


Do you know the tantric way of communicating? Do you know your and your partner's 'love language'? Do you know that when bodies are talking to each other they can easier find solutions, even in the areas of our life where there weren't any? Do you know body intelligence? Do you use it ? Do you know that we often 'talk' via emotions? Do you know that we often do not understand each other because we talk in different love languages and we're not even aware of it ?
Can you imagine how much you could improve your life and your relationship if you knew the answers to these questions?
In this workshop we will explore the answers to those and other questions. We will do exercises in tantric and body communication. We will do things to find out what your and your partner's love languages are, and then exercise using them.
Your life could become more understandable than ever before!

As always, just a few things that everyone should learn but unfortunately very few do :/

"Magic of Tantric Massage" Introduction to tantric massage
This workshop is composed in such a way that you can learn and feel what sacred touch is, so that you can allow healing energy of love into your body and life.

Mastering the art of giving and receiving tantric massage is opening us on many levels:
– It helps to recover energy
– Teaches us sacred touch
– Raise awareness of the body
– Is an Introduction to tantric sex
– Develops our potential for love.

It is not possible to mention all the benefits of tantric massage but first of all it is an experience of deep inner joy, bliss, cleansing, peace and ecstasy. It is the experience of being whole. We will mainly focus on the feelings in the body and not only on the techniques . First of all, we want to ensure that participants will experience touch, that they open up for receiving and giving on the body level, that they open up for feeling the pleasure of being a giver and receiver of a massage.

We want to go deep into the levels of feeling pleasure, bliss, and flow of the love energy. We want to free all the tension from our bodies, let them go away to make more space in the body, to make in the place of the blockages space for the flow of life energy.

Tantra Tool Box

At this workshop, we give the most efficient, most powerful, most beautiful and most lovely exercises, what may support you in your growth on all levels, in your relationship with yourself, with your partner and further on with whole universe. The idea is to empower your life in the best possible way. Especially when you take it home, your life would never be the same ;)  


Michal Kali Griks

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Manifestation of my dreams

Inspired by book "Conversations with God. Book 3. An uncommon dialogue" by  Neale Donald Walsch

A Prayer

I ask beautiful energy of Unconditional Love, Universe and the Nature, to flow through me, to guide me, to allow me to be a channel that the Love may fly from Universe, grow from Mother Nature through me, my body, my heart, my mind and spirit to all aspects of you


My intentions in this words, and as I choose in whole my life, are to speak out of Love

I chose to be a great teacher, who is doing his best, to bring better , bigger changes to the world that even Buddha and Jesus.

The world needs better, bigger changes than ever before, so here is my mission.

I choose to teach tantra: Love, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality

I choose to teach as couple. My inner woman and my inner man as example Parnerchiat – one another shift what I choose to share to the humanity.

I also choose to invite you, to join me in this becoming best version of ourselves.

That's why I choose to teach authenticity as cure for "to perfect perfectionism, what is holding back whole evolution.

There is much more for me to share like for example : "Happines is the way". Make your dreams as biggest as possible, share them out of Love, not out of Ego publicly in the world ( this will put more energy into manifesting them ) but don't get attached to them because this may just slow you down….

I choose to bring tantra to wider society, that Love would become main subject in human education. That children would learn early freedom, love, equality, using pc muscles, meditation, massage… conscious life

I wish we will all do the same. Teach each others, connecting, setting up communities, loving the nature…

"May all being be happy"


Badulina Community. Orgiva. Spain

Michal Kali Griks

Friday, May 4, 2018

Use it! Don't lose it! Basic Tantric Practise

Image result for tantra couple

Use it! Don't lose it!
This is one of the most important tantric practices in tantric sexuality. First, I
will briefly describe the differences between typical sex and tantric lovemaking.
In mainstream sex, mainly only the man reaches peak orgasm. Then,
whether we like or not, the sexual act ends because there is a big loss of
energy. However in tantric love making we may make love for hours and then
we might decide, "Wow… for now that's enough". As a result we feel
satisfied and energized as well.
Now let's go step by step into more of the details: in typical sex the man is so
keen to start the penetration that for him foreplay isn't necessary, he can start
straight away. But maybe as a couple they read some books on sexuality or he
heard from his woman that the female needs much more time to get ready. So,
they do a bit of foreplay and, in an average of less than 10 minutes, move into
For the woman, this is still not enough time for her yoni to be ready and leads
to dissatisfaction, frustration, numbness, physical pain in her yoni, sexual
trauma etc. For the man, he reaches the so-called "point of no return", the
moment he cannot stop his ejaculation and has a so-called "peak orgasm" (for
men specifically that is an ejaculatory orgasm). The man, through ejaculation,
loses so much energy and then…. "What happens next?"- I always ask my
students this and they usually know the answer: "He goes to sleep". He is so
tired that he usually says, "Darling I love you but now I have to go to sleep". He
turns his back, and before she answers he is already snoring.
I don't need to add that this leaves the woman in a very unsatisfied
situation. It's a bit like the electricity went off, while you were enjoying the best,
exciting scene in an action movie. When the woman is lucky enough to
achieve peak orgasm (the clitoral orgasm), she doesn't lose as much energy as
a man does but usually enough that she loses her interest in continuing. This
loss disables her from achieving higher orgasms which are very healing,
liberating, energizing. That is why this basic way of tantric love-making that I
have just explained has to be applied not only by the men but by the women as
In tantric love-making, we let the woman decide when she would like to begin
penetration. There are a few reasons for this but main ones are: First, that at
least she will also experience some pleasure. Second, that her yoni will be ready
for penetration which may result in a healing experience instead of
a traumatizing one.
When penetration begins, excitement rises up quickly. Before we reach the
point of no return, we perform the following 3 methods together:
1. Tightening the PC muscles
2. Breath
3. Visualization
Notice that you use them all together (similar technique in sexual Tao is
called "Microcosmic orbit")

Re 1: PC muscles - for more information about it you may read the practical
leaflet in the book, so I will keep it short and simple here with a quote from our
"…PC muscles: Training the PC muscles is one of the most simple but also most
efficient and beneficial techniques that people can get from tantra. There are
many health, physical, mental and sexual benefits from training those muscles.
Next time when you go to the toilet, on every breath in, stop urinating.
Recognize clearly which muscles you use. Those are the PC muscles. When you
know them, squeeze them and relax them 30 times, 3 times per day. Keep on
practicing. As you will notice training the PC muscles is not visible to others and
doesn't take all your attention, so it's perfect to do it in all possible situations
(I'm doing it even while I'm writing this text :) I have bet people that, after 1
month training, they will be thankful for this information…and I haven't lost
yet" :-)
When tightening the PC muscles you shoot the energy up.

Re 2: Breath. With each breath inhalation you suck the energy up. Also, notice that you
may slow down your excitement and gain control when you slow down the

Re 3: Visualization. It's very true what they say, energy goes where attention
flows. That's why, we help the flow with our visualization. You may visualize
energy as you like: green light ball, flame, snake, stream of light, ray etc.
Together Re: 1+2+3
First you breathe in while tightening the PC muscles and visualize the energy
going from your genitals through the back of the spine to the level of the heart
(at the beginning of your practice). Second, on the exhale you relax your PC
muscles and visualize the energy going down from your heart back to your
genitals. You repeat this circle 5-7 times until you feel that the energy that was
in your genitals (and was ready to explode through peak orgasm) is brought to
the heart and you are no longer at the point of no return. Then you may
continue with the penetration. Again and again, each time before you reach the
point of no return (better too early than too late because otherwise it is game
over and loss of energy happens), you make 5-7 of those circles and you
continue like that. After doing this 2-4 times you may feel that you experience
higher states of ecstasy than in typical sex and you may go on like this as high
as you like. As the time passes you (and especially your goddess) may feel like
"wow". Then after feeling so much bliss, overwhelmed by sensations or maybe
just noticing that it"s already morning and time to get up! .. Or because of the
kids, to eat, etc.… together with your partner, you decide to finish your
beautiful love-making.

One of the things tantra does is to guide you to be fully absorbed in the here
and now with your lover and this beautiful energy of sharing love. You may ask
yourself: how I may achieve that state when I have to be busy with some
complicated technique?
Do you remember yourself, or your kids learning how to ride a bicycle? You
had to be busy with your steering wheel, pedalling, keeping balance, looking up
and not down at the feet… - so many complicated things at once. Only the
childlike enthusiasm made you keep trying and falling many times. Do you ever
have to think about all those things while you're cycling now? No. You may have
an interesting conversation or study an audio book while you cycle and all those
complicated things don't take anymore of your attention at all.
I would like you to remember this example and to keep the enthusiasm of that
child wanting to cycle when you are doing the tantric practice. To make it easier
and less challenging, take your practice also out of your bedroom. Especially at
the beginning, any scratch or shout of your goddess may push you over the
edge, over the point of no return. A self-love practice would be safer and
would help you to get comfortable with the energy and technique. You may
train the PC muscles and the breath separately. Then after you get more
familiar, you may combine them together and then apply the visualization. With
practice, I'm sure, you will make this technique as part of your nature and you
can fully enjoy your goddess(god). By the way, for women we highly
recommend for the PC muscles, exercises with a yoni egg (you may buy it from
us for a comparable and good price).
Men are often asking me: When, then may I ejaculate? My answer is: as rarely as
possible. Why lose your precious energy? Why lose the opportunity of
experiencing higher realms of ecstasy just for, what we call it in tantric circles,
the "sneezing" orgasm? Believe me, once you taste tantric love-making, you
won't be interested in peak orgasms. However, when it happens, do not feel
guilty or shameful. There is too much of this in human sexuality as it is. With
tantra, we are healing from guilt and shame and we don't want to create more
of it. But remember to keep your intention strong and clear.
Especially at the beginning is good to go for a 49 day challenge. After such a
period without a peak orgasm, your physical addiction from ejaculation ends.
The hormones, which are so strong like in a heroin addicted person, stop being
produced and you're free. Only your mental attachment could still be there but
this, we remove by creating better, new experiences also in our workshops. A
49 day challenge, means that you do your best to avoid peak orgasm for 49
days while maintaining an active sexual life. Whenever it happens, without
being annoyed with yourself, you just start counting the days again from
beginning. Remember you are in the learning process and the patience
with your mistakes and transferring them into opportunities to grow are very
important aspects of tantra. Perseverance against all odds and keeping your
intention strong and clear could be another good virtue to learn through that
One more thing to mention that is good to realize is that for many reasons, 1
from 5 women (20% of female population) never or very rarely experience
clitoral orgasm. For those women we exceptionally say go for it and enjoy it. We
compare the peak orgasm to the higher ones like kindergarten to university
(not even the basic school). For those 1 out of 5 women we say, go to
kindergarten first, enjoy and explore. But don't stay there all your life or for too
long when it's possible that you, like everyone without exception, may reach
the more heightened tantric orgasms of university.
Use it don't lose it :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tantra Movement Schedule

Check here for a possible fresh, quick time update:

Last long term update here was made 03.05.2018

We will update this schedule with all changes that will appear in life, so keep this

link and check it regularly


The link above is the quickest, most efficient update but it is also good to

subscribe to our newsletter, connect with me, the tantra movement group and

page on facebook… etc. as more is better.

Upcoming Workshops and Course Offerings

Depending on location, you may join an info evening (which very often happens

before the weekend), a whole retreat, a course, or a year.

Each level have about 45 hours.

1st Level Aspects of Tantra Aspects of Life course


2nd Level Essence for Couples course (also for singles who are ready to work

with someone else )

3rd Level Tantra Massage Course (when people are ready for it)

4th Level All Dimensions Tantra (only for students who we decide are ready

for it)

We share the program only with students who are ready for it but you may see

the invite for the first module here:


5th Level Sacred Love

We share the program only with students who are ready for it

Online Teachings

This material is complementary for students within our program and is also

available separately for those that are interested to learn at home and have not

yet participated in our workshops. A one year membership costs only 70 Euro

and includes access to our all videos, our newest updated version of the book

and access to our online library. We also offer private 1 hour skype sessions.

Learning from our book:

Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Life All Aspects of


160 pages, descriptions of our 2 courses, exercises, many videos, advice and

reflections will give you good support on your tantra path whether you have

participated in our workshops yet or not.



Tantra Year Training

gives you extra opportunities to participate in all workshops in the country: I

also guide you 1 hour before and after every weekend towards being an

assistant, masseur, therapist and/or teacher. By travelling with us around the

country (world) you may experience deeper connection not only with me but

with other students as well. You may join in at any time of the year and you may

join for a shorter or longer period than a year.

The proposed price includes all weekends on the early bird price + costs of the

small workshops.

Some commitment to support the team is welcome as well. This idea is a follow

up variation from previous year that you may check here: http://


Deep Teacher Training

If your passionate about tantra and your dream is to become a tantra teacher…

If you can commit yourself to a lot of travel, assisting teaching sometimes every

day for long time, you may apply for position of assisting us. This may support

you in the future to become an independent TMS teacher.

If you already teach something, that may support our program, we may give you

the space for this.

the price depends on your commitment, individual discussion and many more

aspects. To give you estimation it may costs 6000 per year ( you may take it for

a shorter period ) but if you do not have so much, believe in yourself and

remember that in TMS we treat money as tool not as barrier.

Facebook Events Links:


I feel at home in Koh Phangan, Sri Thanu the most energizing, most spiritual

and tantric place that I could imagine. This is our base for at least 7 months in a


from the beginning of October 2018 until the end of April 2019

All levels are formatted into retreats that are two weeks long and interconnect

with each other, with integration time between. It is possible to become teacher,

masseur, assistant. Keep your eyes open for updates.


For details in Romania you may ask: Ada Bianca 0(040)747751035 (speaks

English and Romanian)

And for the rest you may ask me ( check the contacts <

At every visit there are different introduction evenings in Cluj Napoca and

sometimes in other cities

1st visit

27-29.04.2018 1st module, 2nd level Massage Course Busteni,Mountains

04-06.05.2018 1st module, 1 level All Aspects Of Tantra Course Apuseni


11-13.05.2018 1st module, 4th level All Dimensions Tantra Apuseni


2nd visit

8-10.06.2018 2nd module, 1 level All Aspects Of Tantra Course Apuseni


15-17.06.2018 2nd module, 3rd level Massage Course Busteni,Mountains

22-24.06.2018 2nd module, 4th level All Dimensions Tantra Apuseni


01-10.07.2018 1st level combined with Aqua Tantra. Costinesti and beach in

Tuzla Summer Camp Retreat

3rd visit

14-16.09.2018 3rd module, 1 level All Aspects Of Tantra Course Apuseni


21-23.09.2018 3rd module, 2nd level Massage Course Busteni,Mountains

28-30.09.2018 3rd module, 4th level All Dimensions Tantra Apuseni



Nature near Wroclaw

1st visit:

25-27.05.2018 1st module 3rd level Tantra Massage Course

2nd visit:

29.06 1.07.2018 1st module 1st level

3rd visit:

6-8.09.2018 2nd module 1st level

Introduction workshops in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot or Krakow details



Whenever I am free from workshops in Europe, I am in Spain, Andalusia in

nature community Badulina, my lovely home ( http:// )


We are open to share wisdom of tantra everywhere where we are invited on

very easy, flexible and beneficial conditions, so organizers contact us !

Michal Kali Griks