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Yoni Massage Explanation by Michal Kali Griks.Rainbow.Slovenia 2016

This is my Full Moon gift for you and for whole humanity :) Care and share <3

Yoni and lingam massages are used in different ways in other types of tantric massage.
There many important reasons for massaging the genitals.
Thankful yoni and lingam massage you may explore much higher types of orgasm and ecstasy than typical peak orgasm, what you may compare as kindergarten to university :)

Beside being a great source of pleasure, yoni massage can be a great source of healing for woman. There are many points where past memories are stored, along with emotional pain, conditioning, prejudices, anxieties, fears, angers, etc. Most of them are highly connected to our sexuality.

Lingam massage, especially when done in the neo tantric way, gives men a great opportunity to learn, exercise and experience the receiving part of his being. This, together with bringing upward energy and ecstasy, can open his heart – something very much needed in today's world not only by men but by women (as well as for more beautiful lovemaking).

It's not common known that the yoni and lingam are the most reflexologically active zones in the human body. By stimulating its different parts we are bringing health to all
parts of the body.

This is why for me, one of the most important aspects of Neo Tantric Massage is to do it from the heart.

Purposes of this workshop:
6th Full Body part
a) learning, exploring and exercising the structure of Neo Tantric Massage
b) learning, exploring and exercising different strokes
c) –---- II –-------------II-------------I
d) preparing for 7th and 8th part, including yoni and lingam participant
Purposes of this workshop:
7th Full Body part + yoni
a) b) c) the same like in 6th part ( look above )
d) exploring, learning and exercising anathomy of the yoni and energies and blockages therefore
e) healing, releasing emotions from g-spot or other triggering points
f) for man to be a servant, giver and a healer.
g) even maybe exploring and experiencing different energies, orgasms and ecstasies ( it´s not a goal but just intention )
Purposes of this workshop:
8th Full Body part + lingam
a) b) c) the same like in 6th part ( look above )
d) for man: learning to receive
e) learning, exploring and exercising bringing the energy up instead of loosing it
f)  for both learning and exercising detachment from erection, goal orientation and realizing that you may have ecstasy without erection
g) even maybe exploring and experiencing different energies, orgasms and ecstasies ( it´s not a goal but just intention )
Testimony from couple
...I also, want to thank you for your teachings, for being on our WAY . They've opened new gates, new paths, a totally new connection with my husband. Now we can see clearly that our path is the path of love in togetherness, where we can heal oneself and each other from the conditioning of the past. Now we can  shining the light of LOVE. WE FEEL BLESSED and Loved and Amazing Beings! We also find these days in School Of Tantra Movement deepen our knowledge . It was calling me for some time...but now it's happening:)). Thank you again for being in our WAY! Hugs and love and life to you ! Our child says Hello!
XXX 05.06.2015

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Tantra Movement School Book for Trainers. Second module of First level

Dear Lovely People here are some more seeds for my book "All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Manual." They´re slowly getting in to daylight to serve my students and whole humanity. How you may see there is still long way to go, lot of corrections editing, writing etc. I'm finding some time to do this between workshop practice, Love and sleep etc ;)

Use it don´t loose it , Share Love <3 and Enjoy !

Without your help would be hard, so when you fill that you may support somehow this process it would be lovely. ( financial contributions are supporting me in finding time for the project - they´re very welcome as well )

Another seeds/parts of my book you may find here, at the page where I share more of myself :

Ad 5: Theory about practice. Tips for improving relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe.

This is more of a lecture than a workshop. If you're new to tantra and would you like to find out more, to feel and see what is there for you, this would be good for you to participate in. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers

Purposes of this workshop:

- to explain how we could practice sexual energy, to explain about how our different bodies are interacting with each other.
- to answer the questions what students have
- to explain clearly about use of PC muscles and importance of practicing continence and moving the energy upward
- as it is always open evening is also to attract participants for further practice.

Tantra and menstrual pain
More testimonies for School Of Tantra Movement :) - this one I love especially because I could not experience myself but I'm very happy to read it :)
Dear Marek,
I am still thinking a lot about the time and experiences on Rainbow and I would like to share a few things with you...On Rainbow I have received a lot of great keys! One of them was the Tantra-key. I think all keys together are responsible for a beautiful development of myself. Maybe the most amazing thing, that happened, is the new relationship with my body. It's really amazing how I can experience my body now... For example my next bleeding after Rainbow has come without pain. For more than 10 years I had have always huge pain, but this feels like so much tensions and pressures have left my body....It's very true, what you are always saying about Tantra and liberation... I can feel, that I become more aware and sensitive with my body and I feel more liberated... Also you have shown me exercises that I can practice when I feel down, exercises that reminds me how to get again into the mood of liberation...
Thank you so much!
Love love love

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wild soul holly body

Ad 6: Sacred energy. - worshipping your holy body, recognizing your wild soul

Together we create at the workshops a safe space in which we can experience transformational processes. Remember, however, that real change happens outside the comfort zone. We work in a group, in pairs and individually. This day we will focus on the flow of energy through the body, how we experience it and how to inspire and cultivate that.

What is blocking us and how can we be consciously permeable to those blocking energies?

The tantric path opens us to experience our own, our partner's and group's deep energy levels. With thankful Tantric and sexual Tao techniques, we become aware of subtle energies which link the apparent opposites: spirit and matter, sexuality and spirituality, light and darkness, consciousness and unconscious, masculinity and femininity.

By using the keys to the door of connections, to regain our inner strength, we are giving right direction to the flow of energy.

Purposes of this workshop:

- to release very often suppressed emotions, what have healing and liberating effect
- to learn, explore and exercise the importance of not suppressing but releasing emotions in our life.
- from the other hand: to learn explore and exercise that our body is a temple, what we should take care of respect, listen and worship.

Tantric communication on the subject:
Wild soul
Holy body
My own variation of Catharsis Osho Mediation
Barking dogs and goddess touching massage
Wild soul, Holy body massage

I enjoyed several workshops with Marek in Amsterdam since 2013 till 2015 and what touched me the most was the openness of Marek always in connection with me (and the others) and low profile entry, by which i mean, for everybody accessible all kinds off people showed up and where connected by the tantric field, which Marek set up mainly, Others where often also involved later to give a part off the workshop and even though they had sometimes (really) different energies than Marek, this did not matter so much, because the main energy field in which everybody could be him or herself was already created bu Marek. These workshops where also a place in which i sometimes met people where i became friends with and personally i experienced in these workshops my own ego in different aspects, which blocked deeper connection with others. by these confrontations i became more aware off these ego games and managed and still manage to let go more off these silly mind games. I am 47 and male and Marek his presence and workshops has helped me to realize more about myself and others I experience him as a playful, present and sensitive person

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor male and female energy

Ad 7: Male and Female energy

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within each of us exists male and female energy. It doesn't matter what sex we are, the balance of those energies determines our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
 In this workshop we meet the inner woman and man within us, and recognize their energies. We will hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, their concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...

We will get to know the differences between male and female bodies and learn how to approach them in a way that allows beautiful sexual energy of love to flow freely, not be forced or imposed on someone or be blocked by some wrong behaviour.

Purposes of this workshop:

- to recognize, exercise and experience that beyond gender we have both male and female energy and from free capacity of using it, a lot of our freedom and fulfilment in life depends

Explanation about the differences between the bodies and chakras
Recognizing Inner man and woman meditation
Putting gender roles upside down and exaggerating themselves
In dance
In "cat" walk
In flirting
In flirting as couple
Haka ritual
Breathing in Shiva Shakti with penetration movements and exchanging the roles

Testimonies from the first level
I just did a 10 day 1th-Level Course with Michal and I'd really like to share my experience with that. Even so I was a bit scared at the beginning, I could relax pretty soon because of Michal´s kind but also very clear and consequent way of teaching. I realised quickly that I don't had to experience anything that I don´t fully want to experience. He repetitively made us aware that "Yes means Yes, maybe means No and No means No". By creating such a save and sacred space, I could really trust to expand my limits and allow healing in places within my self which had been abandoned for long time...
I can recommend the 1th Level Workshops for everyone, who wants to come in deeper contact with themselves and their sexuality. (and btw. there was no sexual intercourse at that level ;))
Thanks for that Michal! Go on and spread this important movement!

love, Georg Drachentoeter
17.9.14 Berlin

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Tantra Movement School Book for Trainers. First Module of First level

Another seeds/parts of my book you may find here, at the page where I share more of myself :
Use it don´t loose it , Share Love <3 Enjoy !
Dear Lovely People here are some more seeds for my book "All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teacher Manual."  They´re slowly are getting in to daylight to serve  my students and whole humanity. How you may see there is still way to go, lot of corrections editing, writing etc. Finding time to do this between workshop practice, Love and sleep ;)
Without your help would be hard, so when you fill that you may support somehow this process it would be lovely for everyone ( financial contributions are supporting me in finding time for the project - they´re  very welcome as well )
Motto for this work written and edited for Rasayana Tantra Academy is my answer to all reflections from my students:
.... and do not forget that I´m just igniting the fire what is already in you ... I´m just channel of energy of love what is in all of us. Use, don`t loose it, let it flow - Michal Kali Griks
Most of my workshops are including about ½ hour of theory as explanation of the subject, then about 3 hours exercising with minimising useless talking as much as possible to give best body and the heart experience. At the end of the day / workshop we do always sharing circle. I aim always for retreats to make them as much in the nature as it is possible.  I require ( not demand ) from participants to eat vegan diet during retreats. This support the process, nature, animals, future generations, hungry children etc. Ideally when meals ( and other tasks as well )  are prepared communally what increase connection within the group.
I support healing during the workshops, so I like to work with as many assistants and experienced people as possible. That´s why from beginning I teach everyone how, in the best way support the process.
Ideally I teach at the retreats when a morning class I give Tantra Kriya Yoga, one of active dynamic Osho meditation or Kundalini Yoga Kriya. Sometimes I give the space for my assistants to do this ( or  to let them guide their other spiritual practice ) in order to let them practice the teachings.
Those morning sessions are very good for grounding, for rising up the energy, and especially TKY for bringing the connection within the group.
Each day of the retreat ( or each workshop ) we end up with sharing and closing circle, where participants are saying about their experiences, challenges, etc. This is very supportive and connecting as well.
Tantra Kriya Yoga is one of my favourite way to start the day with the morning session or when at the workshop with single or two exercise. The purpose is to connect the group, rise the energy and especially for the beginners , to show example of feeling ecstasy in new way.
One of the active dynamic Osho meditation is always good to show participants the Osho approach what is very effective for the modern people. Very often it´s helping participants to release the emotions and through it it shows also importance of not suppressing them any more.
Especially at the beginning I give some of the grounding Kundalini Yoga Kriya. Especially Kundalini Yoga Kriyas I give to the participants to practice on the daily basis during the tantra practice. From my own experience those kind of daily practices are crucially important for especially beginning tantra practitioners. Tantra is very strong practice, that´s why is very important to support your process simultaneously with good grounding practice.
My tantra experience

Here it is:

Tantra, my experience

Tantra, what is it?!  For many people it seems to refer to some kind of sexual activity that they do not understand but nonetheless are sceptical about or see as being on the fringe.  When I started talking about exploring tantra people were generally in three camps, they humoured me but I could tell that they thought that I had finally gone too far towards the dark side; they had no idea what it was; or they thought that I was braver than most and they looked with some anticipation at what I might discover.

I became interested in tantra because a friend encouraged me to do so.  She was already involved and she suggested that it could help with my shyness and general discomfort with anything sexual. I did not embrace the idea easily and I jokingly said that it had been a bold sexual move for me when I went from briefs to boxer shorts so it was unlikely that I could embrace tantra.  But she persisted and recommended a book. To my surprise tantra was less about sex and more about a way of embracing life that was not all that dissimilar from the Isha System that I had been following for a number of years.  The personal interspection and development that the Isha System facilitated had, among other things, resulted in me experiencing a renewed interest in sex and with it old frustrations and fear.  The Isha System had given me the tools and confidence to embrace life in a way that I could have only imagined a few years before, but it had fallen short when it came to helping me move beyond my sexual inhibitions and perceived sexual problems.

As with everything it is one thing to intellectually understand something and yet another to exponentially integrate it into our lives.  I was assured by many women that impotence need not be a detriment to having an active sex life but certainly that was not my experience. I also was very self conscious of my body, to the extent that when I vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago I refused to swim in the ocean. Add to this an overwhelming resistance to exploring sexual information and for me it was the perfect storm.

Was tantra the solution and what could it do for me.  I hoped that it could provide an experience that would replace my previous negative encounters related to sexuality.  This hope was based on what I had read about tantra and how it embraces all expects of our human experience without judgement.  It also teaches techniques to integrate sexual energy in a holistic way instead of concentrating on a genital centric, limited orgasmic experience.  I learnt that women are not objects to be conquered or used but rather beautiful beings to be respected, admired and cherished. I experienced giving and receiving without any expectation of personal gratification. I experienced being naked and not being self conscious or sexualizing the encounter. I released old negative energy that had held me captive for a lifetime with the result that I am now able to embrace sexuality without the fear that I had related to coitus. Coitus was not part of my tantric experience but the training environment provided a safe place where I could heal my family history related to sexuality. I am now able to inform myself in matters of physical intimacy and sexuality without the old inhibitions.  The tantra workshops that I attended gave me more than I had hoped for, they gave me freedom and a complete release from the distorted view that I had of sexuality. I am now at peace with myself and willing to do whatever is necessary to be the best giver of love that is possible.

B. 7.2.2016 (after two of Tantra Movement retreats: Whole level  1 and 2 course during 3 weeks in Maldives)

Course for all
All Aspects of Tantra – All Aspects of Life

Don't hesitate to ask the questions
This Course as a whole is created to help you go deep in to your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing. Are you ready for the biggest change in your life? Go for an intensive transformation of sexuality and love to the higher levels.

Here is a list of the workshops that may be included in the course. Whole course would contain 14 workshops which each would have different subject and would take around 3,5 hours. The choice would depend on the needs and energy of the group.
Finishing whole course could be honoured by receiving the certificate of finishing first level in School Of Tantra Movement

Subjects of the course:
A more detailed description of these workshops is below:
1. Taste of Tantra. Introduction to the practice. (open evening )
2. Connection
3. Expanding the consciousness. Being here and now.
4. Love yourself - recognising your inner lover
5. Theory about practice. Tips for improving your relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe. (open evening )
6. Sacred energy - worshipping your holy body, recognising your wild soul
7. Male and female energy
8. Sacred Sexuality
9. Dance with tantra
10. Communication of Love. (open evening )
11. Preparing for awakening the Kundalini energy
12. Journey to Awaken the Senses ceremony
13. Secrets of tantric touch. Introduction to tantric massage
14. Closing and sharing of the whole course

Purposes of this course:
Purposes of this course are to make every participant familiar with many aspects of tantra. Usually at the beginning of the course I ask participants what intentions brought them to the workshops. I reflect on their answers, I feel the energy of the group and particular individuals and guided by beautiful energy of unconditional Love I follow the flow.
Another important purpose is healing of our sexuality, healing of our bodies, hearts, spirits and minds, healing of our pasts, presence and future, healing of all aspects of life.
Next purpose what is connected to the previous one is liberating ourselves from conditionings, what are holding us back from using our full potential and from enjoying life truly.
Another purpose is rising awareness.
Another reflection of Tantra Movement on Rainbow
10 Workshops that almost all last 6 hours, can really tire you out. The environment on a rainbow gathering is not the best. Under all this hard conditions you managed to give a really good workshops. Without you, repeating all the communication signs or always saying, that we just should go as far as we can, it wouldn't have been such a save space where anybody in the end could show their naked body's and their sexual emotions in front of each other.
I can only speak for myself but for an activist you did splendid work to spread the tantra movement. In all your sentences I could feel the passion for your idea. This passion makes the
movement interesting for others to spread it further.
The tantra workshop gave me more consciousness for my own body. As a person who always wants to hear the scientific side it is not easy for me to feel the spirituality. I travelled to this
gathering to find spirituality inside me. It didn't work out so well but I did some steps in interesting directions.
I looked in myself and realised that there are a lot of things not balanced between my inner genders.
Your workshop gave me the tools to change. I see the whole course as a preview of the thing what would come, when I will use more often the tools , what I've learned .
I really like the way you managed the whole workshops. Go on with it.

A more detailed description of these workshops:
Ad 1: "Taste of Tantra" - Introduction to practice.

In this introductory workshop we give small examples of simple safe exercises which you can continue practicing later with your partner or on your own. Anyone following the instructions from this introduction may rapidly and dramatically improve her/his life. We let you have a taste of what tantra is, and what we teach as a whole course at the School of Tantra Movement.
 A little bit of everything:
Purposes of this workshop:
Purpose of this workshop is to attract new students into continuing with further practice.
Another purpose is to explain what "my tantra" is all about
To show different aspects of tantra what would be explored deeper during the course.

- Theory; what tantra means to us and our practical use of it

- sexual meditation

- recognising and training the PC muscle

- open communication

- recognising your Inner Man and Inner Woman

- Awakening the senses meditation

- Breathing together in Shiva Shakti position

Taste of Tantra
Introduction lecture ½ – 1 ha
Tantra Kriya Yoga breath
Gazing eyes

The reason for this exercise is to connect people beyond typical ways. When we look in to each other eyes for more than 30 seconds we connect on the soul level. This give participants new experience what attract them to find out more about tantra , to feel more such magic. Very often this experience is connecting people on very deep level. It have also healing and liberating purposes
Melting hugs
Again like the previous exercise is connecting people in new for them ways. When our chakras are connected they´re balancing themselves in amazing ways. Magic starts after 30 seconds. The happy hormones are starting to be produced. This creates beautiful feeling within us and with the partner.
Inner man, Inner woman meditation
This meditation gives example of meditating with use of body feelings and visualisation. Especially people who didn´t use this before are surprised by the fact that they could see, imagine something. Recognising the inner man and inner woman within us proves to the participants the fact that we both have male and female energy beyond the our genders. It give us also reflection how our male and female energies are existing in our beings. This may helps us enormously to guide our life in more balanced and more content and less suppressed way.
Awakening the senses meditation
This mediation bring us into the focus on the tastes what we do not pay enough attention in our daily life. It give to the participants experience of being here and now without stressing it to much out. In pleasurable way ( a tantra way :) we guide participants to be focus on touch, smell, taste of one rosin or mandarin. The effect is that usually this fruit is the best eaten in their life up till now.
It gives us the taste to one of the most popular along the students workshop:  Journey of Awakening the senses Ceremony
5 minutes tantra.
It gives to the participants great experience how our bodies may communicate through body intelligence, what goes beyond the typical mind understanding. It may have very connecting effect that even partners, who may know already each other during this 5-20 minutes they finding out about completely new things. It bring harmony between the partners.  As teacher watching the couples I may see how they are together sometimes much more than from hours of talks. It introduce students into Love Communication
Blind dance
Learning, Experiencing and exercising Yin and Yang, Leading and following, guiding and letting go  energies. It brings a lot of fun within the group and between the partners. It give the taste of Dance with Tantra workshop
Hands massage
It shows example of focus, slowness and intimacy in tantric massage.
Date:  April 2016
Length of workshop(s) / course(s) / retreat(s) / massage session(s): one-day event and three day event
Place / location: Cluj-Napoca
Age: 26
Sex: male
Experiences of the student/client: ( Intentions, atmosphere, feelings, outcome etc.):
Having been for the first time to a tantra introduction workshop with Michal about a month ago, I decided to take part in these events once again around April of 2016; also I hosted Michal during this time at my place (couchsurfing). As he was with me for a considerable amount of time I didn't go to the workshops with a very specific intention; rather I was curious about the whole concept of tantra in real practice (before I had only read about it). The atmosphere was in general very relaxed and different kind of exercises (bio-energetic movements, yogic breathing techniques, eye-to-eye confrontation in combination with tantra kriya breathing, hugging) were alternated with theoretical talks and feed-back rounds. So, it was a good mixture of theory and practice and Michal was cautious to not push any participant beyond his/her limits and therefore asked everyone to go with the exercises only as far as it was felt comfortable. This decreased a lot of my personal nervousness and I felt at much more ease to challenge myself according to my own limits. Also, the exercises I enjoyed quite a lot and felt after each event very energised and euphoric though I once took it so far that friends of mine even asked me if I was on drugs.
There is therefore in my opinion a slight danger involved with these different techniques and Michal could stress that point a bit more; also I felt that the theoretical part was missing more concrete explanations for which reason a specific exercise was chosen. That's why the organisation of the seminars seemed a bit random. But all in all, I can very much recommend Michal's teachings to anyone interested in personal development related to yogic, bio-energetic and of course tantric traditions.

Ad 2: Connection

Nowadays, in modern times thankful technology we could contact each other even when we are thousands kilometres away. In the cities we are living so close to each other. Communication was never so fast. But still we are alienated like never before in human history. We never felt so lonely like now. Did we lost something on the way ?
This workshop is
to connect beyond capacity of mobile phones,
to build Friendship with big "F", deeper than making hundreds friends on facebook,
to feel Love with big "L" deeper than sending <3 through internet
to connect with real
nature beyond the discovery channel
To found what we lost, to find our deep nature, to connect with ourselves and other participants maybe deeper that you ever did even with your friends, with your family.
Tantra gives us tools to connect with all parts of you, connect with yourself, then connect with your partner, group, family, other people, animals, nature and whole universe. Beautiful slogan "We are one!" tantra is transforming from believe in to real experience. If you allow yourself to feel it, you would never be the same. You would never love in the same way.
That's why we choose this workshop in the beginning.

Purposes of this workshop:
- that we learn, explore and exercise importance of connection within ourselves, between body, heart, mind and spirit.
- that we make our minds our fiends by starting with more "talking" exercises at the beginning
- to build up connections within the group, create big and smaller "families", what would keep the connection beyond the workshops structure.
Introduction lecture ½ ha
Explanation about importance connection, harmony and integration between different part of ourselves: body, heart, mind and spirit, masculine, feminine, inner child, ego ….
Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit – Brain Storm, Theater, Dance, Performance then after "Power Point" presentation
By talking again we make friends with our great part of us, the mind. In the same time four groups have to create the way how "their" part could make better connection and harmony between other parts in place of inner fight and inner domination. How "their" part could make friendship with other parts of being. Brain storming within the group, how in creative ways they may present their opinions to the others in great ways is building the connections within the group and smaller and smaller families. It create a lot of creativity and fun for everyone. The time limits and quiet big task within not so much time it also deconditioning ourselves from pressure of being perfect – the idea of this exercise is to bring the ways of learning from school pressure of being perfect, the best, competitive in to have fun like children, people suppose to have. The creation is the best when we enjoy the fun and the way of creating :)
Name calling in different intonations and pushing person in the middle to build the trust
The purpose of this exercise is to let go our to much mind control and learn how we may trust to others, what in the end increase the connection within the group and smaller families
Three temple massage
Embody the idea of three temples: Body, Heart and the Spirit in to the massage into various energies and touches

Dear Michal, the knowledge you give is so precious. Your workshops changed my life and helped me to find…myself. You pointed me in the right direction, giving me enough clues to open my awareness to what was happening. I feel free now to explore myself and learn in my own way, my own truth. It was an amazing experience of healing my heart, my body and my soul. Thank you so much!

Ad 3: Love Yourself!

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self-esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared
with our partners, family, animals, nature, the planet and the universe.

It has nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in a healthy way…

Purposes of this workshop:
- to recognise, learn, explore and experience the importance of loving ourselves on every levels: body, emotional, intellectual, spiritual etc.
- to show that is nothing wrong in touching our body, self love, being naked ( or not :) ) but even more , especially doing it in the tantric ways could be very healing, liberating, energising and it is good as exercise of bringing energy up instead of loosing it.
- to get into more contact and communication with our bodies.
- to break taboo about talking about sexuality, emotions etc.
- from the other hand: to learn explore and exercise that our body is a temple, what we should take care of respect, listen and worship.

Love Yourself

Brain storm:
How we could love ourselves better ?

This that people give themselves the answers give them confidence and also gives them more points of views and inspirations than from only one corner. I like also idea of giving up the teaching to self teaching by students themselves. I feel this as very creative process that´s why I use it as often as possible. This is also playing with Yin and Yang energies :)
Tantra Communication:
I love to…

By finishing this sentence further and deeper participants not only introduce what they like to their partners but also to themselves. When one person is talking from the heart and the other is only listening the conversation goes to much deeper, tantric level
How I would like to be loved…
We not only reveal maybe first time in our life about this our most basic need of human being, but in the same time we realise how rare we talk about it. This already may trigger strong healing emotion, reflection or may liberate us to the point that we learn, experience first time that we are so open to talk about it very often even to the stranger
Here , we are going even deeper into it. We break out from sex as subject taboo, from conditioning that we do not talk about those things. It´s interesting observation what came to me about tantric workshops. Basically what we do is: we create save space, we create basic rules of freedom, respecting your own and others boundaries, then we allow the "children to play in the ways that in one point in their life it was forbidden for them" we guide them ( NOT PUSH THEM ) out of their comfort zone, where the real change, real liberation is happening in the way that , yes, they´re challenged but they happy about going though that challenge.
Sexuality in that being
And even deeper. Talking about our own sexuality, very often reflecting on it, facing it maybe first time in the life again brings participants to the challenges, realisations what they´re were never aware about it
In the name of Ling am, Yoni
Now we are ready to give up our voice to our genitals. Very often this is first allowance to talk through our genitals what participants ever experienced. It create deep contact with our genitals, with our sexuality, with our first and second chakras. Very often it bring realisation and recognition how important but how much neglected, ignored and not being heard are our genitals, our body, our sexuality. This exercise may bring great connection between sexuality, heart and mind especially. It could be enormous step into building connection, harmony, understanding and love between those parts in place of domination, inner fight etc.
Sexuality in that being
How I would like to be loved…
Yes here we allow lingam/yoni talk about the same things what we were talking before more from the mind perspective. We may see the difference and include this what we learn about ourselves in our new life
I love my self shout
We are hearing in thousands of commercial how better we would be when we buy this product etc. how bad we are without. This repetition of messages what are making us insecure we have to replace with strong positive message. We shout all together " I love Myself ! " as stronger as possible. This kind of shouts always bring a lot of energy, confidence and fun to the group and participants. Good to make after some mind, talking work and before something what could be more challenging.

Self Love Ritual
Soft option:
We dance everyone with blindfolds. I guide first to connect with our own heart , then also with our mind, then also with our genitals – a bit as we would do the opening massage ritual for ourselves. Then , while we dance, I guide to stroke from further parts towards more central parts of our body. From less intimate to more intimate parts of our body. From less intimate touch to more intimate touch. In that way we dance, massage and self love ourselves in the same time. After some time I guide; like on the reverse to go from more intimate to less intimate touches, parts of the body, from more central to less central parts of the body. Then at the end we massage again face , the head and the neck. We close with "closing ritual" as we started but "reverse"

More deep version

 I choose when I have strong feeling that the group is ready for it. Very often I use it only in the second or third level course. I will quote here my report from retreat of Sarita , from who I learned this ritual:

" ...With that beautiful preparation we went in to the next part of that sutra. First Sarita gave explanation how beautiful, creative and beneficial could be self loving especially if is used in tantric way to bring the energy upward instead of loosing it.
Then she showed us few parts of whole sutra. Beginning parts like breathing in Shiva Shakti position before, suppose to prepare us for more free and easy flow of energy and ecstasy in our bodies.
First Mahasatvaa showed us each from 4 preparing exercises and then we did short try out of all of them.
1. Fast and powerful mattress fuck.
Lying on our bellies we suppose to literally fuck our mattresses. It means doing the movement with our waist up and down, how we would do if we would like to penetrate mattes. Small difference in this exercise was that we did the breath opposite how we would do that naturally. So we had to breath in when we pushed and breath out when we withdrew - moved our ass upward. After about 5 minutes of ¨fucking¨ we went in to ...
2. Lying on back with straight legs with breath in, we opened our feet in to outside. On the breath out we were closing the feet together. It was crucial important that we did the twist out from our groins. Movement was rather slow, bringing us to awareness of energy what we were working on.
3. Closing and opening of butterfly position.
With the breath and closing like above. Heals close to the groin, hold pulled by hands and again slow opening on inhalation and closing down on exhalation.
4.Tantric Tantrum
Do you remember a child wanted something and who went in to the wild, not stoppable, full of energy and strength tantrum ? All extremities, head, whole body is doing uncontrolled epileptic movements in all directions. This what we had to do but in the tantric way. It means between the attacks we suppose to  touch our self in sensual way. I have to say that this exercise surprised me in the nice way. It was very, very energising, very wild in sensual way. I could easily turned off my mind in to perceiving here and now.
5 Self love :
With that energy each of us putted the blindfold on the eyes. Whoever wished could lie down and cover her/him self with the blanket. Then slowly, gradually we started to self pleasure our self. Constantly increasing sounds of ecstasy of more that 30 people self pleasuring themselves, so freely unconditioning themselves from society, religions and moral dogmas, was making this sutra as one of the most sacred sexuality ritual what I ever experienced. I was proud of my self sinking in to my own full body ecstasy. Free from goal, performing, need for erection or going in to ejaculation. In the same moment feeling connection, uniting with the group. I know this kind of ritual for many participants is life changing experience. Afterwards they may look in to the sexuality in more sacred and more liberated way. Thank you Sarita and all participants for creating this safe and comfortable space, where we all could expand.
Afterwards we were asked to not disperse this sacred energy in the cheap talk but nourish it and enjoy it till the next sutra..."
"I am a 40 years old, Bulgarian woman, MD, currently a manger in a pharma company with 10 years psycho-drama classes, also attended trainings in free breathing, EFT, shamanism and family constellations.

Since the beginning of this year, I have attended two weekends of Tantra trainings organised by Michal.

Michal is spontaneous, creative, inspiring and loving. He showed a few meditation techniques which were extremely useful and he gently challenged me to push my limits further and expand at all of these trainings - this was effortlessly and fun as he was leading by an example all the time. He also showed Tantra massages from which I learned a lot about my body and sensations and it was like opening a gate to a completely new dimension of experience. Thanks to Michal my sexual experience is also set to a new level - a level of awareness and oneness and it is deeper than before.

Michal is a gorgeous aware and forgiving, pure and loving soul inspired to share with others. He shared a lot of love with all attendees and has ignited sparkles of self-love and more love to others as well and awareness and compassion.

I am so thankful for him!"

Ad 4: Expanding Consciousness.

We invite you to create space for expanding consciousness.

You will discover:

What consciousness is, and how to get ready to open yourself for full consciousness.
How to dissolve blockages in a conscious way and open yourself to a flow of love energy.
How in daily life we can develop and cultivate our inner consciousness.

Expanding consciousness is one of the main purposes of tantra. In this workshop we are going to awake, discover, explore and expand consciousness of here and now, consciousness of female and male energy, consciousness of the witness, consciousness of energy... This workshop may open your eyes, heart and mind in a way that you will never be the same again.

Purposes of this workshop:

- to show different aspects and various experiences of tantra, what many participants didn´t even knew about it.

Full body orgasm without touching presentation
- to show to the participants the way how we may without so much touching heal, evoke ecstasy higher than most of the people ever experienced, to show that there are more to feel than only our physical body
Wrapping the hands and "playing with the ball or elastic" between themselves
- to learn, explore and experience the energies beyond physical touch
Opening the hands not by mind but by body intelligence
- to learn, explore and experience intelligence of the body, to allow the body to make it´s own decision and fully accept the effect ( or lack of it as well )
Aura distorting and aura clearing
- to feel our auras, to clean our auras from not wanted energies
5 minutes tantra ( optional )
- to feel, explore and learn the bodies intelligence and communication beyond normal ways, to show to the participants new ways of solving relationships issues, getting to knowing each other and bringing harmony between people, to connect and build more intimacy.
Hi Michal,
Thanks for your great introduction to tantra. I really enjoyed it, and i've been doing my homework.
I really liked your lesson. Your introduction was clear and well explained. Your teaching style is good, because you create a relaxed atmosphere, where asking questions is easy. I liked the fact that you took the time to explain everything until it was all clear to us. 
I really loved your workshop, that's for sure. I would really like to continue. I liked the fact that you sent me an email that i could forward to my boyfriend. He is practicing also now.
Greetings, Rik

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tantra Movement again at Tantra Festival in Rotterdam

"Taste of Tantra"
Introduction to practise
In this introductory workshop we give small examples of simple safe exercises which
you can continue practising later with your partner or on your ow
n. Anyone following
the instructions from this introduction may rapidly improve her/his life. We let you have
a taste of what tantra is, and what we teach as a whole course at the Tantra Movement

Introductie tot de praktijk
In deze introductieworkshop geven we kleine voorbeelden van eenvoudige, veilige
oefeningen die je later kunt blijven beoefenen met jouw partner of in je eentje. Iedereen
die de instructies van deze introductie volgt kan snel haar/zijn leven verbeteren. We
laten je proeven wat tantra is, en wat we onderwijzen als een gehele cursus bij de Tantra
Movement School.

About Me
Michal Kali Griks
I ́m a Kundalini Yoga teacher, tantric masseur and teacher, and a relationship and life
coach. I began my Tantric journey over nine years ago and continue to study at the
Rasayana Tantra Academy. Tantra has become a way of life for me and three years ago I
began sharing my knowledge and journey as a teacher of Tantra. While Tantra has
several paths, I recognized that sexuality is the most effective way for me to improve:
my self esteem,
my physical
and mental health,
my intimate relationship,
my love (
also to myself ),
my energy and all other aspects of life...
For me, sexuality is the most beautiful, intimate, and powerful expression of love. When I
recognized how important this is in my life, I asked "If love is the most important need in
the majority of humanity, why is there no place for the energy of love and sexuality in
peoples education?"
So, I hope that in establishing Tantra Movement School I can help fill this great need. In
my life I experienced sex as way to hell but have been very fortunate to also experience
it as way to heaven. Now I ́m bringing sexuality out of guilt and shame to it ́s rightful
place sacredness and honor.
I ́m a tantric, who's destiny is to share tantra and love.
Michal Kali Griks

Zaterdag 12 november 2016: het dertiende tantrafestival in Djoj, Rotterdam 

Meld je op tijd aan, de laatste jaren was het festival uitverkocht.

Wil je je aanmelden voor het tantrafestival op 12 november 2016? Dat kan via dit formulier

Het nieuwe programma voor het tantrafestival staat nu op deze pagina. Het festival heeft een speciaal thema:

Tantra: vrijen én spirituele vrijheid. Hoe vrij (ben) jij?

Het tantrafestival is een jaarlijks terugkerende unieke kans om kennis te maken met de verschillende vormen van tantra, biodanza, e.d. zoals die op dit moment in Nederland gegeven worden. 

Het festival biedt kennismaking en inspiratie, maar ook op vernieuwing en verdieping. Een kans om te proeven van de verschillende vormen van tantra en dergelijke. Dat betekent ook dat de sfeer en de inhoud van de workshops heel verschillend kan zijn. Soms is het meer gericht op spiritualiteit en meditatie, soms meer op intimiteit en seksuele energie, soms beide. Wel houden alle begeleiders er rekening mee dat het een laagdrempelige dag is waar iedereen ontspannen mee kan doen met de activiteiten.

Er zijn 36 workshops in acht zalen. De afgelopen jaren was het festival uitverkocht met 220 deelnemers en 40 trainers. De inschrijving start om 11.45 uur, de eerste workshop is van 13.00 uur tot 14.45 uur, de tweede van 15.15 tot 17.00 uur. Van 17.00 uur tot 19.00 uur is het diner. De volgende workshops zijn van 19.00 uur tot 20.45 uur van 21.15 uur tot 23.00.

Het festival wordt georganiseerd door Jan den Boer en Caroline van Wijngaarden, Jan zal samen met Caroline ook twee workshops geven. Het programma wordt verder gevuld door zowel bekende als minder bekende namen uit de Nederlandse wereld van tantra, en mogelijk ook enkele buitenlandse tantratrainers.

Locatie: Djoj, Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam.

Het festival kost € 45, een eventueel diner kost € 10 extra.

Als je je aanmeldt krijg je ongeveer een week tevoren het entreebewijs, het definitieve programma en de zaalindeling per mail.

Wil je je aanmelden voor het tantrafestival op 12 november 2016? Dat kan via dit formulier

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My dream relationship as inside as outside

Rainbow Gathering it is a big healing. Especially combine with tantra and it´s all relationship processes. That´s how again it was for me this year too.

Just before the Rainbow I wrote another  manifestation of my dream for relationship what I wish for. Main reason why I wish for relationship is because I believe in multiplied power of free couple as teachers, as partners, as lovers, tantrikas and as example of coming change to the world.

Through my teachings on the gathering I realised that this dream woman what I´m wishing for is already in me. So close. At my teachings I could be sharp like a knife or soft like as woman dance. I have feminine and masculine energy in me and I could use them both any time depends what the situation require from me. I realized that first maybe this example of healthy relationship within us I have to shine to the world, to my students, to my self.... Then when the time would come I would be even more ready to form even better relationship out of unconditional love and not out of need.

This realization made me taking more care for the wishes of my goddess within. Worshiping her it gives so much much completeness, contentment in my self. So together with her I´m going through another next transformation in my life on my tantra path. This aspect was always there before just now we are going deeper. I´m becoming better of my self or maybe ourselves :) ( - there is inner child and other crowd but this is another story :) )


Here it is the manifestation of my outer and inner dreams:

Enjoy and connect  when you ready, one way or another <3

In my next relationship I wish that Love is deeply full of passion. I wish that a woman I a wonder, what helps me, what encourage me to go through all challenges, what we have to go through. I would like to look up to her. I wish that she have qualities from which I could learn, grow and benefit. I love to lift up a woman but in this relationship I wish to be lifted up as well. I wish that those balances are flowing naturally. I don´t 


I wish that we have strong connection on every level: sexual, love, intellectual and spiritual. I wish that she is my best friend for who I may count in every moment: Moment of healing, moment of danger, moment of vulnerability…

I wish that with her I could feel so good, save and comfortable that I could leave all performing patterns, that I could show my self in my whole vulnerability.
I wish in my next relationship, we could freely awaken our inner children, that we both have a lot of unconditioned, uncontrolled fun together – a lot of laughter as well :)
I wish that we are able to have intellectual disputes without need to prove who is right.
I wish that she feels like me to do everything possible to save planet for future generations.
I wish that we are inspiring each other in teaching and finding new ways of healing, liberating, enjoying life, making love etc.
I wish that we are both open to explore new ways of sexuality and tantra.
I wish that as couple we shine as example of partnerchiat, great unconditional love, sacred sexuality and spiritual activism.
I wish that this heals, liberates the world.
I wish that we are different but equal.
There were many Buddhas, Jesuses etc. - Now is the time for power of free couple !


Howgh !

I wish that she is amazing beautiful inside and outside.

I wish that together we ignite big awakening of the humanity into a better world.
I'm ready <3 … and you ???

Michal Kali Griks

Resultado de imagen de tantra union

Unconditional love - acceptance, best advice for Tantra teacher reflection

I´m so happy to be back home, back in my lovely community Badulina, Rainbow Terrace, my family, who expanded by new born Baby, beautiful, wise Melissa, Amber. Remember her, she is already moving the world around :)
Anyway - Challenges, this is the message of this writing. Particularly I could say only fruits welcomed me with the challenges. 
The best fruits what I at recently,  I had to love them first  to accept their challenges :) ... and then, in the end I could enjoy so much their taste and energies.
 Those were maybe the best figs , what I at  in my life - it appear to be so organic that I had to be really careful to not eat the warms. I´m vegan and ex squatter so it was even double challenge to mess with their homes - I will save you details :) Then prickly pears. After I could not resist eating one, even remembering last experience, I could not resist eating half of it. Mniammmyy.... but feeling the needles even in my gums I could not finish the other half :/ Still having them not only in my fingers but also around  mouth I will found out on internet how to eat them and avoid the pricking. You have to love something to go through the challenge. The biggest challenge then the biggest growth, the biggest satisfaction , love etc.
I just said to my daughter that she was the best and the most efficient teacher in my life. So much I changed for her, so much I grow thankful her, so much I have learned from life with her, for her and from her. Thank you again my beautiful, wise Magda. The biggest challenge in my life, the hardest and the longest work I ever did ( I still do ? ) but in the same time the biggest happiness in my life, the best thing what happened to me, the longest relationship what I have beside this one what I have with my self and my parents maybe.
Last time we had interesting situation what made my realise this and some other things as well. I was to late for her, but not from my fault and still trying doing my best etc. I will save you details. They´re more boring and less important. Straight  into conclusion: To other person nagging about I may just say: "fuck off, If you do not accept me the way how I´m I don´t need you around" ... but because I love her so much, after some time I could see the lesson and learn from it. In the end I was able to go beyond my to much ego, beyond my arrogance and get the lesson from her, from life. I said humble : Sorry I was late without saying any but afterwards... and I know next time I will do my best to not to make the same mistake. I realised that this unconditional Love what I have to my daughter made me grow so much, change so much, learn so much. She never had the role of the teacher in my life, rather opposite of course, but this presence of unconditional Love made me learning so much from this relationship. Thank you universe. THANK YOU Magda
Then I reflected on my other teachers in my life. I noticed that this that my directress and teacher in Rasayana Tantra Acedemy, Dr. Tara Long - her acceptance even for sides of me what seemed to challenge her, her attitude of Mothering Love, her accepting me the way how I´m - it all together created the acceptance in me circulating between us. This presence  of unconditional Love, I feel made us both get best of our challenging teacher, student relationship.
The same I could say about another my teachers in life. As more this unconditional love and acceptance was there, whatever was the way of learning, whatever was the challenge it created also in my this Unconditional Love and acceptance for the teacher, for the subjects, for the way of learning. Of course this I could see and feel as well in my relationships in my life. As more challenging there were, as more unconditional Love and acceptance was there even the challenge was huge we grow through it  and when we did we grow enormously. Sometimes we didn´t and then we sometimes had to accept that this is the end of the journey of growing together. Sometimes we learned from the relationship still after it broke... but this maybe could be another story :)
Tantra is a path of the challenges, thunderbolt to enlightenment... My whole life is a challenge and I´m happy about it. I learned to see the challenges not any more as problems but as opportunities to grow. Even they´re sometimes bigger and more challenging from different sides that you would expect, even that sometimes they´re really challenging you so much that sometimes you have enough of it, that you tired of it .... I still love my life and I know that with acceptance even acceptance of not acceptance of the challenge it will mean that sometimes maybe I will have to take break or maybe even step backward.... but this is still ok. Even when we make mistakes, even when we went wrong way, when we will love unconditionally life in the end we will find the way. Maybe we will found out that we never lost the way. Because the happiness is the way, because love is the way, because love is life, life is love. We are all one.
Resultado de imagen de Unconditional love - acceptance
I don´t know Brian Tracy yet but I agree with this sentence soooo much <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

De-armoring and Full Body Orgasm Massage without touching weekend. Invitation with a lot of theory revealed.

[gedeeltelijke Nederlandse vertaling beneden]

We are living in the times that revealing the information could contribute into saving the world, so as Tantra Movement School we continue to do this on every level possible. Here also in expanded , detailed invitation to this weekend. But remember Tantra it is very powerful tool. Always use it with good intentions otherwise it may turn against you and then you´re in troubles. Love and light <3

This Tantric Weekend is for all people who are willing to work together, so if you´re single you may still join.


~ from Friday
9.9.2016 19.00 till Sunday 11.9.2016 20.30
Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
Price and booking:
200 E per person, 380 E per couple. Amount of the free places at that moment is up to 6, so to make sure better to book quickly.
You could transfer the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank
Don't hesitate to ask the questions ,
You may check updates share and invite your friends here:
Basic time schedule of the weekend
19.00 - 22.30 Intro open evening about the subject of the weekend . Theory and Practise
Saturday and Sunday:
11.00 - 12.00 Morning class ( Kunadalini Yoga, Osho Meditation or Tantra Kriya Yoga )
12.30 - 16.00 I workshop
16.00 - 17.00 Lunch break (vegan pot luck style)
17.00 - 20.30 II workshop

De-armouring workshop

What we are going to experience during this workshop is a massage, where by your partner pressing particular points you are brought to your limits of pain and then stay there. In this way we are getting rid of our emotional pain, our energetic pain, what we have been carrying sometimes all our life.
From our upbringing, society, parents, teachers, religion, through life we created protection - Armour - which was supposed to save us from the things that may hurt us. There's nothing bad in having that armour, but unfortunately we have it all the time.
For example, some of us are still ashamed to be naked during lovemaking, or to express our passion or even our voice. We are holding back our behaviours, our emotions in the areas of life where it would be most appropriate to use them.
The process of 'de-armouring' can give us back the freedom of using or not using our armour, to use our protection when we when we want to. As with all tantric healings, it may heal us from emotional pain, liberate us from conditioning, and from bad past memories mainly connected to our sexuality, etc.
"I felt so light after, like on some LSD or ayahuasca trip, only this time I had everything under control because I felt being here and now like never before. I could feel much stronger all my senses but also energies around me, what before I was not even aware that they exist. It was painful to my limits, but it gave me sense of liberation and expanding my consciousness. I feel much more myself and free now. Amazing. - Salin ¨

De Blocking workshop:
Presentation where are the points and how to look for them.
Talking about the limits
Heart Salutation.
Looking for three most efficient, most triggering, most painful points
Staring the session from the most efficient point to the third efficient one. For each point we spent around 20 minutes for pressing and 5 minutes ( depends from energy of the group ) for moving the energy along the spine without touching the body.
Heart salutation

Motives and intentions of the workshop:
Learning about de armoring concept
Learning, exercising and exploring healing through releasing usually first physical, then emotional, then energetic pain.
Learning, exercising and exploring feeling the energy without touching when there is more openness for this
Removing the barriers from our beings what are holding us from living with our full potential, from enjoying life, love making, pleasure etc.
Healing our sexual traumas, past, resentments towards lovers or towards ways of making love…
Opening the senses from the limitations what before we didn´t even felt it
Learning, exercising and exploring giving love and staying together beyond happy soft moments but also in hard moments of healing, pain, vulnerability, emotions release etc.

Very important that we use only clear communication of the scale of the pain from 1 till 10. The expressions like: 7,5 or this is so painful, harder are very often the further questions: Does means is over the limits ? How much harder ? etc.
Its very important to realise that you´re doing it for the partner for her/his request, for healing, liberation and inner grow. The partner all the time is able to moderate the pain for softer pressure if she/he is not doing it it means clearly that she choose for the best effect for this session. Is up to you to be for her/him and support also mentally and emotionally the choice what she/he made. Of course could be hard, especially that we are conditioned ( not without good reasons, probably out of love ) to not to cause the pain and for sure not to our beloved, so maybe is good idea to see it also as mental removal of other condition and changing it into conscious choice.
Like with every massage but especially this one is important that the nails are cut shortly and timed smoothly. We don´t wanna cause wrong pain. When you are receiver and you still feel pain from the nail point it out by just saying "nail" , so it would be clear that something have to be done about it.
Especially when the weaker person is doing at the strong person, use your body weight to not get tired to easy. In case that your fingers will get tired change them but always warn the person about doing it. Because changing of energy it could be extremely painful. Also when your fingers are getting to weak consider using the knuckles or even the elbow. With the last one even more be sure about the location.
When the emotions are getting out, this time you don´t have to encourage the person verbally because you do it already by keeping the pressure at the points.
When you feel that the body physically is pushing your fingers out, that´s only reason to move the energy along the spine earlier.
At this level don´t think to much about how to move the energy and if the person feel it or not. We would go deeper in to it at the next workshop

Full Body Orgasm Massage without touching

This massage is based on energetic touch what doesn't require physical touch. Still you may be able to bring the person to very deep full body energetic orgasm or if the body choose to deep energetic healing. This technique is also very useful in the cases when people are blocked for touch. I feel that nothing explain better than video with me as model of my teacher and student Flaviu Pop:

Full body orgasm without touching:
Presentation with showing all triggers and the movements of the energy.
Distorting and clearing aura
Exercising feeling the energy between the hands.
Exercising feeling of the finger tips
"Playing with the ball between the hands"
… between and on the body"
… between the participants"
Talking about the limits, no limits and intentions.
Heart Salutation
As always opening the massage ritual
Doing two 20-30 minutes sessions for each other sometimes with possibility of exchange the partners
As always closing the massage ritual
Heart Salutation

Motives and intentions of the workshop:
Learning, exercising and exploring feeling the energy without touching
Learning, exercising and exploring maybe the first Full Body Orgasm
When Body choose for healing giving it to the partner.
Learning, exercising and exploring different bodies in our being
Learning, exercising and exploring ecstasy beyond peak orgasm
Learning, exercising and exploring playing and moving the energies

Most important in tantra and especially in this workshop what we have to learn is that we set up intentions but we are not attached to any goals. It is very important that we don´t get frustrated that we, our partner doesn´t seem to feel anything. You don´t have to achieve anything here. Just let it be. When you set up the intentions and you do your best, doesn´t matter if you or your partner feel something, energy anyway will work for you in the best possible way at the moment. Do not think to much about what you have to do it etc. It only create barriers for energy flow. It flows better beyond mind understanding.
Accept that some of the people are more kinesthetic and for those feeling, reacting to touch of energetic body would be more difficult. Realise that even the best masters of it do not always "succeed" how you see it.
As more you practice than you feel it more and you more open for this.
Don´t forget to always ask receiver before you start to breath circularly. It bring their attention to here and now and it support the energy flow.
Use the triggers frequently but not to often. Remember that this suppose to be energetic touch massage :)
When the person seems to be to much in their head, consider to bring the energy downwards, when the person is very sexual bring the energy upwards. You generate energy best on the first chakra.
Use what works.
When the being decided for the healing through releasing the emotions support the process by stimulating the energy where it´s triggering the process ( could be the heart ). Pull out the energy ( threads ) out of the chakras where you feel there are blockages.
After 20-40 minutes consider to finish the session by bringing the energy upward and by holding the hand of the person. Very often she/he is in the deep bliss. Let her/him enjoy it as long that she wish. It´s really empowering experience. No need to break it. Especially when you´re the lover, make sure that first what she/he will see when she/he will open eyes would be your eyes with attended smile. It brings beautiful connection.

[gedeeltelijke Nederlandse vertaling ]
Deze workshop is voor koppels en / of mensen die bereid zijn om samen te werken, dus als je single bent je nog steeds meedoen.
Van Vrijdag 9.9.2016 19.00 tot Zondag 11.9.2016 20.30

Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
Prijs:200 Euro per persoon, 380 per koppel. Hoeveelheid vrije plaatsen op het moment is tot 6, dus zorg ervoor snel te boeken. Boeken voor september geeft je 10 Euro korting.
Je kunt het bedrag overmaken naar Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethische bank
More about whole course you may find out here:
Voor vragen schroom niet te mailen naar
Basis tijdschema van het weekend
19.00 -22.30 Intro open avond over het onderwerp van het weekend. Theorie en Praktijk
Zaterdag en Zondag:
11.00 – 12.00 Ochtendklas (Kundalini Yoga,  Osho Meditatie of Tantra Kriya Yoga)
12.30 – 16.00 I workshop
16.00 – 17.00 Lunchpauze (vegan pot luck style)
17.00 – 20.30 II workshop

Wat we gaan ervaren tijdens deze workshop is een massage, waarbij je doordat je partner bepaalde punten indrukt tot je pijngrenzen wordt gebracht en dan daar blijft. Op deze manier komen we af van onze emotionele pijn, onze energetische pijn, die we soms ons hele leven hebben gedragen.

Door onze opvoeding, maatschappij, ouders, leraren, religie, door het leven hebben we bescherming –Schild – gecreëerd die bedoeld was om ons te beschermen tegen de dingen die ons pijn kunnen doen. Er is niets mis mee om dat schild te hebben, maar helaas hebben we het de hele tijd.

Bijvoorbeeld, sommigen van ons zijn nog steeds beschaamd om naakt te zijn tijdens het vrijen, of om onze passie of zelfs onze stem te uiten. We houden onze gedragingen, onze emoties terug in de levensgebieden waar het meest passend zou zijn om ze te gebruiken.

Het proces van 'de-armouring' kan ons de vrijheid terug geven van het gebruiken of niet gebruiken van ons schild, om bescherming te gebruiken wanneer we dat willen. Zoals met alle tantrische genezingen, kan het ons genezen van emotionele pijn, ons bevrijden van conditioneringen, en van slechte vroegere herinneringen die voornamelijk verbonden zijn met onze seksualiteit, etc.

Full Body Orgasm Massage zonder aanraking

Deze massage is gebaseerd op energetische aanraking die geen lichamelijke aanraking vereist. Toch kun je de persoon ermee naar een heel diep energetisch orgasme door het gehele lichaam brengen. Of, als het lichaam van de ontvanger daarvoor kiest, naar diepe energetische heling. Deze techniek is ook heel nuttig in de gevallen dat mensen geblokkeerd zijn voor aanraking. Ik voel dat niets het beter uitlegt dan de video met mij als model van mijn leraar en student Flaviu Pop: