Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New moon update gift

Hallo Lovely People ! Here is your usual new moon gift. As universe like us that we rest from retreats and give some time for the book, here are the effects. With moon energy of Koh Phanghan, this beautiful Thai island, we give you the seeds to nourish and spread further :)
A lot of descriptions of the practice this time. Everyday there are new parts appearing. When you would like to be updated freshly, you may check this our page:
Also to make it more clear and more prffesional, we created Tantra Movement You Tube Channel:
and there is new beautiful page for Tantra Movement Romania created:
also we are on the new page,new start in Bulgaria:
Enjoy and get inspired
Our healthy egos are very happy from all your likes but when you share, not only them are happy but all the world is happy :) , so share love unconditionally. Sharing rE<3OLution -starts from you ;) here and now!
Love and light
Ps: Soon also in paper version :) but use digital one as well to save the trees
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Monday, February 27, 2017

The most important is energy. Advice for tantra teachers

The most important is energy. All rest are details. They`re important as well but only when they support energy. When you`re too much focus on details not on energy you`re missing the point. In the same way when you make love, techniques supposed to support the energy not distract it, when you give workshops details should do it as well. Sharing tantra is like love making. The energy is most important. When details, techniques are not perfect enough, workshops, act of love is not the time to be focus on them, especially this usually is taking you away from energy flow. Your teachings, your love it is the time to be focus on energy. To improve details and techniques, you may do out of your bed, class room.

I`m writing it because I saw so many times energy broken by stress of song not playing correctly, someone being late etc. 

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac Koh Phanghan, Thailand 26.02.2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Use it! Don`t lose it! Basic Tantric Practise

Use it! Don`t lose it!
This is one of the most important tantric practice into tantric sexuality.

First, I would describe the differences between typical sex and tantric lovemaking. In mainstream sex, mainly only the man is reaching peak orgasm and then, whatever we like or not, sexual act ends because of big loss of energy. In tantric lovemaking, we may make love for hours and we are the one who are deciding "wow… for now is enough". Because of that, we are satisfied and also energized as well. That`s in very short.
Let`s go step by step more into the details: in typical sex man is so keen to start the penetration, that for him foreplay doesn`t have to exist. They can start straight away, but they maybe read from some sexual books or maybe they heard from their woman that the female need much more time to get ready. So, they do bit of the foreplay, in average less than 10 minutes, what is still too less for the woman and her yoni to be ready. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, numbness and physical pain in yoni, sexual trauma etc.
After this too short foreplay, the penetration begins and in average last less than 6-7 minutes, what again is too less for the woman. Man, reaches so cold "point of no return", the moment after he cannot stop his ejaculation anymore and so-called "peak orgasm", (for man specifically ejaculatory orgasm) is happening. The man through ejaculation is losing so much energy and  then "what happens next?" - I always ask my students and they usually know the answer: "he goes to sleep". He is so tired that usually, he says: "Darling I love you but now I have to go to sleep", he turns his back, and before she answers he is already snoring. I don`t need to add that this leaves the woman in very unsatisfied situation. It`s a bit like the electricity went off, while you were enjoying the best, exciting scene in action movie.

When the woman is so lucky that she may achieve peak orgasm (the clitoral orgasm), she doesn`t lose so much energy like a man but usually enough that she loses her interest in continuing. This loss disables her from achieving higher orgasms what are very healing, liberating, energizing. That`s why this basic way of tantric love what I guide you here, have to be applied not only by the men but by the women as well.

In tantric love making, we let the woman decide when she would like to begin penetration. This have some reasons but main of them are: first that at least she will also have some pleasure, and second that her yoni would be ready for penetration, what may bring healing experience in place of traumatizing one.

When penetration begins, excitement rises up quickly and before we reach the point of no return, we use, in the same time, three connected with each other methods:
1.       Tiding PC muscle
2.       Breath
3.       Visualization
Notice that you use them all together (similar technique in sexual Tao is called "Micro Cosmic orbit")
AD 1: PC muscles- more about it you may read in practical leaflet further in the book, so I would keep it shortly. The easiest explanation is [quote of our leaflet]
"…PC muscle: Training PC muscle is one of the most simple but also most efficient and beneficial technique that people can get from tantra. There are many health, physical,mental and sexual benefits of training that muscles. Next time when you go to toilet, on every breath in,stop urinating. Recognize clearly which muscles you use. That´s PC muscle. When you know them, squeeze them and relax them 30 times,3 times per day. Keep on practice. As you will notice training PC muscle is not visible for others and doesn´t take your attention, so it's perfect to do it in all possible situations (I´m doing it even while I´m writing this text :)I bet with everyone that after 1 month training, you would be thankful for that information...and I haven't lost yet:)
With tiding PC muscle you shoot the energy up.
AD 2: With breath inhalation you suck the energy up. Also, notice that you may slow down your excitement and gain control when you slow down the breath.
AD 3: Visualization. It`s very truth what they say, energy goes where attention goes. That`s why, we help the flow with our visualization. You may visualize energy as you like: green light ball, flame, snake, stream of light, ray etc.

Together AD: 1+2+3
First you breathe in with tiding PC muscle and with visualizing the energy going from your genitals through the back of the spine to the level of the heart (at the beginning of your practice), then second with breath out, you relax PC muscle and you visualize the energy going down from your heart back to your genitals. You repeat this circle 5-7 times, up till you feel that too much energy in your genitals, what was ready to explode through peak orgasm, is brought to the heart, and you feel away from the point of no return. Then you may continue with the penetration again. Again, and again each time before point of no return (better too early than too late because then is game over and loss of energy happens), you make 5-7 of those circles and you continue like that. After already 2-4 times you may feel that you experience ecstasy higher than in typical sex and you may go on like this as high as you like.

The time is passing what especially for your goddess may feel like "wow". Then after feeling so much bliss, overwhelmed by sensations or maybe just noticing that is already morning and maybe time to get up the kids, eat, etc.…  together with your partner, you decide to finish your beautiful lovemaking.

From one side tantra is guiding you to be fully absorbed here and now with your lover, with this beautiful energy of sharing love. You may ask yourself: how I may achieve that state when I have to be busy with some complicated technique?
Do you remember yourself or your kids learning bicycling? You had to be busy with your steering wheel, pedalling, keeping balance, looking up not on the feet… - so many complicated things at once. Only enthusiasm of the kid made you keeping trying and falling many times. Do you ever have to think about all those things while you're cycling? No. You may have interesting conversation or study audio book while you cycle and all those complicated  things doesn't take anymore your attention at all.
I would like you, to remember this example and to keep the enthusiasm of that child wanting to cycle, also when you are at the tantric practice. To make it easier and less challenging, take your practice also out of your bedroom. Especially at the beginning any scratch or shout of your goddess may push you out of the edge, over the point of no return. Self-love practice would be safer and would help you to absorb the energy and technique. You may train PC muscle and breath separately. Then after you got more familiar, you may combine them together and then apply the visualization. With practice, I'm sure, you will make this technique as part of your nature and you could fully enjoy your goddess(god). By the way, for women we highly recommend for PC muscle, exercises with yoni egg (you may buy it from us by relatively good price) J .
Men are often asking me: When, then I may ejaculate? My answer is: as rare as possible. Why lose your precious energy? Why lose opportunity of higher realms of ecstasy just for how we call it in tantric circles,"sneezing" orgasm? Believe me, when you once taste tantric love making, you would never would be interested in peak orgasms. However, when it happens, do not feel guilty or shameful. There is too much of those in human sexuality and with tantra, we are healing from guilt and shame and we don't want to create more of it. But remember to keep your intention strong and clear. 
Especially at the beginning is good to go for 49 days challenge. After such a period without peak orgasm, your physical addiction from ejaculation ends. The hormones, what are so strong like in heroin addicted person, are stopped to being produced and you`re free. Only your mental attachment could be still there but this, we remove by creating better, new experiences also on our workshops.49 days challenge, means that you do all best to keep without peak orgasm for 49 days while maintaining your sexual life active. Whenever it happens, without being annoyed with yourself, you just start counting days from beginning. Remember you are in the learning process and the patience with your mistakes and transferring them into opportunities to grow are a very important aspects of tantra. Perseverance against all odds and keeping your intention strong and clear could be another good virtue to learn through that process. 
One more thing to mention is good to realize that for many reasons, 1 from 5 women, 20% of female population, never or very rarely, experienced clitoral orgasm. For those we exceptionally say go for it and enjoy it. We compare peak orgasm with another ones as crash (kindergarten) to university already (not even the basic school).
For those 1 from every 5 women, we say: go to kindergarten first, enjoy and explore but don`t stay there all life or too long, while you, like everyone without exception, may reach tantric higher orgasms of the university. 

Use it don't lose it :)

Neo Tantric Massage. Step by step

Neo Tantric Massage

Basic structure:


·         Upper back

·         Lower back

·         Arms

·         Buttocks

·         Legs


·         Legs

By woman: Breast


By men: Belly


·         Yoni

·         Lingam

·         Head


1.       8 on the heart

2.       8 on second chakra

3.       Kidneys massage

4.       Repeat on other side 2 + 3

5.       Simple stroke: from beginning of spine, along the body towards neck, skull. When you go back make round on the shoulders, go deep into the armpits, then stroke sides and move back to the sacrum. Make every stroke 3 times (eventually 6, 9, 13(so much only in extreme situations when you really know what are you doing it for) times when you have more time or you feel this stroke is indicated)

6.       Karma release stroke: cross your thumbs, then with right thumb press hardly on the left side along the spine and with left one on the right side. From coccyx to the neck. All other fingers should be up without touching the body. When you reached neck press hard, point under clavicula. Hold there, hang with your body weight for few breaths, then whenever you will decide, with breath out slowly with all your fingers spread over whole back pressing hard go back to buttock.

7.       Tantra Kriya Yoga breath stroke

8.       "Plough"

9.       Spreading energy all over


1.       Pull the arm holding wrist, shake and open till 900 , then still shaking, close

2.       Meridians massage

3.       Palm

4.       Fingers

5.       Pressing palm, elbow, shoulder and moving to other arm

6.       All steps from 1-4 on other arm

7.       Spreading energy from arms all over the body


1.       8 on buttock

2.       Circulating on outer parts on further buttock

3.       Changing sides


For women BREASTS

1.       8 on breasts (always avoid nipples at the beginning of breast massage)

2.       Circulating on outer parts of further breast

3.       Spiral closed + open

4.       Tapping

5.       Triangle

6.       Cupping

7.       All steps from 1-6 on other breast


1.       Palm chakras on nipples and pulling up the energy with inhalation

2.       Circulating around nipples

3.       Sliding nipples between all fingers/all directions

4.       Turning volume up and down

5.       Pressing nipples and circulating

6.       Squeezing

7.       Stimulating kisses with top of the 4 or 5 fingers

8.       Squeezing nipples, then release and pulling energy with breathing

9.       Spreading energy

LINGAM OR YONI ( check previous posts )


1.       Start as you would spread shampoo over hair

2.       Circulating movements with your thumbs, starting from middle of the head along the line where the hair is begging to grow

3.       When you`re behind ears scratch to pointing fingers

4.       When you`re behind neck, feel the hallow along neck then slide fingers upwards direction to the crown and when you feel the end of the hallow place, where neck is entering the head, pull towards yourself and in the same time lift neck by sticking your fingers upwards

5.       Hold like this for about 6 sec then release and continue with spreading shampoo

6.       Goddess touch massage

7.       With circular movements between your fingers, squeezing and pulling a bit massage the ears

8.       Circular movement pointing fingers massaging line between ears and skull

9.       Behind and under ears

10.   Jaw connection

11.   Temples

12.   Spreading shampoo

13.   Shaking fontanelle with 4-5 fingers and pulling energy upward, into direction of upper chakras (3 times)

14.   Grounding (especially when person drive after or do any responsible work)

15.   Closing ritual

16.   Letting person to adjust, detach, (offer tea when ready)

We are back in Bulgaria :)

Halo Lovely People!
As usual we are sharing with you something to celebrate Moon cycle. Tonight, right now, in the time of the new moon, we like to share with you our happy news. We would be back in Bulgaria with the beginning of April. So tonight we plant this beautiful happy seed with you :) We would do two weekends from the first and second level. For the special request we will repeat Neo Tantric Massage. Nourish this seed by sharing this message/event with everyone who may be interested. Now up to you. Blagudaria for whole your support and we are happy to see you soon :)

For more information you may check: yogahimalaya.net

Love and Light
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Barking wolfs

Barking wolfs

As wilder you be than deeper you go - As much as possible you encourage the students to go for it.

First, we bark as wolfs at each other in the pack. Go into the warrior role, energy of Kali and your animal nature. Let your suppressed wilderness be completely  free. Don`t hold back. You may imagine that you fighting for position in the pack, thet you´re fighting for survival. You may imagine that the most precious things in your life, maybe your kids are attacked and it`s you with your anger, who is their only chance, their only protection.

In the same time, play already with polarities. Allow yourself to not all the time be dominant, but sometimes be as scared dog, surrendering to the wild ones. In that moments, you may go as deep as possible in to the fear.

Then, when you`re guided, you may choose one most attractive or most challenging wolf, with who you bark at each other still playing with polarities.

You may again remind yourself about going deep into the emotions and not to spoil them with not appropriate laughter. Recognise that this is very often a bit sneaky way of your unhealthy mind and unhealthy ego to try to escape from real change, from deep experience.

After barking at each other, when we feel that energy goes down, tiredness is entering into the process you guide the wolfs to directly give each other "Goddess touch massage", it`s important that there are no breaks between those both stages. That`s why, it is important to inform participants to prepare their "massage temple before the exercise".

When you made three rounds of the massage from top of the forehead to the bottom of the neck then, all students go directly into barking wolfs as couples one more time. Again, when the energy goes down, switch directly into goddess touch massage (changing roles). After massage receivers, as usual may stretch themselves. The givers may thank themselves for the beautiful experience. After, they may thank each other in the most beautiful way how they both feel.

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac. Koh Phanghan, Thailand. 26.02.2017

Planting Seed today

Today another brilliant idea came to me. On my workshops, while we eat those all delicious fruits, I feel it would be great that each participant during retreat would cultivate one seed. This could cultivate importance of energy and potential of the seed, as our love to the nature as well. After retreat we may give the plant to Mother Earth and the local community as well. So many such great ideas. I wish express them, pass them further, use them, plant them nourish them as much as possible. This is my seed for tonight new moon around Shivarathi. Use don´t lose it. Share it further, plant it now :)

Michal Kali Griks. new moon around Shivarathi. Koh Phanghan. Thailand

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why my tantra book is not perfect ?

Here it is, my book: "All Aspects of Life. All Aspects of Tantra. Tantra Teachers and Students Guide". I share here not only exercises, what I use at my teachings but also: my own process, reflections, reports from workshops, my written homework's for Rasayana Tantra Academy, videos and above all, my authenticity, my real self. I decided to share my book now and skip waiting for that it will become perfect (it will never be) and complete. While I`m more and more living my dream and I share tantra almost every day, I just don`t know when I would complete this Guide. I just don`t want to forget about myself and I don`t want to do things under any pressure or deadline. I choose more relaxed way of sharing this book with you. Whenever I find enough time and inspiration, I will write, connect, edit, publish and share something. Even I know that each part of the book would be more powerful, when they would come finally together in one wholeness, I still feel that my students, readers will benefit from those parts already. So why not to share them now?

Now let`s talk about perfectionism. I`m not native English speaker. I was never at one English class in my life. Still I`m very happy and proud of myself that this never stopped me from expressing myself mostly in this language. Even in my previous books written in polish, what is my native language, I wrote: "Sorry for my mistakes. I choose to publish this book now because I`m already too enthusiastic about writing the next one…". I chosed to correct my mistakes, improve my style by keeping writing and not by trying to make it perfect. I feel to finish chapter, what I feel is closed already. This also fits so much to one of the most important principle of tantra: being here and now. We are living in the times when perfectionism and insecurity, two sides of the same disease, are holding us back from: expressing ourselves, living on full potential, sharing our own creation and from bringing change to ourselves and universe. Being authentic, being yourself, expressing it- that`s what I would like encourage in people. "Be proud of yourself. Now and always."

And do not understand me wrong. I don`t push myself to another extreme. Yes, I would like that my mistakes are corrected, that I grow up, learn and keep improving my style. It`s just I don`t want to be obsessed about it. I like my passions, that`s why I choose to live them as much as possible. I love to make love, share wisdom of tantra through my workshops, massages, practice… Writing it is further expression of it. Because I learned to prioritize my passions they're coming first. Some further things, like writing, sometimes have to wait a bit till it`s moment would come. When you feel that my book (or other aspects of me) are worthy to support in any means necessary you`re more than welcome. Not only me, but I wish whole humanity would be thankful.

Michal Kali Griks. Bulgaria, may 2016

Opening Ritual before massage

This ritual we perform always before any massage or practice related to it. After, the massage is always followed by CLOSING RITUAL, what is similar and we will describe it  below. You may perform also other rituals before like Tantra Kriya Breath or/and Heart Salutation.

Receiver should lie down on her/his back or belly (when is not hot, remember the blanket). Close your eyes to go deeper into experience. Wrap your palms together up till you feel the heat, then place them on your own heart chakra.

 You connect with yourself, with your lower self and with your higher self. After a while you may ask whoever, whatever you believe in, what is important in your life, for whatever you feel is appropriate to ask at this particular moment. You may pray for: maybe for nice energy, connection, focus, respect, openness, trust... Maybe you would like to ask that this massage would be very beneficial and nice for you and for the receiver. You may ask for whatever you feel. After a while (as we guide the group we use word "we"), we wrap palms again and when they`re hot, we move them wide apart. Then slowly you allow them to come back close to each other, without allowing them to be touched. When they`re close to each other, we pray: "We ask beautiful energy of unconditional love to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us to be a channel that the love flows from Universe through our body to the body of the receiver".

Then we open our eyes and then we place one palm on the heart chakra, and the other one on the pubic bone or sacrum. We synchronize our breath for better connection. After a while with one breath in, you move your palm from the heart to the crown chakra. Next, you move your palm back to the heart again with the inhalation. After a while you begin to slowly move your hands around the body. You softly touch everywhere (where the limits allow you) to make the body familiar with the touch and to make the touch familiar with the body. After this introduction you may perform the massage what you planned to do.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A prayer for opening the book

If I could express myself fully, I wish humanity, Mother Earth, whole entire Universe could benefit from it.

We ask beautiful energy of unconditional love to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us to be a channel that the love flow from universe, through those words to you. We share with you as much as we could give, as much you`re ready to receive. Then let the energy of love flow. From universe, to you, then to universe. In all possible ways, through all levels, bodies and dimensions - Tantra

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moves for Lingam massage. Step by step description for that part of Neo Tantric Massage

This is part of the description for Neo Tantric Massage. Some of the words are more understandable for the students and more relevant for new readers. Read full description of that massage in my book to get the intentions more clear. 
Love and light <3

1. Worshipping lingam at the beginning, for few minutes:

·         asking for permission

·         left hand on the lingam, right on left, forehead bowing to right

2. Massaging pressing points on the groins with thumbs, while with other fingers massaging, pressing pubic bone

3. Massaging perineum muscle :

·         sliding on the sides,

·         circulating with fingers,

·         pressing deep point between bones,

·         half way between genitals and anus

4. Stretching, squeezing, rolling between the fingers scrotum, the bag where are testicles

5. Gently massaging testicles, moving them around

6. Twisting the bag, scratching testicles with nails

7. Shiatsu on the trunk

8. Clock

9. "Windows wipers"

10. Sliding your hands, pressing lingam on the belly while you massage belly as well

11. Making fire

12. "Corkscrew"

13. Sliding up

14. Massaging frenulum, foreskin

15. Massaging the neck with circular movement

16. Massaging "fontanelle", the place where the foreskin is attached to trunk

17. With the ring, from pointing finger and thumb twisting gently avoiding the neck

18. Gently massaging the half's of the head with two thumbs (avoid nails)

19. Very gently with enough coconut oil massaging urinary hole

20. Circulating pressing points of the head, avoiding urinary hole, with center part of the palm chakra

21. "Tommy" delight with movements upward with five fingers we squeeze the head as we would squeeze the juice out of citrus fruit

22. Prayer to lingam

23. Simulating yoni with enough coconut oil

24. Pulling the lingam

25. Typical movement

26. Fingers opposite direction palms moving different direction along the lingam

27. Massaging perineum in the movements of high arousal

28. Spreading energy all over the body, massaging everywhere