Friday, July 5, 2013

Last teachings and happy holidays!

Dear people that's are the last days of our teachings before we would live for holidays to Rainbow Gathering in Greece(where we will teach intensively tantra, Kundalini yoga and massages ). You can still benefit from our teachings in this weekend. First in the last workshop in Basic School of Tantra this Saturday from 11.00 till ~ 14.00

then on Reggae festival "Burn the Babilon" at ADM in Saturday after 19.00 where You can also experience massages from Edyta (also in Sunday) . For private lessons You can still contact us and use the time before we gone for probably more than one month. Have nice holidays too !

Looking for lift to Rainbow Gathering in Greece

Hi everyone

We are tantric couple who would like to teach at the Rainbow Gathering. Last year in Slovakia I was teaching every second day introduction to tantra. This Year beside of that, together with Edyta Weber we would like to teach everyday not only theory but also practise. Through whole festival we would teach few courses what would change not only Your sexual life. Beside of that I would share with You every day my Kundalini Yoga practice and Edyta would teach You massage. Would be great that someone would think about place for all those activities. Other think what is important we have to get there. We can live Amsterdam (Netherlands or border countries eventually ) after Reggae festival in our place (ADM) after 7th or 8th July. Anything what would help us to go from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki would be more than great. We are flexible with the time but of course every day counts as day of our shared teaching and we don't wanna loose them to many. In exchange for transport we could offer nice atmosphere, massage ( good idea after day of driving ;), sharing our knowledge and experiences on the way and eventually sharing the costs if needed. Hopefully You can help us to find the people to arrange the place for a "tantric temple" and opportunities to get to Greece…

You could contact me at or 0(031)684 955 749 - Michal

If You would like to know more about us You could get impression at or look for Basic School of Tantra in Amsterdam.

Love and Light

Michal Marek Griks and Edyta Weber.

Breathing in Shiva Shakti position.Last workshop before holidays in Basic School of Tantra

Overtoom 301,Amsterdam Saturday 6.8.13 from 11.00 till 14.00

On this workshop we would teach You the magic essence of tantra. We would teach You different ways of breathing together in the most tantric position Shiva Shakti (also called Open Lotus or Yab Yum ) where the partners bodies are fully connected on all levels(chakras). This close connection harmonise our energies what connecting us even more. But harmonising and connecting become even greater through breathing together. When we alternate breath we can awake in us energy of elements what we want to: earth, water, air, fire… Instead of loosing sexual energy we bringing her to higher parts of ourselves : to heart -> we become more loving, to the throat -> we become more communicative, to the head -> we become more creative. Beside of that through that exercise we also balancing our male and female energies not only in ourselves but also in our relationship. We create great union not only between partners but also with nature and whole universe. Now come to transform those words into the real experience;

This workshop is like usual as well for singles as for couples -> for everyone

Price for single class is 30, 60 or 90 E per person.

Here You can invite friends, share the event....
Edyta Weber and Michal Marek Griks
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