Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best wishes for New Year 2014 !

Best wishes for New Year 2014 !

In the new year 2014
We wish you all:
Happiness, Peace, Love and Freedom
We wish you, that together we would change climate for better.
We wish you that all people and animals would be free from cruelty,
deportation, prejudices, exploitation and all other bad things.
We wish you, that You would fulfil your
good dreams .
We wish you successful actions
We wish you life satisfaction
wish You, that you will do everything to realise those dreams.
That You will never give up in the fight for them.
That You would always seek that, they became truth.
If You will do, we believe that  You would achieve a beautiful victory.

You would win yourselves.
The biggest changes are beginning from the single being.

Changing ourselves
The longest way starts with the first step.
That's what we wish You.
Changing Your universes for better.
After would be easier.
And mostly we wish You a lot of Love.
Because Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe

The biggest power, what would conquer all
We wish You that You would realise that.
You would use it, You would learn about it,
You would love and You would be loved.
Start with Yourself, then beloved, family, friends
Don't stop here 
Let Love spread and develop,
Love Your neighbours and other people
And not only people,
Love Animals and all living beings

 Love our planet, take care
It's Your home. Your health depends from it.
Everything is interconnected.
As more You love as
more You are  loved.
As more You give as more You get.
We wish You to realise that.
We wish You that You will study most important thing

Study the Love, source of Life...
They are many things You can learn, that would benefit You
Tantra, sexual tao,kamasutra, others
Ancient teachings secret and sacred.
Now they are open for all, not just for the elites
Don't miss this chance and privilege.

We wish to You to learn how to Love
We wish that Love and Tantra would become again the main subjects in human education.
We wish that our sexuality and love would become the same important and valued as our spirituality and intelligence
We wish You that You would learn  experience Tantra so good that would give You not only a lot of pleasure on the highest level but also ...
We wish Your relationship thankful tantra would manage to keep the honey moon through whole its life.
We wish You that healing power of tantra would heal Your deepest wounds... and the wounds of society...
... that the patriarchy would fall and the woman would be liberated and healed, that the manhood would become healthy again
We wish You all and ourselves that LOVE WOULD CONQUER ALL !

... and we wish that School of Tantra would grow in our hearts, souls, minds, relationship, worlds...

Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks and Edyta Baghira


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Surrogate Partner Therapy.Interview with David Brown by Tara Long

One of most interesting teachers in Rasayana Tantra Academy. Even being surogate partner is not my call i love his teachings. So much You could learn from him. - Michal Marek Griks

David Brown is a transpersonal therapist of over thirty years experience. He first specialised in treating sexual dysfunctions at the British Diagnostic Clinic in Florida in the 1990's. He graduated through the International Professional Surrogates Association training programme in Surrogate Partner Therapy in the early 2000's in California.

David has studied extensively the psychological system of G.J. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, is an Interfaith Minister, ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and a Kriyaban Member of the Self Realisation Fellowship, London.

He has been in continuous professional therapeutic practice in the UK for the past twenty years and is Founder and Principal of the Centre for ICASA, the only sexual therapy centre in the UK specialising in Surrogate Partner Therapy.

David was married for thirty four years before his wife died in 2006 and has raised three children, all of whom are married with children.

He is author of books including 'Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy', 'Sexual Energy', 'Sexual Confidence', 'The Healing Power of Intimacy', 'Quantum Sex' and 'Silent Voices from Forever'.

Surrogate Partner Therapy

Over the past twenty years, the ICASA Ten-Step Recovery Programme has enabled hundreds of men and women to gain control of their sexual responses, establish healthy relationships and lead full and satisfying sex lives.  This is made possible through a skilled and highly sensitive professional team at the Centre for ICASA that includes the Principal, ICASA therapists, ICASA mentors and ICASA Surrogate Partners.


ICASA Surrogate Partners are distinguished by their genuine desire to help people together with a deep connection with their own sexuality.  They are extraordinary people; able to give of themselves emotionally and physically in order to help others to heal and fulfil their full sexual potential.  

The relationship with a Surrogate Partner is a time-limited relationship with identified boundaries.  It is, however, an authentic relationship for the purposes of resolving the client's presenting complaint. The full range of emotional feeling and connection at an intimate level is experienced. This is the essential aspect of the healing process.  Both client and Surrogate Partner are aware of the eventual closure to the therapeutic relationship and are prepared well in advance for the closure session, which remains a precious and very positive experience.

A Surrogate Partner may, or may not, be a client's ideal in terms of age, physical appearance, background or personality.  In order to fully benefit from therapy it is not necessary for the client to feel attracted to the Surrogate Partner as would be expected in a 'dating' relationship and a Surrogate Partner is not intended to be a substitute for a committed relationship.  A genuine connection easily and quickly develops through the environment of acceptance and genuine intimacy. ICASA Surrogate Partners are highly trained to help clients through this sensitive and vulnerable stage of their lives. They are an invaluable part of the ICASA therapy team, which is totally committed to the client's sexual healing and happiness.

Great care goes into the selection of Surrogate Partners. Training and supervision is continuous. Although there are no specific academic qualifications required of a Surrogate Partner, there are some very specific qualities and life experiences which are essential.  A positive relationship with one's own body, sexuality, warmth, compassion, empathy, trust and non-judgmental attitudes towards others are vital characteristics.

The Centre for ICASA is a member of the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA).

'A Surrogate Partner is a member of a three-way therapeutic team (supervising therapist, client and surrogate partner) who acts as a partner to a sexually dysfunctional client in the therapy programme and participates in experiential practices involving sensual and sexual touching as well as social and sexual skills training'.

Vena Blanchard, President of IPSA

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Basic School of Tantra active on holidays :)

Dear all
Basic School of Tantra will have holiday break till February. ( Then we will start again with the first level, we will continue with second level and intensive weekends and full days ceremonies. ) This break its great chance for You to get private lessons, workshops, massage and healing sessions etc. Would You like to spend Xmas or new/old year in tantric way ?
If You are interested with something mentioned above do not hesitate to contact : mgriks@gmail.com

If love is the biggest power in the universe
If love-making is the most intimate and the most connecting expression of love
If we need the power of Love so much right now, like never before
It's time to bring love back to human education

That's what we are doing by establishing Basic School of Tantra and by teaching there

Here You may invite friends on the fb event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1391329397782191/?source=1

Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks