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Tantric Solutions for Blue Balls

One of the common problem what mans are facing when they're begins their tantric path is pain in the testicles also called as blue balls.
 When we stop ejaculating this to much energy what before we use to release, now we need to bring up and transfer to the higher chakras. To master it may take some time so often it happen that man who menage to learn to avoid ejaculation after some time is starting facing another challenge - blue balls. 
It took me while to find good solution for this. The most easiest way is prevention method what comes from sexual Tao and I learnt it from the book: "Sexual Secrets for Men; what every woman will want her man to know" written by Kerry & Diane Riley
Everyday you stretch the bag where are the testicles as many years you have. The bag is elastic and strong. You could pull it hard and stretch in any direction. I noticed that during more sexual days you may need to do double or even triple number of the stretches.
Another method is more tantric and is important to learn and master it. After making love, after ecstasy or even after having just erection, at the end you have to bring the energy, ecstasy upward. It is all about that after making love to not let the energy and ecstasy stay in genitals. To achieve this you have to constantly bring energy up with your breath, pc muscle and visualisation. Also place your palms at the heart chakra and focus your love and attention there. That's aslo why conscious after play rituals like for example melting hug or heart salutation are very important in tantra. 

Anyway inevitably on our tantra path we will experience pain in testicles. Then is also good to know that the ejaculation is not the only way to release it. 
Any upside down yogic positions especially when you may maintain them for long time may help. We talk here about shoulder, hand or head stand, bending forward and probably more positions in acro yoga. They're releasing pain at least for the time of doing them.
Uddiyana bandha also helps and you may use it as daily practice for the prevention as well. This technique is very crucial with process of sublimation for man and woman.

Another way is to massage testicles, get exited, erected with this, then with circulation breath , pc muscle and visualisation bring the energy upward. 

To conclude for me most efficient is prevention as stretching bag where the testicles are. Most tantric, so most worth to master is to bringing energy up, keeping there after every love making and even after every stronger excitement. 

I wish this will help you on your tantric path of continence and not loosing the energy. 
There is not so much information available on that subject, so is good that you share and spread this wisdom. Also when you have some tips and experience, please share them with us. 
Some of those tips may also used by the woman for similar reasons but I wish to hear / read some wisdom of experienced tantrika on that subject. 
Love and light 
27. 11. 2016 Transylvania. Romania

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tantric Love - Highest Spirituality

When I see my lovers eyes happy smiling to me for hours of making love.
When I see her smiling, 
Mourning from pleasure
Enjoying life, 
Enjoying being worshipped as goddess, 
Enjoying being loved soooo much, 
Enjoying having my full attention and devotion to her for such a long time
When I feel my self as god 
When there is nothing just We
No other thoughts
No worries, no stress ,no noise
When my mind for hours is absorbed in love making and nothing else
When my body,heart and mind love so much my goddess
That they do not want to waste any second for thinking something else
Doing something else
When our freedom is expanding
Together with our trust
When there are less fears and barriers affecting us 
When after we feel strong
Full of love
So much 
That we could not sleep
So much that we have inspiration 
Thousands of ideas
And energy to do them
For ourselves
For our Lover
For whole humanity
Mother nature...
Because we are one
We just felt it
We just experienced it
There is no separation 
We just felt it
We just experienced it

When we feel all of this
I know this is my highest prayer
I know this is my highest meditation
I know this is my highest spiritual practice
I know this is my most efficient activism
That''s why I choose the Love to be my religion
My Lover to be my Goddess
Sacred Sexuality to be my prayer

I love you Alina

And you fucking morons don''t even dear to tell me that making love is sinful
You idiot ignorant 
Coward who doesn't love himself/herself
Because conditioning is not allowing
I feel deep sorry for you
But I offer you solution too
That''s why I share wisdom of tantra
That you too could become free, loving strong person
A god of your universe
Proud and shining with Love
Welcome on the path of tantra 
Sacred Sexuality
Unconditional Love
We are all one
The time is now 
If i could,
You also can
Everybody can 
We all can 
Love and light

All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide. Full but not yet edited version

Halo Lovely People!
For the full moon contribution I share out of love with you probably even bigger  internet share than last time. My book "All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide." is in 90% ready. The content is there almost in 100%. Now I will need native english correction some professional editing, some beautiful touch of art... When you would like to contribute in those, you are more than welcome.  This share is priceless. I didn´t heart that someone did share his/her teaching so freely. I wish it would serve well the students, teachers and whole humanity. We live in the times when we need quick efficient solutions to get out of so many crisises what we are in. Here is my best I can imagine contribution and solution what I could do.
Suggesting exchange of energy in the form of supporting us financially with amount 50 Euro is very symbolic. When you feel to contribute more , we would be very happy about it. You may also support us by giving us credit , sharing our events, sharing love out of universe through the author, me, through you to other people. Let the Love circulate

From Love for Love Contribution
You may transfer to NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank
or to account of at the paypal - at our page at the left side you my find the button what will take you directly there
Use it don´t loose it , Share Love <3 and Enjoy !
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

Now you may order the book by us. Last updated version More than 160 pages, many links to videos is waiting for you 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TMS61.Letting go newsletter,organizing*Tantra teachers book*retreats in tropics*TMTV

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Hallo Lovely People
There are many changes in my life recently ( like always :) ) One of them is that I slowly letting go organizing things in place of sharing my wisdom in other ways. It means that I will not organize a lot of in Amsterdam. I''m still there very regularly around the days what I planned the weekends, so when someone would like to organize something for us we would be happy to share benefits on all levels. It also means that I would let go slowly creating this newsletter. Give me the feedback how mus=ch you enjoy it and when someone would like to glue the content together in the nice way maybe we will still send it to you. 
Another important change is that I''m fully in love in Alina Simuleac with who I''m sharing my teaching, travels and life.

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac
1.Tantra Movement inspiring pictures
2.Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement
3. My book: Tantra Teachers Manual free online
Tantra Movement TV today:

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In Tantra Movement:
The Goddess by Rebekah Shaman
In love songs:
Diego y Jarah - I'm in you
Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

Enjoy :)
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At the beginning traditionally some inspiring pictures from Tantra Movement facebook pages ( like us! :)  - recommend, share, - join the movement

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Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement

Last update : 8.11.2016

We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly

for most fast and efficient update is good to subscribe to our newsletter and connect with me, tantra movement group and page on facebook... etc.


Tantra Movement School year 2016/17 fb event:


Those are options of the workshops and courses what we offer. Depends from locations you may join info evening (what very often happen before the weekend) , whole retreat, course, year.


I Level - Aspects of Tantra - Aspects of Life course


II Level - Tantra Massage Course


Tantra Year Training

... gives you extra opportunities to participate in all workshops in the country: I also guide you 1 hour before and after every weekend into being assistant, masseur, therapist or/and teacher. By travelling with me ( us ) around the country you may experience deeper connection not only with me but with other students as well.

Proposal price is all weekends on the early bird price + costs of the small workshops

Some commitment to support the team is welcome as well. This idea is a follow up variation from previous year what you may check here:


Deep Teacher Training

If your passion tantra and your dream is to become a tantra teacher, If you could commit yourself into a lot of travels, assisting teaching sometimes every day for long time, you may apply for position of assisting me. This in the future may support you in becoming independent TMS teacher... and who knows... maybe you may become even a co-teacher or even a lover with me.

If you already teach something, what may support my program I may give you the space for this.

Price depends from your commitment ( I don´t mean sexual one ), individual talk and many more aspects. To give you estimation it may costs 6000 per year but if you do not have so much, believe in yourself and remember that in TMS we treat money as tool not as barrier.

There is only one place for a woman for this option but we may consider also a couple who is ready for this.


For details in Romania you may ask: Ada Bianca 0(040)747751035 (speaks English and Romanian)For details in Bulgaria you may ask: Elena Bocheva (speaks English and Bulgarian) 0(0359)988750486

And for the rest you may ask me ( check the contacts <-)






2-4 12. 2016

2/3 level 1 Transylvanian Mountains

9-11 . 12. 2016

1/3 level 1 Bucarest

16-18 12.2016

3/3 level 3 Transylvanian Mountains


New year retreat

31.12.2016 - 3.1.2017



3/3 level 3 Transylvanian Mountains


2/3 level 1 Bucarest



1/3 level 2 Transylvanian Mountains


1/3 level 2 Bucarest


30.6-6.7.2017 Aqua tantra Retreat. See side

7-9.7.2017 2/3 level 2 See Side




There would be Info evenings between the weekends in Sofia all over the country in Haskovo, Shemen, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Ruse, Pleven... More info would come later.  

We would be there teaching from 17-29.11.2016




18-20.11.2016 2/4 1 level

25-27.11.2016 2/4 2 level


31.3 - 2.4 2017 3/4 1 level

7-9. 4 2017 3/4 2 level


26-28 .5. 2017 4/4 1level

2-4.6.2017 4/4 2level


14-16.7 . 2017 ?

21-23.7. 2017 ?

or 14-23.7 long retreat in the nature



Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46


Dear Lovely People. I´m giving up organizing work to give more time to the passions what I´m better in it: Loving, teachings, massaging, tantra...

We would be still in Amsterdam regularly around those dates and when someone would feel to organize for us, we could not only share the work but profits and other benefits as well. Together we are stronger <3

11 and 13. 11 2016


30.6-2.7 2017




XIII Tantra festival



7 - 28 january

1 level and 2 level



Chennai (Madras)

31 january - 27 february

1 level and 2 level



28 februari - 16 March

1 level and 2 level



Whole time when I´m free from workshops I´m in Spain, Andalusia in nature community Badulina, my lovely home ( )



I´m open to share wisdom of tantra everywhere where I´m invited on very easy, flexible and beneficial conditions, so organizers - contact me !


Michal Kali Griks 


AD 3:
Halo Lovely People! For the new moon I share out of love with you maybe my biggest internet share. The next, biggest seed of my book "All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Manual." Full description of 1st and 2nd level in Tantra Movement School. The book slowly is getting more and more into daylight to serve my students and whole humanity.
Best is to read it in pdf (paper/kindle) version…/all-aspect-of-life-…
How you may see there is still long way to go, lot of corrections editing, writing etc. I'm finding some time to do this between workshop practice, Love and sleep etc ;)

Use it don´t loose it , Share Love <3 and Enjoy !

Without your help would be hard, so when you fill that you may support somehow this process it would be lovely. ( correcting, editing, financing contributions are very welcome )

Another seeds/parts of my book you may find here, at the page where I share more of myself :
(at the page it looks much better than on formatted fb without pictures)
Michal Kali Griks


AD 4:
Tantra Movement TV today:

in Tantra and Sexuality:

In Tantra Movement:
The Goddess by Rebekah Shaman

In love songs:

Diego y Jarah - I'm in you

Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

Enjoy :)
School Of Tantra introduces You to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. Its expanding You to the deepest and the highest levels of love and ecstasy through working on all dimensions possible to You...
Love and light
Michal Kali Griks

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Requirements to become Tantra Movement School Teacher, Masseur(se), Assistant...

Teacher should always shine example for the others. The most powerful teachers in my live are those most authentic one. 

You want to become a healer , heal yourself first. 

Requirements are not demands. 

There are no place for goals in Tantra. We put our intentions and as far we always remember about them we would be thankful whatever would come. 

As main reason of existence of Tantra Movement School is to spread unconditional Love as wide and as deep as possible, we would like to train you to become professional assistants, masseurs (-ses) teachers ….

We recognise the responsibility of our mission of bringing tantra to others. To keep it safe, comfortable, healing and liberating for you and for the society we would like to apply some very important standards.

First: To get your final diploma we will guide you to be unaddicted from sex. ( counts more for the man than for the woman )

Second: Your main blockages have to be removed in order that sexual energy is able to flow in you in healthy way ( counts more for the woman than for man )

Third: Some attitude of unconditional Love will grow in you.

AD 1st

More about first requirement: being free from addiction to sex.

We are unfortunately living in the society that each of us is conditioned to suppress our emotions instead of releasing them straight away like all other animals do in the nature. Very often people releasing this energy through sex, through peak orgasm, what in man is ejaculatory orgasm and in woman it is clitoral orgasm.

Especially man is loosing a lot of energy, what is making him even more addicted from sex. Tantra is offering us great , better love making beyond peak orgasms. Instead of loosing this energy we guide you how to transfer it to higher parts of your body:

to your belly – you will have more sensual pleasure, more health

to your solar plexus – you will be more powerful, more sure of yourself…

to your heart – you will be more loving and more connected

to your throat – your communication would improve, you will express your inner truth more easily and more understandable.

to your third eye – you may find your vision, your intuition will improve

to the crown – you may connect with universe, may experience cosmic orgasm, full body orgasms, multiple orgasms etc…. All of them healing, energising, liberating, making you grow spiritually, energetically, sexually… on all levels and dimensions.

Why stay on the first step of the ladder, in kindergarten whole life while everyone have potential to claim much higher, to go straight into the university ( even sky is not a limit ) ? Why shall we stay addicted from sexuality, from the peak orgasms when each of us may grow beyond ?

AD 2nd

Now more about 2nd requirement ( btw. they´re interconnected and they´re supporting each other ) :

Your main sexual blockages have to be removed in order that the energy is able to flow in you in more healthy way.

Through our life we are conditioned in the way that there is not so much "us" there any more. We put the mask on our face before we leave home. At work we are forced to obey the rules what we don´t like. Already in schools we are forced to seat hours on the chairs while we are full of energy to play. We often forgot to ask why ? We often forgot how to say "no". TV gives us all the answers. We often believe without questioning. Do we have choice ?

Very rarely people living their passion on full potential. Very rarely people are going for THEIR dreams. They to often not able to fight for that. To often they do not want to risk and give up their "comfort". Do they have energy for this ?

Here we found the problem and solution. The energy is very often lost on things what rather are putting us down and making us to not wanting to grow, things what are not giving us real energy back. The energy flow is blocked, is not flowing freely, not circulating. We either loose our energy or we make it stagnating what later is manifesting in pain, weakness and diseases. Sometimes we have outburst of emotions what we couldn´t handle any more.

TMS will guide the energy to flow not only in you but also between other people who you are working with.

In Tantra Movement School we will provide you through techniques what may remove blockages, what may heal, what may make you to live on your full potential.

We learn how to live comfortable with ourselves, how to love our bodies and be comfortable and free with your sexuality.  

AD 3: 
Some attitude of unconditional Love will grow in you.
Tantra it is one of the most powerful way of living. It lift you up in very intensive way. It use in most efficient ways our sexual energy, the strongest energy people may use. Tantra works in all bodies on all dimensions in all possible ways. It all means that you have to be very careful of what are you doing. That''s why we always ask: We ask beautiful energy of Unconditional Love to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us to be a channel that the Love flow from universe, through our body to the body of the receiver(s)
We do tantra always out of love and not out of selfish reasons. When you mess up with this energy it may hit you back very strong. Remember this always. 
To be good assistant, masseur(se), teacher you have to learn to connect beyond the genders, appearance, jealousy. possessiveness. You give yourself and your students, partners as much  love as possible, as it feels comfortable for both of you. You do everything to support their and your process of grow. You do it always out of love and not from selfish reason. Tantra is Love.