Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tantra, Love and Activism our workshop offer

Tantric Activism is a combination of tantric love and activism, that will improve our way of loving. By practicing this we can get more strength in everything what we take on in life. It is a way to improve your life, health, your relationships, your activities, etc. Through tantric activism (= doing good) our lives will be much more happy and our way of loving stronger!
By bringing our love to a higher level by 'doing good', it will have a positive effect on our surroundings and eventually on the entire world.
This workshop is an introduction to this concept, where you will hear more about the theory, and learn some of the basic practical exercises. Singles and couples are welcome!
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This clip best explain my intentions ( performing life this act is only political part of my workshop ;)

The workshop is including few parts
1st - theoretical part with simple exercise between ( from 1-3 ha - depends from situation, audience etc. )
2nd - practical. Working within the couples but with respecting anyone boundaries.

3th,4th, parts depends from expectations, situation, audience

All workshops are possible to participate for singles, couples, everyone. We can teach in spiritual, health centers, festivals, events, in Your or our home, private and public sessions.

Invite us wor lecture, workshop, presentation...
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We live in Amsterdam but we can travel to other places too.
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