Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Connecting to the inner child :)

Yes. It happened again. My inner child got hurt. But this time with total awareness: to recognise, to see, to go deep, to feel, where is the root of that inner pain. To understand so much. To feel. To know the truth. To not to wonder any more: ¨why life is like it is ?¨ etc.
When we know the truth, we know what we are standing on. We know what to do, how to act upon that. Sometimes going out of illusion could be very painful. Don´t worry: Time would heal the wounds. Now with the inner dialogue possible, we will found solutions. So what that we got older during this few days. So what that nostalgia is still here. With awareness, connection and new wisdom soon we would grow in ecstasy, love and freedom.
Blue pill, red pill. Illusion, awareness. We have choice. Or we don´t. I choose for Love - this unconditional - and to achieve unconditional Love we have to uncondition our self even from love

What do you think, feel about all of that ?

PS: Thanks to all of you for being on my journey <3
Michal Marek Griks

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