Monday, July 13, 2015

Tantra teacher is looking for lift to Rainbow Gathering in Lithuania

Hallo Lovely People

Tantra Movement School again would like to teach at the Rainbow gathering. I, Michal Marek Griks after teaching in Slovakia, after teaching in Greece, together with Edyta Baghira, everyday not only theory but also practice, after teaching sometimes 1 level and 2nd level( tantra massage ),in avarage 8 ha daily in the Rainbow in Romania and world one in Hungary,   This year I would like to teach you again. I would like to share with you course to become  profesional assistant, masseur or teacher. My workshops would be for all who are very dedicated but also for those who like to even first time experience tantra. Tantra Movement School this year is looking forward to empower you, liberate you from conditionings and maybe from some past traumas,  to strengthen realationship to yourself, your partner, nature and whole universe, to improve not only your sexual and spiritual life but also to heal all aspect of your being.

Would be great that someone would think already about place for all those activities. Other thing, what is important: I just have to get there. I can leave Romania ( or border countries or countries on the way: Hungary, Slovakia. Poland eventually ) soon.  Anything what would help us to go from Amsterdam to the destination Rainbow, would be more than great. I'm flexible with time but of course every day counts as day of our shared teaching and I don't wanna loose them to many. In exchange for transport I could offer nice atmosphere, massage ( good idea after day of driving ) , sharing our knowledge and experiences on the way. Hopefully you can help us to find the people to arrange the place for a "tantric temple" and opportunities to get to Lithuania…

You could contact me at or Michal Marek Griks on fb

If you would like to know more about me,  Tantra Movement School and programs of our teachings, you may get impression at
Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks

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