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Tantric ethics written by Michal Marek Griks for Rasayana Tantra Academy.

Tantric ethics written by Michal Marek Griks for Rasayana Tantra Academy.
Finished in September  2015 in SatCitAnanda in Romania

At the beginning we need to think and determine what means ethic for me.
For me it's a collection of my own moral principles, according to which I follow or I try to follow in life. By observing my life I noticed that my ethic is not something stable but something that develops together with my spiritual growth.
Mainly it is stimulated by activism, nature, yoga and tantra but also by my all relationships with everyone and everything around. Through the time my ethics have evolved from rigid, imposed by society, family and religious standards to my own moral code.

I also noticed that not everyone had such a "good luck". Many of my peers remained in their rigid framework defined in their youth, or their evolution ( in some cases "devolution ) proceeded differently. From that, we could see that our ethics differentiates each of us in greater or lesser degree.
Therefore I continue with one of the ethical principles: I should definitely never judge anyone from my environment and explicitly people who use my tantric services. In reality I don't know how life has shaped them, and why.
We can only be glad that we have a chance to help them (and ourselves as well).
Conclusions above shows that when my ethics are changing, ethics of others people also change, and we may see that ethic itself is a kind of  "dynamic" (as someone lovingly called it) process. 

To show that more clearly I would like to show the differences during the time that developed in me on my way of growth. I will do it by showing the texts what I did to clear my situation about my current approach mainly to concept of relationship and unconditional love. 
Also to let you see different times when this text was written I marked it with the colors that you could see the differences and my progress in it. So to make it more clearly here is the legend according to the time and a bit of colors of the chakras: 

Written about spring 2014, while I was around one year in togetherness with Edyta Baghira Weber  

Written in Summer 2014 based on the theory got in Rasayana Tantra Academy        
February 25, 2015 - Quoted article expressing my approach to my tantric practice according to relationship concepts

26.5.2015 - Last reflection of me going out from relationship concept, having someone special and = obsession about that person in to more and more unconditional Love 

15.09.2015 – Theory based on many tantric groups and teachers mixed with my own opinions
I choose for Love - this unconditional one - and to achieve unconditional Love we have to ¨uncondition¨ our self not only from sex but also even from love ( this conditioned one ) . 
Somehow it gets to me the feeling that make a person to someone special is connected to some obsession in us. Something feels in me more and stronger that no one should be more special or rather we all supposed to be special. This feels more like unconditional love. It´s still very new, fresh feeling in me that still has to grow and get strong. Still I´m not sure about it but somehow it feels good to be in that direction. 
I´m aware that not everyone would agree on that but agreeing is not the point because we are all in different perspective and different stages on the path of life. Acceptance for each other and not harming - Ahimsa is very important in any togetherness, healing and sharing love. 
From other side is important understanding, seeing things in bigger picture and being active even violently if needed to stop the bigger violence. Let the love not fear lead us to better universe. Connecting on every level with whole as deeper as possible is crucial.

¨Clarity - The way out of confusion.  My wish for relationship is to change the 
Life is full of surprise for us. In my opinion we may know the future to have clarity and opportunity to escape from it. What would be the other reason to know it ? Yes. Action, reaction. What you give, you receive. Those are  infinite laws of karma. But you may change the karma. 
By any act , especially in new form you may influence, you can change your life like the life of the whole universe. We are the universe, we are the creators.... - just another concept. 
Maybe it will sound arrogant but I'm not interested in any enlightenment in next life. I´m not interested to go to heaven after death. I´m for creating paradise on earth, enlightenment here and now, as soon as possible. Happiness is the way. And I'm not interested in (d)evolution. 
There is big unbalance on our planet. Mother earth, humanity, hungry children, suffering animals, abused woman etc.... needs us now. I'm for rEVOLution. From inside to outside. That's why sometimes is good to be arrogant. Healthy ego is good ego. It could and should be one of our best friends. It may serve not only our being but everyone and the whole universe. 
I'm taking everything what is good for me: all opportunities, what feels positive for me and what are taking me (my personal universe ) in a good direction. I'm not interested with one ( raw ;)) cake. I'm interested with whole bakery (@!). The rules have to be broken if it will serve the higher purpose. The society, parents , governments for their own benefits opposed on us conditions what especially when we grow, they are not serving us anymore. I feel that we have to liberate ourselves and the others.  
That´s why I do steps into the direction of freely deciding about my destiny in order to use my full potential for nature, humanity and whole Universe
It was told to me, that I would rather be alone in my life.... and this is not what I wish in my life. I´m not bothered so much if I´m with someone or not. Through my life I learned how to be happy just with myself. I do not go to depression because I don´t have partner. I'm  not desperately looking and desiring for someone. 
If there is someone that´s wonderful, if not - I can live with that. 

Easy go with the flow. 
But this message that I would be rather alone in my life,  is really motivating me to take action. 
I feel. I believe that when two people are creating the relationship their potential would not only be added, but multiplied is also to small word to express this. I t feels that Universe needs us together
I'm in the tantric world. It means now and again I´m meeting, connecting with someone a little bit deeper. This may confront me with different energies, people, other expectations, readiness, openness. This difference may bring confusion to me and the other person as well. 
Clarity is maybe the best way out of the confusion. Communication is very important tool in tantra, so here is my idea at that moment of life about my wishes ( not desires ) about relationship(s)
I will start from the most idealistic dream and most perfect relationship that I could wish. 
Then I would go to less beautiful until the end to the one that I could still accept. We never could be sure, what may happen, so that's why, while without any one, I'm open for any relationship, any woman(?), because we know that the things may go from down to the top as other way around as well. Tantra gives us the ¨tools¨ which make the choice of direction going easier.

... so here we are:

1st choice

Quote from one of my recent letters
"In general at that moment I don´t want limit my potential only to one person. If there someone would come in my life, some princess, goddess Kali on a white horse, with who I wish to be together forever, probably it would be the person , who would do the same sharing love, tantra work with passion and without limits as I do.
She would be able to give the workshops together with me, watching with pride when I´m making the other girl happy. She would be able to accept that I massage, I cuddle, or even maybe kiss and maybe make love with another person because she would know that I´m doing it to help that person.
Of course she may do the same and we could even share freely our experiences to support each other. There would be full trust, that the love between us is beyond the healing relationships, that we are sharing to help people. There should be always full transparency and honesty about everything. Love on the highest level.
This is my dream that may hold me next to her and I know it's just a question of time that it will happen because it happened already more than once. I do not worry because I´m in love anyway. In love with myself, in love with the whole universe. Love is energy what is everywhere .Only conditioning made us not feeling it. 

2nd choice
At the beginning I started to wonder what shall I write... then I decided I would go to the last choice first...

Last choice
Last thing what could be acceptable for me is the relationship with a person, who needs healing, breaking the conditioning and I may be with that person to help her. It has to be clear that this relationship is probably for just period of time and it can´t require any limitation,  possessiveness on any side. At that level ( what through healing, liberation, connection may go deeper ) person has to accept and understand that we are together in very open relationship for her benefits and after some time, energy, readiness, this relationship may end. 
In tantra, we have guidelines rather than rules. This means that, as higher we are on this ladder of choices, the negotiations  are more possible. But please never hesitate to express your limits, questions, concerns and wishes. 
  Somehow there is big gap between the first and the last choice. When I started with the second choice I just realized that we are living in the constantly changing ocean of opportunities and situations. This that it seems to be useful today may be relevant tomorrow... 
So find yourself in this scale. Feel, think, meditate, where between or may be on the top ;) <3 

You will see us there. 

 Let me know 

This is just beginning (?)

In my idea it is to treat each individual with consideration of their needs, situations, feelings, risks, growth opportunities, etc. So we can distinguish between more or less rigid ethical principles, which may change or not in the time of our lives, and even during our process with the client.
As addition to these basic rules I think and I feel that whatever we do, most important is that we always follow our heart, body and mind. And it is not about that for example we do not allow ourselves to go out completely from the mind but to simply not to do anything that would be contrary to our common sense. Eg. To ignore hygiene regulations.
We must also take into account the ethical differences between ourselves and the client. It is good that we "enter a customer's skin", that we would "fit into his/her shoes" and from this perspective we will add our wisdom, our experience and energy to find the best solutions for the current situation.
As I am in a relationship with Edyta, to avoid getting hurt and disappointments, we also agreed among ourselves ethical principles. As we both share Tantra and massage with other people it is very important to agree on the boundaries in which we feel comfortable. We have to find common way where, thanks to our practice, we are not only do not disturbing our common process, but actually, we are even supporting it.

One of the most important ethical principles between us is honesty and transparency in everything what we do. It´s not about describing every processes but when we feel that something could be risky for our relationship, we share that openly and together we try to find a solution.

Another important principle in tantric Ethics is capacity to observe the process from position of a witness. The point here is that, we ourselves do not work from our emotions, that we would be able to put aside our own feelings and experiences and that we objectively in advance would be able to look at the situation without losing ourselves emotionally or sexually.
Another important principle is not falling in to love while in the same time allow energy of love to be present during the massage or workshop. The same is with sexual energy. We do not lose ourselves in it but we allow it to exist and to transform it into love energy, spirituality or creativity

Therefore also we determined limits between our relationship. I never kiss intimately with customers and I never allow for connection of Lingam and Yoni.
The same could be said about energetic or spiritual levels. Here I hope still to learn a lot.
I would like to protect myself, better than I can, from bad influence of alien energy.  I am grateful to Edyta that she helps me and she is clearing me whenever I need (not just after the massages)
Another important principle is that as in life the same in practice we would not let ego to dominate. It is very important to be honest with the customer and do not build false hopes, in order to not to go beyond our competence. We should not provide any tantric experience while the patient has any of condition (listed by Tara Long), in which our practice is not indicated in terms of health and could be harmful.
Also, if someone needs help, eg. A psychiatrist  I should refer him there.
I also believe that every masseur should also have access to trusted professionals, who can help and support a process. For example: coach, psychologist, esoteric, supervisor ...
One of the fundamental ethical principles is hygiene. We should always take care of our hygiene and health especially sexual one. Someone once told me: "If you want to heal and give someone health, you must have it and represent it yourself". This is especially true with regard to any holistic treatment.
 In Tantra energy crucially important and the connection is one of the essences I think that not only the basic hygiene is crucial during a massage but also all our hygiene and health at all possible levels: mental, spiritual, energetic, sexual etc. This is not only about time while we do massage but it counts to whole our lives.
Therefore, the most we should always take care for our food, our emotions, as well as for what we give and receive from the world and for all the energy what is connected to this.
(eg. An overdose of information that we do not use, so common nowadays, is not beneficial for us at all)

To avoid not nice situations and to have a better view, I think it advisable sincere fulfillment of questionnaire by the patient  before the visit and before preliminary interview. Thankful that we will broaden insight into the current situation.
Above you could read my main own Tantric Ethics. Below I will present my interpretation that I learnt in Rasayana Tantra Academy.  Most of those essential parts I will apply in my practice. Probably most of them in greater or smaller way influenced my more personal statement above. If we look at the society, we could see difference in the level of consciousness. We could see between high and low consciousness. According to that we also may see difference of the methods needed to apply the ethics choose by those societies. If  in the society the consciousness is highly developed, there's no needed for rules  to achieve wanted level of moral standards. This ideal state is called as paradise or anarchy ( by anarchists not their enemies).

The best commune is, where you don´t need to ask , remind for things to be done. ¨Wash your own dishes - revolution starts at home!¨ - it is popular slogan seeing above many sinks in many of squatted houses.  In that way we went step further into the guidelines or we could say reminders, what are needed in the societies, where consciousness is still high but not ideal. I will continue this subject on comparing it to communes on squats, because this is big part of my life , so I know that from best side.
Sometimes, in some places you may see, usually at the door or in living room, in visible places the guidelines of the house.
Sometimes when consciousness of part of the society ( usually very small part of it)  is not respecting the guidelines to the point that the rules have to be applied. This is usually hard part especially for high conscious people, who usually don´t like to tell others what to do and what not. They have to give up their believes in the humanity, in commune and  not restricted freedom. Rules are not affecting only people who are breaking them. They´re treating everyone under the same line, completely removing any of individual approach.  For example there is a rule at the squat to pay for electricity, gas and water. There is living one person, who is most of the time working for the community. Fixing things, cooking for everyone, cleaning etc. He/she chooses to work for the commune instead for money. It would not be justice for him/her and not beneficial for whole commune if the person would be forced to go to normal work to pay the bills instead of keeping working for the house.
That´s why individual approach and exceptions from rules are always better solution when those have to be applied.
When the rules are not respected ( again usually only by few ) we have to apply the law, that can affect even more people of high consciousness.  For example why a friendly dog, who could be controlled by voice much better than most of the dogs have to be on the line and with the mug? Why those friendly dogs have to apply the law of  being on line and in mug ? Other example : My high bike even in the dark is much better visible ( and respected :) ) than any other bike with lights. In most of the case I would still have to pay fine if  I´m without light :/ - So in that way we are coming to enforcement of the law - the part what i don´t really like from both sides. Enforcing the law and law being enforced on me. It is always pushing someone to do or not to do things. If doesn´t extremely affect me or other people I would rather remove myself from the situation. Who I´m ( We are ) to say to anyone what to do and what not ? I don´t like if someone is enforcing the law on me. I have the rights to have my own moral standards and ethics.  Sometimes I´m breaking the low by squatting the houses for homeless family because this is the most moral thing to do in this situation and right thing to do.
OK let´s analyze it more close to the tantric practice and reality. If I do a party only for my tantric friends, conscious people I don´t have ask to not to bring alcohol, meat or other things what would break the energy and spirit of the event. I don´t have to tell them how to behave and how not. But if I´m making a party for group of people from tantric circles I have to make guidelines. I believe that if invited are the people , who are already busy with tantra they will follow the guidelines. But if I´m organizing well-advertised, open for everyone tantric party on Saturday night I have create clear rules. Alcohol and sexuality doesn´t go hand in hand, especially for common people, who some of them may misunderstand the meaning of tantra. It could be recipe even for rape, so for sure we would like to avoid it. If the party is very big and there are many people who are attracted more by sexuality than tantra, we are responsible for things that may happen. To avoid wrong situation, we may employ our own policy.
So some of the people could have different opinion than you and you may notice than they´re breaking the rules and what follows the energy of the party. To avoid that for next time you have to invent the law and if so also the punishment ( It goes always together ). Most of the time this scary away most of the people, who are in to breaking that but there could be again only few, who don´t care and they will make troubles any way. Then you have to enforce the law. Otherwise, other people may take it as example and they will also not take seriously the law and they will start to break it as well. Enforcing the law at the party may create not nice atmosphere but unfortunately there is no other way sometimes.
If there situation may get out of the hands, that only with your friends you can´t handle it any more, you may have to employ the security or even get involve the police. Honestly I would not like to be on the tantric party, where people are so unconscious , that police presence is needed. Next last step is military presence, what I think couldn´t be in connection to the situation of the tantra party. Army enforcing the law is usually doing it in the situation, where poor have enough exploitation created by rights of the rich. That´s why an army it is always bad thing according to me.

Now I would like to write about the payment.
To not to break the energy we leave any financial talk before or after the session. First what we have to start with it is that we are giving the session out of the situation not out of our ego. Of course we live in material world , so our ego needs something in return in order of our survival. Receiving something in return is also good for the energy flow. Otherwise it is stuck and may not work for both sides. Also the soul of the receiver could be for some time obliged to pay it back, what is not good either.
There is abundance of everything on this planet. The only problem is that it is not shared equally. Keeping that in mind, we give what we have in abundance and natural way would be to get what we have not enough. Whatever we do and how we do, most important is that we do it out of love and not out of fear.

The integrity is also important. Walk the talk. My ex, who introduced me into tantra said very wise words to me: ¨If you would like to be good healer, you have to be healthy yourself. It is sacred energy what we are passing. ¨ In my opinion we couldn´t pollute it with energy of suffering animals, hungry children, destroyed planet, climate change, chemical food etc. We are all interconnected. We are all one in this universe. If we are connected we should feel pain of another person, animal or being. That´s why compassion is very important and essential in any tantric practice.
It is important to keep asking the questions during the practice. What does it tell you ? How does it feel ? Is it good ? Is it important to listen what our intuition and other parts of our being are telling to us? To hear it clearly. That´s why is always important to check ourselves if we are centered and no any parts of us is dominating the opinion. Be always honest with yourself about how much responsibility you may carry. If you have any doubts about it is important that you ask your supervisor or back up therapists if needed.
There is also good to develop capacity of not being liked by client, who may very often, during healing process project on you his/her pains, fears, resentments, prejudices, sadness, anger etc. It´s good to make client to realize that this the healing process of releasing things, what is temporary and what is good to go deep in to letting things go instead like we use to do it in the society suppressing them back in to ourselves.
After the session, it is good to give an explanation to the client what exactly happened and why. Also advice about improving live on any levels is also required.
It is very important that during tantric process may happen that the client can project on us things, what happened to him/her in the past. In the healing process those things are coming in to surface and people sometimes project those feelings on closest person to them. A lot of talk and explanation may be needed but if we still would be the ¨bad guys¨ maybe we need to back up with other therapist. We may also try to wait till realization would come or we may refer for closing therapy with further help. It is difficult to be in that position because we were willing to help from our heart and then , we are getting accusation. That´s why we have to be very aware, that this is not personal ( however it looks like ) but this is part of the process.
The other thing, that may happen is attraction from both sides. During tantric practice we are going in to very deep connection with our clients or/and students. It is natural thing that we may fall deeply in love. In that case is important to keep the session clear from our attraction. Later maybe center ourselves and feel if it was only impulsive feeling or it was something more real. If it was more real keep romance out of tantric profession.
If that situation is happening too often ask yourself if you´re ready to give tantric practice and think what you can do to grow, to develop.
From the other side it happens that our clients or students are falling in love in to us. It´s natural - we showing them, we letting them experience, what maybe they´re never dreamt about before. Usually if we are not taking role of surrogate partner most safe is to in the best gentle way to refuse them. (Again back up maybe very helpful ). Person rejected during the process may feel deeply hurt. I heard the stories that after she/he started big campaign against the healer. Be very aware about that. If someone loves you, it´s always good complement to you, so is good to learn to channel this feeling in good direction.
Have ready some beautiful explanation that you already love someone else etc. Always uplift the person by saying for example how attractive, how intelligent, how nice or friendly he/she is and that with the tantric practice  she/ he may in the future attract even better match :) etc.
The other thing, what may develop during tantric practice is motherly feelings. Be careful with sorting other people life and in that way growing their dependence from you. Keep your approach as clearly as possible only for the sexual, love and relationship aspect. You don´t need to sort out for your clients their taxes, social money etc. There are better specialists to do those things, so refer your client to them. After or during healing process of such important part in people's life some of them may feel that you´re such a good person, such a magician, that you like mother would keep sorting other areas of their life. Watch out to not to fall in to that trap. We don´t have to do everything, we don´t have to know everything and we are not responsible to do everything. For sure there are much better experts to do that. Let's not take away their work on our shoulders.
¨ We could be jokers of many things but experts only one ¨ or it is ¨ difficult to follow few paths in the same time ¨ ( but take it only in this context and not in the context of integral life and education )
Whatever problems you have with attractions, projections, mother feelings or others again is good to have triangle structure: Supervisor, Therapist ( you ) and Client. It is very handy to build up back up of the specialists ( like psychologist, doctors etc. ) who have clear understanding and respect to the things what you are doing.
During our practice is also good to know and again ask ourselves question about our motivation. ¨Am I doing it honestly? ¨ , ¨Do I love what I´m doing ? ¨ , ¨Do I enjoy it ? ¨
If by some situation , we starting doubting in it again would be handy to use our back up for support. Just this time for ourselves.
Whatever feeling or emotion we experience in us or in client, it is also good to recognize: was that primary emotion, so pure, direct reaction on what happened or was that secondary emotion mixed with cognitive thinking. If it was secondary, we have to look deeper. It is coming because our ego is afraid of something , or maybe it is expressed because of some experience in the past or some resentments or conditioning has voice ?

When we are asking client or student it  is much more efficient if we let him/her self find the answers. In that way it will better print in  his/her mind and memory.

The other thing that is important in taking care for ourselves is integrity.
We are from 5 elements, we have at least 7 chakras. It is very important that we will take care for good balance between them. As there are different elements and chakras, there are also different aspects of life. More less those are most important aspects for me: Loving, sexual, spiritual, intellectual, social, healthy, natural, physical, material,  resting, artistic etc..  It's good in the most balanced way to experience them in life. When we are more here and now they would naturally flow in to balance in more unconditional way. But when we notice in our life something wrong, we should reflect and feel what aspects did we neglect and then put some more energy in to it.

As more in balance we are in ourselves, as more we are in the flow of energy of love, we would be able easier and more efficient spread it to others.

Tantric Ethics as Tantra itself is about experience, so that's why there many different approaches and points of view on that matter. Here below I will try to show some of them, refer to them and then expose my own Tantric Ethics what I developed through my 9 years old tantric practice.

To my written work I attach video with my speech for students with who I work first time.
Video of my Tantra Activism Manifest
and interview of me made on Rainbow gathering in Greece in 3013.
All of them include a lot of content, what refers to my tantric ethics.

To look at the tantra ethics in the bigger scope I chose some of my fever teachers practitioners and groups like Osho, Margot Anand, Connection Univerisity and some less close to my heart like Tanja Diamond, Shashi Solluna, Tsanggappa, Tatric Teachers from UK...

Let me start from quote of Osho "My sexual ethics is not a law, it is love." what I'm very connected too. It give me excuses to follow my heart and even I agree with Margot Anand in Code of Ethics for Sky Dancing teachers conduct, with you Tara Long in Connection University ethical conduct, still I sometimes engage with my students, when I see this would be beneficial for both of us. This shows me that in Tantra there are not strict rules and there could be exceptions.  

Tantric Tsongkhapa an Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition conceives ethical conduct not in absolute terms, but in the context of different individuals in different situations.
We are all different, the situation are different so approach and teaching could be also different. We have to speak to the people in different languages according to the level of their understanding.

That's why Osho sometimes contradict himself. He is speaking to different groups of people with different understanding. People who are ready to understand the truth may also understand it in their own way appropriate to their level of existance.
Even Margot Anand on the end of the Sky Dancing conduct is stating that those are guidlines rather than rules. UK tantra teachers also considered taking into account an essential recognition of the need for spontaneity, creativity and intuition.
Even Jesus said that we should speak to the people language what they will understand.

On some of the points all known to me tantric teachers agree. Eg.The truth. They all agree that the transparency and truth is very important in tantra. UK Tantra teachers in their conduct they write that student or the client should know beforehand what may happen, in to what conditions they would be brought. I agree with that, that's why also attached my video to this essay. But I agree only in to some extend and I believe UK teachers meaning would be close to my. Tantra workshop and especially tantra massage is a flow. It is not possible to completely predict what you going to do because tantra is about adapting to the present situation and you could not predict everything. Of course some of the things have to be clear and not crossed over. For example if the practitioner and client agree that there would be no nudity, sexual touch, penetration etc. involved in the practice we should keep this promise even when client during the session is asking for changing the rules. We have to take in to consideration that client during massage may enter very sexual states, what can make the person horny. As professionals we should never take advantage of it, so we should always bring the energy up and not engage with that process sexually.

Especially Sashi Solluna would agree on few latest sentences. She is stating that therapist should know how to create a safe space, what can support the receiver's healing process. In tantra is not about that the massage therapist is healing the recipient but more about that they are supporting the client's healing process.
She is clearly saying that the masseur is a masseur not a lover. The interaction with a lover is different from with a masseur.
[If the client needs a love relationship we should do or refer him/her Surogate partner therapy.]
A well-trained masseur, therapist will simply hold clear space. They may observe the client's flow of sexual energy, but they do not engage and they're not exchange energy with them. This allows the recipient to surrender in a deeper way, and to access deep levels of vulnerability.

Most of the teachers, practitioners, therapist and masseurs, as Tantra is about connection not separation, they all agree on treating a person beside of place of born, nation, race and even the financial status.

Many teachers even they developed their own practice they always honoring old wisdom, what is respected in Rasayana Tantra Academy, Sky Dancing Tantra, Tantra Movement, by Tanja,Osho and many others. I like what Advaita said that is good to respect the old wisdom, but never to follow it blindly. My approach is to empower people to find the guru and master in themself.

Some of the more traditional teachings like Tsongkhapa, Classical Tantra or Mahanirvana Tantra they apply more ethics ton our daily life what is less focus on self-development, healing or sexuality. For example quote from Mahanirvana Tantra:
"...Even if he is starving to death, the householder should not eat without first feeding his mother, father, son, wife, guest and brother..."

Authenticity is very high placed in many of the schools of tantra, like Rasayana Tantra Academy, Sky Dancing, Tantra Movement, Learning Tantra, Authentic Tantra etc. I noticed from my experience as student, especially in Advaita weekend and as a teacher on my own workshop that showing my own vulnerability, emotions, allowing myself to go in to the process in enormous way encouraged and opened up others to do the same.

Also most of the teachers like in conduct of Connection University, Sky Dancing, Tantra Movement, Tanya Diamond etc. they value very much the confidentiality. As you may see at my attached video I made people promise that we may talk about our own experience but we never talk about other people. I like what David Brown is doing on his workshops. He is asking students to sign the papers about it.  

Also I like the point what Sky Dancing, Learning Tantra and Tantra Movement School are stating that we don't do the student or client dependent. Tantra is about liberating

There are some differences about sexuality in Tantra. Most of the Classical Tantra and traditional Tantra are mainly about using it as step in to enlightenment. They treat sexuality as experience to learn in the sacred way and then completely leave it. Even Osho who is promoting sexuality, to stop to suppress it and be more free on it, in some points he is saying that if you transform it you will not need it any more.
My ethics on that first: Sacred Sexuality is the most beautiful, most intimate, most close and most energizing expression of Love. So we should live it with passion without ever even thinking to abandon it. Especially it bring in us connection and is energizing us.
Second: We are living in the times of mind dominancy above the heart and body. To bring the sexuality out of the addiction, shame and guild more in to balance I emphasize in my practice mainly Sacred Sexuality, then Unconditional Love.

I believe like in conduct of Sky Dancing and Tanya Diamond that in order to be good teacher or practitioner, we should always take care for our grow and self-development. There are always so many new things, the times are changing nonstop. We have to always keep up. I believe that good teacher would always be also a good student. That's why I'm studying with passion at Rasayana Tantra Academy and that's why for me every workshop what I give is as well a teaching for me. My students are always my teachers as well.

Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks
15.9.2015 SatCitAnanda Romania

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