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Sign petition and do more for freedom for Tantricas in USA

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b171481b93aa41a5807bc04561841f2eThe underground world of Sacred Sexual Healing is under attack.

While the rest of the world is on the edge of their seats watching the ringside circus show of the United States Presidential Primaries and are rootin' and tootin' over "Feel the Bern" or "Thuck Drumpf" or "Hotties for Hilary"…

Did you hear about the Phoenix Goddess Temple police raid that happened a few years ago?

Long story short, the Tantric Temple Religious Leader Tracy Elise was found guilty last week on 22 counts in a case of "Is She a Priestess or a Prostitute"?

It's all over the Arizona News right now (google it): PHOENIX GODDESS TEMPLE TRIAL IN THE NEWS

This is a touchy subject full of heated controversy, personal attacks within the Tantra community itself, and shitstorm of constitutional civil rights being abused.

The bottom line is this: sacred sexual healing and erotic body work under the guise of Neo-Tantra is considered "prostitution" according to current US law… and it is illegal even if the practitioner claims "freedom of religion".

This is one of the reasons I decided to retire from my practice as an Intimacy Coach. I had paid my dues after a decade of service to sacred sexual healing as a Neo-Tantra Teacher, but it was no longer worth the risk of persecution… even though I firmly believed my healing work was therapeutic, spiritual and educational in nature.


Maya Yonika, author of "No Mud, No Lotus: A Memoir of Sex, Betrayal and Spiritual Awakening"has written a brilliant commentary on the subject:

10730861_10203585962424319_4061759081108667318_n"We live in a patriarchal age that demands everything be structured and defined into neat, safe, controlled little boxes. It is an infuriatingly limited framework of life that pretends its black and white structures are somehow more real than life itself. But Tantra doesn't fit under these rules. It's innately flowing, shifting, changing always- innately Feminine.


My hope is that all the more practitioners will open and come together to loosen the stifling fears, judgments and biases that help to keep deadened and obsolete patriarchal rule and enforcement in place. Tantric Temples are some of the last remaining spaces that are innately Feminine; where her nurturing, healing capabilities and innate power are recognized and honored. It is where woman can learn Her place as guide, rather than subordinate to the patriarchal mind.


As Tracy stated in her closing arguments, sexual healing is an asset to the community. 'Please don't let pornography and sex ed be the only thing people have.'" ~ Maya Yonika

Read Maya Yonika's article "Social Perspective and the Phoenix Temple Raids" in full HERE!


"No one should be able to dictate your studies, worship or private ceremony between consenting adults, yet dozens of ordained ministers face years in prison for the practice of Tantra. Public funds have been wasted while hundreds of real sex crimes go un-investigated. Let's SUPPORT our Priestesses, Healers, Shamans & Body Wisdom Guides." ~Tracy Elise   SIGN THIS PETITION ON MOVEON.ORG!


Still not sold on the concept of Tantric Healing? Check out Charles Muir's Source School of Tantra Yoga for a Beginner's Tantra Seminar Weekend and experience the world of sacred sexual healing yourself. Appropriate for couples or singles, this workshop is a safe, friendly environment to learn the basics of Neo-Tantra, Sacred Spot Massage, and Tantra Yoga.  LEARN MORE ABOUT TANTRA SCHOOL HERE!


Tantric Priestess Work and Prostitution is not simply a black and white situation.

Sacred Sexual Healing (most Tantricas do NOT have sex with their clients, by the way) and the Erotic Healing Arts (FBSM and Tantric Massage) are desperately needed in this backwards society where the latest Kardashian boob job (or sex change) is top trending news, sex ed primarily comes from love-less aggressive women-shaming pornography, and standard western marriages are being broken daily by affairs and infidelity.

The quickest doorway to the people that need sexual healing the most are those who are participating in the illegal adult industry and are paying for sex work (which is where many Dakini healers advertise their services).

Be bold, speak up, and educate others about this grey area between the sacred and profane. Be a voice of change for the outdated prostitution laws in America that are keeping Tantricas from coming out of the closet and offering their healing gifts to the world!

My heart goes out to Tracy Elise. It is inspiring to witness how she holds her head high and stays true to her dedication to the Tantric Priestess path, even though the Arizona court found her guilty and she potentially may spend the rest of her life in a prison full of rapists and murders… which is heartbreaking.

P.S. I am a stand for the continuation of Tantric Education and the transformative power of Sacred Sexual Healing. I coach Dakinis, Tantra Teachers and Sex Positive Educators on creating a business plan that is above the fold, safe and legitimate. If you are ready to come out of the closet and step into your destiny as a global leader in sex education, contact me for a free consultation!

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