Thursday, July 14, 2016

I wish tantric relationship...

In my new relationship I wish that Love is deeply impassioned. I wish that the woman is a wonder for me. This will help me, will encourage me to go through all challenges what we have. I want to look up to her. I wish that she have qualities, from which I could learn, grow and benefit from. I love to lift up a woman but in relationship I would like to be lifted up as well.
I wish that those balances are flowing naturally. I don´t like to ask, remind etc, I don´t like to even expect.
I wish that we are passionate about each other, about sharing love, sacred sexuality to ourselves.
I wish that in our life and passions we are supporting and not limiting each other.
I wish that we trust each other so much, that we may talk about everything with each other. About other lovers, jealousy, fears, processes etc. I wish that communication, understanding and acceptance is never blocked between us.
I wish that we treat, worship each other as god and goddess in every level, every dimension, every aspect of our life.

... previous manifesting is still actual ;) just maybe with more emphasize for more spiritual sex and more yin energy in it

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