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Tantra Movement School Book for Trainers. Second module of First level

Dear Lovely People here are some more seeds for my book "All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Manual." They´re slowly getting in to daylight to serve my students and whole humanity. How you may see there is still long way to go, lot of corrections editing, writing etc. I'm finding some time to do this between workshop practice, Love and sleep etc ;)

Use it don´t loose it , Share Love <3 and Enjoy !

Without your help would be hard, so when you fill that you may support somehow this process it would be lovely. ( financial contributions are supporting me in finding time for the project - they´re very welcome as well )

Another seeds/parts of my book you may find here, at the page where I share more of myself :

Ad 5: Theory about practice. Tips for improving relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe.

This is more of a lecture than a workshop. If you're new to tantra and would you like to find out more, to feel and see what is there for you, this would be good for you to participate in. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers

Purposes of this workshop:

- to explain how we could practice sexual energy, to explain about how our different bodies are interacting with each other.
- to answer the questions what students have
- to explain clearly about use of PC muscles and importance of practicing continence and moving the energy upward
- as it is always open evening is also to attract participants for further practice.

Tantra and menstrual pain
More testimonies for School Of Tantra Movement :) - this one I love especially because I could not experience myself but I'm very happy to read it :)
Dear Marek,
I am still thinking a lot about the time and experiences on Rainbow and I would like to share a few things with you...On Rainbow I have received a lot of great keys! One of them was the Tantra-key. I think all keys together are responsible for a beautiful development of myself. Maybe the most amazing thing, that happened, is the new relationship with my body. It's really amazing how I can experience my body now... For example my next bleeding after Rainbow has come without pain. For more than 10 years I had have always huge pain, but this feels like so much tensions and pressures have left my body....It's very true, what you are always saying about Tantra and liberation... I can feel, that I become more aware and sensitive with my body and I feel more liberated... Also you have shown me exercises that I can practice when I feel down, exercises that reminds me how to get again into the mood of liberation...
Thank you so much!
Love love love

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wild soul holly body

Ad 6: Sacred energy. - worshipping your holy body, recognizing your wild soul

Together we create at the workshops a safe space in which we can experience transformational processes. Remember, however, that real change happens outside the comfort zone. We work in a group, in pairs and individually. This day we will focus on the flow of energy through the body, how we experience it and how to inspire and cultivate that.

What is blocking us and how can we be consciously permeable to those blocking energies?

The tantric path opens us to experience our own, our partner's and group's deep energy levels. With thankful Tantric and sexual Tao techniques, we become aware of subtle energies which link the apparent opposites: spirit and matter, sexuality and spirituality, light and darkness, consciousness and unconscious, masculinity and femininity.

By using the keys to the door of connections, to regain our inner strength, we are giving right direction to the flow of energy.

Purposes of this workshop:

- to release very often suppressed emotions, what have healing and liberating effect
- to learn, explore and exercise the importance of not suppressing but releasing emotions in our life.
- from the other hand: to learn explore and exercise that our body is a temple, what we should take care of respect, listen and worship.

Tantric communication on the subject:
Wild soul
Holy body
My own variation of Catharsis Osho Mediation
Barking dogs and goddess touching massage
Wild soul, Holy body massage

I enjoyed several workshops with Marek in Amsterdam since 2013 till 2015 and what touched me the most was the openness of Marek always in connection with me (and the others) and low profile entry, by which i mean, for everybody accessible all kinds off people showed up and where connected by the tantric field, which Marek set up mainly, Others where often also involved later to give a part off the workshop and even though they had sometimes (really) different energies than Marek, this did not matter so much, because the main energy field in which everybody could be him or herself was already created bu Marek. These workshops where also a place in which i sometimes met people where i became friends with and personally i experienced in these workshops my own ego in different aspects, which blocked deeper connection with others. by these confrontations i became more aware off these ego games and managed and still manage to let go more off these silly mind games. I am 47 and male and Marek his presence and workshops has helped me to realize more about myself and others I experience him as a playful, present and sensitive person

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor male and female energy

Ad 7: Male and Female energy

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within each of us exists male and female energy. It doesn't matter what sex we are, the balance of those energies determines our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
 In this workshop we meet the inner woman and man within us, and recognize their energies. We will hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, their concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...

We will get to know the differences between male and female bodies and learn how to approach them in a way that allows beautiful sexual energy of love to flow freely, not be forced or imposed on someone or be blocked by some wrong behaviour.

Purposes of this workshop:

- to recognize, exercise and experience that beyond gender we have both male and female energy and from free capacity of using it, a lot of our freedom and fulfilment in life depends

Explanation about the differences between the bodies and chakras
Recognizing Inner man and woman meditation
Putting gender roles upside down and exaggerating themselves
In dance
In "cat" walk
In flirting
In flirting as couple
Haka ritual
Breathing in Shiva Shakti with penetration movements and exchanging the roles

Testimonies from the first level
I just did a 10 day 1th-Level Course with Michal and I'd really like to share my experience with that. Even so I was a bit scared at the beginning, I could relax pretty soon because of Michal´s kind but also very clear and consequent way of teaching. I realised quickly that I don't had to experience anything that I don´t fully want to experience. He repetitively made us aware that "Yes means Yes, maybe means No and No means No". By creating such a save and sacred space, I could really trust to expand my limits and allow healing in places within my self which had been abandoned for long time...
I can recommend the 1th Level Workshops for everyone, who wants to come in deeper contact with themselves and their sexuality. (and btw. there was no sexual intercourse at that level ;))
Thanks for that Michal! Go on and spread this important movement!

love, Georg Drachentoeter
17.9.14 Berlin

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