Friday, December 29, 2017

Tantric Healing.Taste of Tantra workshop introduction talk

Halo Lovely People
Here is my gift for you. This time just like this, without special occasion. One of the movie form our online teachings. Video from one of our first introduction workshops in our Tantra Movement Temple in Sri Thanu in Koh Phangan, Thailand. 
At this video I'm focusing more at the healing aspect of tantra, so I go through many things related to this part of tantra. You may feel, how is it important in Tantra Movement School. 
Here is the content:
Tantra Movement workshop guidelines, healing process, conditioning, de armoring, releasing emotion and pain, yoni massage, continence and sublimation, how to make tantric love, save energy instead of losing it, differences between typical sex and tantric love making, nourishing your chakras, another aspects of your life with sublimation, healing your body with sexual energy, addiction to ejaculation, satisfaction full fulfilment in sex lead to fulfilment in love, relationship, spirituality etc. Experiencing unity in tantra leads to highest compassion, connection, spirituality. Yoni eggs, use of it and purpose.
Use don't lose it. Share when you care <3

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