Saturday, June 2, 2018

Manifestation of my dreams

Inspired by book "Conversations with God. Book 3. An uncommon dialogue" by  Neale Donald Walsch
A Prayer
I ask beautiful energy of Unconditional Love, Universe and the Nature, to flow through me, to guide me, to allow me to be a channel that the Love may fly from Universe, grow from Mother Nature through me, my body, my heart, my mind and spirit to all aspects of you
My intentions in this words, and as I choose in whole my life, are to speak out of Love
I chose to be a great teacher, who is doing his best, to bring better , bigger changes to the world that even Buddha and Jesus did.
The world needs better, bigger changes than ever before, so here is my mission.
I choose to teach tantra: Love, Sacred Sexuality and Spirituality
I choose to teach as couple. My inner woman and my inner man as example Parnerchiat – one another shift what I choose to share to humanity.
I also choose to invite you, to join me in this becoming the best version of ourselves.
That's why I choose to teach authenticity as a cure for "to perfect perfectionism", what is holding back whole evolution.
There is much more for me to share like for example: "Happiness is the way". Make your dreams as biggest as possible, share them out of Love, not out of Ego publicly in the world ( this will put more energy into manifesting them ) but don't get attached to them because this may just slow you down….
I choose to bring tantra to wider society, that Love would become the main subject in human education. That children would learn early freedom, love, equality, using pc muscles, meditation, massage… conscious life
I wish we will all do the same. Teach each other, connecting, setting up communities, loving the nature…
"May all being be happy"
Badulina Community. Orgiva. Spain
Michal Kali Griks

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