Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sex to Spirit. Trailer

Can sex be a spiritual experience? Can it help us transform? Could it even take us further on our path of awakening? Or is it simply a tool for procreation and recreation? Now let's be honest – most of us enjoy sex. For centuries, religions have told us it's a sin, but the vast majority of us have discovered the joy of sex. But what if there's even more heights to discover? What if we could embrace sex, and use it as fuel to rocket us into the divine? What if sex was the launchpad that could lift us into ecstasy? What if we could use it to come face to face with God, or Goddess? Could we? Should we? And if so, how?

In the upcoming feature-length documentary "Sex to Spirit," we lift the lid on one of the most controversial spiritual paths ever to exist. This path contains ancient teachings that incorporate sex into a wider system of spiritual transformation – teachings which are now being reawakened and renewed for out time.

Join us as we journey behind closed doors, gaining unique access to teachers who use sexual energy as fuel for change. Enter intensive workshops and one-to-one sessions, and witness as students experience the heights of ecstasy, surface repressed issues, transform sexual energy into spiritual power, and journey on the roller-coaster ride of transformation.

Because it embraces sex, this ancient system has been forced to go underground many times over thousands of years. Today it is returning once again. At it's heart, it aims to bring about a realization of truth – in the body – right here right now. It brings freedom, vitality and totality into daily life. Those that live it, take every aspect of life as an expression of the divine. By merging it with our lives, we learn how to live from the heart, in relationship with the world around us. We learn to live as love.

Our film unfolds on tropical islands in Thailand and Indonesia – focal points for transformation and ecstatic awakening. We invite you to join us on the adventure, and find out what this spiritual path is really about. The path is called Tantra – and through this film you can discover the truth about this spiritual system – as we go on the journey from Sex to Spirit.

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