Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lucid Love Tantra - workshop in de Roos this weekend

Where: Centrum de Roos P.C. Hooftstraat 183 1071 BW Amsterdam
When: Saturday, January 26, 14:00 -17:00

Description: A TASTE OF TANTRA - Talk & Taster Tantra offers practices which deepen our connection with self and broadens our ability to receive life. This is the original path of holistic personal development – a path where all aspects of our humanity can reside in harmony, body, mind, senses, sexuality, heart, soul and spirit. Come taste tantric practices which enliven awareness, nourish self-love and bring us into deeper relationship with others. We will use meditation, breath, sound, movement, laughter, dance, touch and playfulness. Delight in life with this potent introduction to tantra.

When: Sunday, January 27, 10:00 -17:30
Description: SACRED BODY, WILD SPIRIT A JOURNEY INTO TANTRA One day workshop Is spirituality something serene and elevated? Do we regard the body as a wild, untamed part of ourselves? Tantric practices are an enlightened path of relationship to the world that includes the body and sexuality. The goal of Tantra is to bring loving awareness to all aspects of our lives. Tantra teaches us to be naked in our nature, not hedonistic and uncontrollable, but spontaneous and authentic. Through practices of both active and still meditations, and potent healing processes we will develop a clear sense of who we really are in the moment. This allows our being to open to a sense of deep acceptance and the true taste of this present moment. Thus tantra weaves together the path of awareness and the path of love. integrating spirit and body. Access: Vivid aliveness Authentic relating Powerful healing Joy Live life with greater freedom and happiness. This one-day workshop offers tools and techniques for authentic relating.We begin with self-love. The deeper we enter our own heart the deeper we enter connection with existence. We will dive into tantric practices to awaken reverence for the body. From here, desire and sexuality can unite with heart and spirit. We will use practices to enliven the body, free the breath and create fluidity in emotions. This allows a deeper embodiment of our soul nature, presence deepens and receptivity flowers. This is a tantric journey. We welcome all, beginners and those more experienced. During the day there will be solo meditations and practices, partner practices and group work. We will work with meditation, conscious breath, movement, touch, dance and discussion. This workshop is open to individuals and couples. There is no nudity, a safe respectful container is held for all.

For more info You could check:
here You can see the movie what was made in de Roos at the open day few weeks ago

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