Friday, October 11, 2013

Silja Rehfeldt interviewed by Tara Long. Rebirth into bliss workshop in Connection Rasayana Tantra University

After experiencing making love on energetic level You're not any more interested about this sex based on friction...' - for me most inspiring sentence of that interview

First German ISTA Conference of
Sexuality & Consciousness just started

Rebirth into bliss

The course will offer you to explore the natural dynamic of your conscious, ecstatic, multi orgasmic being.

This workshop is based on tantric knowledge, midwife experience with life source energy and sacred wisdom.

It`s about visualizing our first lovemaking, our entering of this yoniverse, our first sexual act, our birth and death into this world.
Connecting with the goddess of life source energy.

It`s good to face the mud first, before you can blossom and have a clear vision !

During the time in the void, the moment of conception, during pregnancy and especially during birth…
a baby will record all emotions, sensations , patterns,  behaviors and believes around love, lust, pain, fear, happiness, sadness, tightness, numbness, oneness, openness and partnership , of their mother, their parents and their environment.
The baby embodies this emotions, sensations and feelings as their "state of wellbeing" ( comfort zone ) !
No doubt and without a filter about the quality of information we receive and if they will serve us on our expedition.
Based on this recording, our brain will constantly recreate our first ecstatic experience.
It unconsciously, still affects our daily life and choices in so many ways…..!
It affects our sexuality on all levels, our ability for deep connections and relationships, still searching for the love and nourishment of our parents, our health, our energy and power, our trust towards life, our fear of dieting, dealing with pain and rejection, our constant search for fulfillment or borderline situations and addictions, our embodiment of bliss and most of all our ability to love us the way we are !!!!!!

Using tools as breath, meditation, role-play, somatic bodywork and external and internal dearmouring.
We are able to break through, reset our brain, learn to trust and surrender and release and let go of all our patterns, structures, struggle, fears, behavior and tensions…..!
We will switch the big contraction we are caught in, into deep relaxation!
Finally be the ecstatic, multi orgasmic being, we have been created as !!!!

Looking forward to serve you on your journey……
Warrior of Bliss

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