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Raport - Rasayana Open Master-Class by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

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I have met already Sarita 2 years ago and I followed her introduction workshop about "Supreme Lovers". That was very practical guide, very approachable for beginners and young people but even for me, who is teaching tantra, it gave many new insights, advices and tips.
Then after reading and practising one of the most beautiful books about Tantra: "Divine Sexuality¨ I was even more looking forward to meet Mahasatvaa Ma Ananada Sarita. This intensive weekend of her in Rasayana Tantra Academy was very promising for me.
In Friday in the introduction evening,  we sat in the circle and one by one, we answered the questions : what is our name, how do we fell and what experience do we have with Tantra and Spirituality.
After a long circle ( it was most crowded workshop in the whole history of Rasayana ) she introduced herself as last person.
As we know she has been very closed to Osho in his commune in Puna for more than 20 years.
Even I was too young to meet this old wise man and I know him only from books, audio and video recordings, how she was speaking, with her wisdom and love,  I could feel his energy and influence in her. It felt sometimes a bit the same energy what I could imagine back in time at the Osho lectures in Puna. - This made me even more looking forward for this workshop.

The subject for this weekend was 112 sutras of Vigyan Bhairav tantra. Sutra means lesson in Sanskrit. Those ones were coming from very ancient times of tantra. They were practised also in Osho commune were Sarita experienced them and learnt.
She explained that is impossible to teach all the sutras during only one weekend. She said that she is having also the group with who, she is practicing them all during the whole year.
During whole weekend, including this Friday we could experience 7 of them.

We divided ourselves in 7 groups around 6-7 each and we had to send our delegate to pull the cards, what symbolised one from 112 each different sutras.
For those sutras, what we pulled Sarita over night choose and designed the rituals how we would have to experience them and what would be appropriate to energy and level of all participants.
Those groups what we were divide into, they were our families for who we suppose to look after and take care during the weekend.

1 sutra : Name Sutra
"Enter the sound of your name and through this sound, all sounds." (page 445)
With them we also did the first sutra, what was about the name. Each person rotated in to the middle.
After pronunciating clearly the name, everyone around had to rapid the name with any emotion, intonation, context, accent etc.
The person in the middle with full trust was falling and was pushed around the circle. When Sarita gave the sign with the gang, we suppose slowly change the person.

2nd Sutra: Gazing Eyes
"Oh Shakti, each particular perception is limited, disappearing in omnipotence." (page 1058)
We sat opposite each others in two rows. After heart salutation we looked deeply in to each other eyes. After a while, one by one, with the gesture of our hands, without touching we were removing the layers from the opposite person. Partner in front of us was doing the same. Intention was to look as in our mirror and by removing one after another curtain from each other face, remove also the stress, worries and masks of daily conditioning. After a while people in one raw changed the place in to the right, so we were looking in to the eyes of some other person. As longer we were doing it as deeper we were going in to it. You could see your past life, face changing within the energy or in the end even seeing completely different person. For me very interesting was to notice sometimes for a split of a second, sometimes for longer, the state where nothing was important any more. The person, the vision what I saw either was at the background of my existence at this particular moment. What was more exiting for me, that some how I was going deeper and deeper in to myself, in to more and more present ¨here and now¨
It was kind of pity that we had to finish the sutra, when I just was going deeper in to that.

3 Sutra: Sexual Fantasies
"Gracious one, play. The universe is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.: (page 1112)
First Sarita explained to us where sexual fantasies are coming from and what they could mean. It was bizarre that recently inspired by situation of one of my student, I just wrote the text where I was explaining more less the same. Quote:

¨Sexual Fantasies

It´s important to recognise where they´re coming from: From addiction, from healing process or maybe from the insights of beautiful energy of love.

In most of the case they´re coming from addiction to the peak orgasms ( clitoral orgasms or ejaculatory orgasms ). Those fantasies are going in to direction of perversion in order to bring harder stimulation required by deeper addiction.

Fantasies may come during or after tantric treatment, workshop, massage, practise or making love. Usually they´re sudden, not understandable and often there is no clue where they´re coming from. They may surprise us especially if we don´t remember, if we don´t recognise them from our life. Some past memories, some past conditioning needs to be broken, some liberation is manifesting in us. The healing is happening. The best in that moments is to just observe our emotions, energies, sensations, breath, body etc. and by being here and now, going through it (again ? ) in save environment, we would heal what it needs to be healed, we would liberate our self from something. Once and forever, we would get rid of , what is ¨ on our shoulders¨ and slowing us down and making our whole life heavy and miserable. Of course sometimes past memories, pain, sadness, other emotions etc. are to big to go through them at once. Be gentle with yourself, partner or client Sometimes to complete the healing you need more than one session. Don´t force yourself or others to more than you can bare. Its about healing not another traumatising :)

Other fantasies may come from universe, from beautiful energy of love as insights for us. The ideas how we could progress our sexual life, how we could bring never ending healing and love to even higher levels. This is only happening, when we already are bringing sexual energy to higher chakras, so we are not loosing it by the peak orgasms. In that way through fantasies, through third eye chakras, we are getting the insights, how we may use sexual energy in more loving, in more efficient and healing way for us, relationship and even whole universe. In those fantasies you¨re really feeling sure sacredness and even such a practise like BDSM could be used in order to heal the fear and trust.


ADM Amsterdam
Michal Marek Griks¨

One thing what I missed in my explanation ( I didn´t experienced it yet ? ) was that sometimes we are getting sexual fantasies from our karmic experiences. It means that something in our past life is manifesting in sexual fantasies in order to have chance to be healed ( like the things from past from this life )
The way how we suppose to do this sutra was very interesting and for me right on time good idea how, besides of other methods I may help my student and also develop new workshop about sexual fantasies.
We had to choose the partner and after usual connecting with ¨Namaste¨ we had to meditate in front of each other in order to find out what is our strongest sexual fantasy, what we would like to share and liberate. Then, both in the same time we had to speak out this fantasy in the same way how it would be if it would happen in reality. Using gestures and sounds was also required. Meanwhile some people who were together fantasising about group sex, they could connected with others, who were feeling the same. 2nd part of that sutra was that we had to act out our fantasies. First both fantasy of one partner, then the fantasy of the second. Of course we had to explain each other what is fantasy about and how real we would like to play it. Bringing the fantasy in to life would have the deepest effect but even acting it out only symbolically could give good healing and liberation. My fantasy I consider as strong so it was good to do it with one of the most powerful tantrika ( if you don´t mind i wish I could put your name here ;). It felt that playing out the fantasy was bringing it more in to the reality of living it. Like after thoughts, the words are coming, then the actions following, it felt that we moved a bit our fantasies on this ladder. In my case it empowered and confirmed my destiny. I felt in my partners case too. Very beautiful and powerful sutra.

4th Sutra: Self Love

"At the start of sexual union keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, and so continuing, avoid the embers in the end." (page 446)

We started from Breathing in Shiva Shakti. Sarita explained the position and asked us to breath alternately. In the same moment when one person was breathing out the other was breathing in. On the breath in was better if we tied the PC muscle. Again this beautiful practise brought me to the sacred union not only with myself and partner but with whole universe.
With that beautiful preparation we went in to the next part of that sutra. First Sarita gave explanation how beautiful, creative and beneficial could be self loving especially if is used in tantric way to bring the energy upward instead of loosing it.
Then she showed us few parts of whole sutra. Beginning parts like breathing in Shiva Shakti position before, suppose to prepare us for more free and easy flow of energy and ecstasy in our bodies.
First Mahasatvaa showed us each from 4 preparing exercises and then we did short try out of all of them.
1. Fast and powerful matres fuck. Lying on our bellies we suppose to literally fuck our mattresses. It means doing the movement with our waist up and down, how we would do if we would like to penetrate matres. Small difference in this exercise was that we did the breath opposite how we would do that naturally. So we had to breath in when we pushed and breath out when we withdrawed - moved our ass upward. After about 5 minutes of ¨fucking¨ we went in to ...
2. Lying on back with straight legs with breath in, we opened our feet in to outside. On the breath out we were closing the feet together. It was crucial important that we did the twist out from our groins. Movement was rather slow, bringing us to awareness of energy what we were working on.
3. Closing and opening of butterfly position. With the breath and closing like above. Heals close to the groin, hold pulled by hands and again slow opening on inhalation and closing down on exhalation.
4.Tantric Tantrum
Do you remember a child wanted something and who went in to the wild, not stoppable, full of energy and strength tantrum ? All extremities, head, whole body is doing uncontrolled epileptic movements in all directions. This what we had to do but in the tantric way. It means between the attacks we suppose to  touch our self in sensual way. I have to say that this exercise surprised me in the nice way. It was very, very energising, very wild in sensual way. I could easily turned off my mind in to perceiving here and now.
5 Self love :
With that energy each of us putted the blindfold on the eyes. Whoever wished could lie down and cover her/him self with the blanket. Then slowly, gradually we started to self pleasure our self. Constantly increasing sounds of ecstasy of more that 30 people self pleasuring themselves, so freely unconditioning themselves from society, religions and moral dogmas, was making this sutra as one of the most sacred sexuality ritual what I ever experienced. I was proud of my self sinking in to my own full body ecstasy. Free from goal, performing, need for erection or going in to ejaculation. In the same moment feeling connection, uniting with the group. I know this kind of ritual for many participants is life changing experience. Afterwards they may look in to the sexuality in more sacred and more liberated way. Thank you Sarita and all participants for creating this safe and comfortable space, where we all could expand.
Afterwards we were asked to not disperse this sacred energy in the cheap talk but nourish it and enjoy it till the next sutra

5th Sutra: Awakening the senses

"When eating or drinking, become the taste of food or drink and be filled." (page 473)

This sutra was also our dinner: Mahasatvaa especially asked for best healthy, mnummyy food with different flavors. We could choose on our board the great things what we would like to eat. Then one of the person in couple choose to be blindfolded first. This person was the one who would receive the food and drinks first. The person who was serving the food suppose to do it in the most beautiful, sensual, exiting, playful and surprising way. I was lucky to do this sutra with beautiful Elke, who even I´m not drinking alcohol, she made me drinking champagne from her mouth. After about 20 minutes we could change the roles.
We really enjoyed each other company. We were spontaneous, innovative, open in creating new ways of feeding each other. This Sutra connected us a bit, that after we also enjoyed our ¨open togetherness¨. It was great to experience much bigger intensity of smells, touch and taste after blindfolding the eyes. It was much more easy to go in to the depth of sensations. My mind without any afford switched its role from wondering from tough to tough in to complete perceiving role. Element of exiting surprise brought us in to beautiful state ideal for making love. I feel that Awakening the senses could be beautiful way of fore play and i can imagine could be also juicy during the love making. Thankful Elke, our inner kids and our inner adults. this was very wonderful sutra full of love and ecstasy.

6 Sutra: Visioning the universe
¨As, subjectively, letters flow into words and words into sentences, and as, objectively, circles flow into worlds and worlds into principles, find at last these converging in our being.¨
With the sounds taken from moon within the couples, we were going in to the vision of our universe and us in it. One person was lying comfortable on back with focus on the third eye. We were explained that from imagination there is small tiny line in to intuition - two powers, what we suppressed and lost nowadays. We were instructed to be easy on it. Not to push. Not to expect anything. Just let it be without getting attached to the effect.
The person who was awake suppose with the questions encourage and direct the vision to go out clearly. Also she or he suppose to make the notes, that the person on vision could let go from task of remembering. Indication for the vision was : ¨How the universe was created ? How it developed ? What is the structure of it¨ and most important: ¨ How we see us there ? What is our role in it ?¨
I got very interesting insights and confirmations to the things what I´m doing already.
It was also very interesting to hear and get to know Elke from that kind of depth. Very inspiring and bringing new reflection.

 I´m very glad that this weekend brought us more together even she is not in to relationship. Any deeper connection is better than no connection at all or only shallow one. Yes ?
That made this weekend even more special. The wisdom, beautiful energy and love what she is spreading around is very special for me. As I considering my self as anarchist I have deep aversions to masters, gurus etc. With her first time in my life I felt trust and I felt that she could be one for me.
I loved her beautiful energy of perfect mother giving us instructions and allowing us to do anything we liked even making mistakes.
Pure unconditional love to students was fully present.

Thank you Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita <3

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