Thursday, April 28, 2016

Manifesting my dream tantric relationship

I know that I would like to live with passion with someone, who would give it fire, who would celebrate sacred sexuality every day, few times a day. Is it any better, loving, energising time what people can use? I wait for someone who would willingly experiment with all variations of shiva shakti position but also oral, anal, dark, shadow etc. sex as well. Someone who would get inspiring through this experiences, and through those and other life teachings. Someone who would add new energy, new ideas into tantra movement, my life and not only school. Someone independent and supportive. Who I feel I'm on complete the same line, who I do not have to push out of the comfort zone, because she is jumping there already by herself.
 I know it is possible. I had it before and I will have it again. Just question of time ;)

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