Thursday, April 14, 2016

Neo Tantric Massage. Yoni Massage. Tantra Teachers Manual fragment draft

73. Asking for permission to touch yoni
74. Putting right palm on yoni, the left pal on the right and forehead on the yoni in the bowing gesture. Sending all beautiful energy, honouring, worshipping yoni. Connecting through breath. Take few minutes for this sacred ritual.
75. Circulating, pulsating points along the groins and in the same time massaging indirectly G spot area from the side of the pubic bone
76. Finding veins going through legs, by looking pulsating points, then stopping the blood for at least 20 second. Do it 3 times in total
77. Closing outer labias with 3-4 fingers of each hand outer labias, then circulating, gentle squeezing, massaging them between two hands
78. Opening outer labias
79. Starting from the bottom side then going upward, catching outer labias with two hand, from two sides, between pointing fingers and thumbs, circulating, pulling, opening, squeezing outer labias. Going like this point by point upward then starting again and doing this 3 times in total.
80. With knuckles of pointing and middle finger, sliding between outer and inner labias
81. Side to side between the labias
82. "Tour the France" clockwise massaging between labias around the inner ones.
83. Pulling, circulating, opening inner labias. Do it much more gentle than the outer labias. They are much more sensitive
84. Asking for permission to enter
85. Spreading enough coconut oil around (again)
86. Placing gentle pointing or middle finger on entrance, circulating on the top without entering
 Especially if the entrance is  closed :
with thumb massage clitoris, with other hand pull outer labias to move up the hood of the clitoris
87. Kindly asking woman to invite us inside with pulling her pc muscle. We allow our fingers only 1-2 cm inside. WE NEVER PUSH IN when yoni is tide and/or dry.  If so we stay, where we are and we keep to stimulate more clitoris till more excitement, readiness and openness will appear. If we will have to stay whole massage there, respecting the yoni would be more healing than pushing your to big ego in. Inserting while yoni is not ready is one of the main sexual trauma and reason why yoni doesn´t wanna open any more. We have to be patient. Apply those important suggestion for further insertions either
88. When you 1 cm in imagine the clock where direction of head is 12 o'clock and anus is 6. You will swing in four directions 12ha, 3ha, 6ha, 9ha. First only on 12ha, so you swing, pushing the walls of yoni from 10ha till 2ha. Do it with full awareness. The woman have to fill and explore what points she would wish to be massage later. She may choose depends from intentions: Pleasure, healing, dearmouring…
89. You may ask to pull the fingers with her pc pump 2 cm further and then you may do the clock on another ring. Here you may already reach Gspot. Pay attention on 12ha. It feels different than other parts of the womb. Could feel like nut, sponge, wound, button. Especially in this point but also in the others healing may appear. This time we continue with mapping
90. After finishing the clock we ask woman again to pull us another 2 cm further with her pc muscle.
91. Then we do another clock. Here we could reach already A and E area. A on the belly side, 12 ha and E and the anus side, 6ha
92. After finishing the clock we ask again the woman to pull Pc muscle. Then we could reach M point from the sound of pleasure "mmmmmmm…." what woman make when this point is healed. It is massaging the cervix. It could be the deepest point possible by reaching through penetration. This point and orgasm experienced by it is connected with crown chakra, with universe.
93. If we finished mapping, if the woman doesn´t have any other strong preferences to other triggering points we come back to the Gspot. We stimulate it alternatively with clitoris to keep up with arousal. Remember to stop clitoral stimulation , encourage and support woman with bringing the energy up when she is reaching point of no return…. 
To be continued...
ADM Amsterdam 14.4.2016
Michal Kali Griks

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