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TMS62*Happy Tantric New Year 2017*retreats in Thailand and Maldives*Schedule and TMSTV*Newsletter

Hello lovely people <3
As every year I`m sending you this. Every year bigger and improved. Enjoy and get inspired <3
In the new year 2017
We wish you all:
Happiness, Peace, Love and Freedom

We wish you, that you would fulfil your good dreams .
We wish you, that you will do everything to realise those dreams.
That you will never give up in the fight for them.
That you would always seek, that they will became truth.
If you will, we believe, that you would achieve a beautiful victory.
You would win yourselves.
The biggest changes are beginning from the single being.
Changing ourselves
The longest way starts with the first step.
That's what we wish you.
Changing your own universes for better.
After would be easier.
And mostly we wish you a lot of Love.
Because Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe
The biggest power, what would conquer all
It is conquering already.
We wish you, that you would realise that.
That you would use it and you would learn about it,
That you would love and you would be loved.
Start with yourself, then beloved, family, friends
Don't stop here - Let the Love spread and develop,
Love your neighbours and other people
And not only people,
Love animals and all living beings
Love our planet and take care for her
It's your home. Your health depends from it.
We wish you, that together we would change climate for better.
We wish you, that all people and animals would be free from cruelty,
deportation, prejudices, exploitation and all other bad things.
We wish you successful actions
We wish you life satisfaction
Everything is interconnected.
As more you love, as more you are loved.
As more you give, as more you get.
We wish you to realise that.
We wish you, that you will study most important thing
The Love, source of Life...
There are many things you can learn, what you would have benefit from
Tantra, sexual tao, others
Ancient teachings secret and sacred.
Now they are open for all, not just for the elites
Don't miss this chance and privilege.

We wish you to learn how to Love
We wish that Love and tantra would become again the main subjects in human education.
We wish that our sexuality and love would become the same important, valued and respected, as our spirituality and intelligence
We wish you, that you would learn, experience tantra so good, that would give you not only a lot of pleasure on the highest level but also ...
We wish, that your relationship, thankful tantra, would manage to keep the honey moon through whole its life.
We wish you, that healing power of tantra, would heal your deepest wounds... and the wounds of society...
... that the patriarchy would fall and the woman would be liberated and healed, that the manhood would become healthy again too
We wish you the time of PARTNERchiat in which male and female would be still different but equal and free, maybe like never before. As inside, as outside.
We wish you all and ourselves that LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL !
We wish, that you may reflect on all different experiences through which life has revealed its beauty to you in this year.
We wish you, that you may let go of anything that doesn't serve you anymore
We wish you to take with you all the wisdom and tools, that you gained from your experiences, that they will provide you with clear, positive intentions to the next level in 2017.

We wish you, that the past stays in the past and that you walk through the new door
With straight back; proud of who you are,
With firm steps; with courages to take life`s adventure,
With spread wings, acknowledging and showing your highest potential
With readiness to fly towards life.
With lifted head, pointed towards your clear deeper purpose, trusting life to show you your direction.
With an open heart, overflowing with love; recognising the beauty in everything, inside and outside, transforming all fears into trust.
And with a complete army of love warriors, who are surrounding you, who are empowering you in feeling and living your truths, who are encouraging you in keeping true to your inner voice, and who would guide you on your sacred journey.

And that you would bravely look in to your eyes, in the many, many mirrors surrounding you and you would say out loud:

I am the creator of my life
I manifest truth through love
I am true to my truth
I am beautiful
I am powerful
I am truth
I am whole
I am one
I am that I am
I am
I love myself

I feel I can walk through the door between 2016 and 2017 with trust and love for life and I wish to all my brothers and sisters the same!

... and we wish that School of Tantra Movement would grow in our hearts, souls, minds, relationship, worlds...

Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks and Alina Simuleac

1.Tantra Movement inspiring pictures(Repeat)
2. Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement
One month Tantra retreat in Thai Nature
4. Tantra Movement TV today(repeat):

in Tantra and Sexuality:

In Tantra Movement:
The Goddess by Rebekah Shaman
In love songs:
Diego y Jarah - I'm in you
Rising Appalachia- Medicine [Official Music Video]

Enjoy :)
AD 1:

At the beginning traditionally some inspiring pictures from Tantra Movement facebook pages ( like us! :)  - recommend, share, - join the movement

AD 2:
Schedule. Tantra Movement School
Last update : 24.12.2016
We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly
for most fast and efficient update is good to subscribe to our newsletter and connect with me, tantra movement group and page on facebook... etc.

Tantra Movement School year 2016/17 fb event:
Those are options of the workshops and courses what we offer. Depends from locations you may join info evening (what very often happen before the weekend) , whole retreat, course, year.

I Level - Aspects of Tantra - Aspects of Life course
Tantra Year Training
... gives you extra opportunities to participate in all workshops in the country: I also guide you 1 hour before and after every weekend into being assistant, masseur, therapist or/and teacher. By travelling with us around the country (world) you may experience deeper connection not only with me but with other students as well.You may join in any time of the year. You may join for shorter or longer time that a year.
Proposal price is all weekends on the early bird price + costs of the small workshops
Some commitment to support the team is welcome as well. This idea is a follow up variation from previous year what you may check here:
Deep Teacher Training
If your passion tantra and your dream is to become a tantra teacher, If you could commit yourself into a lot of travels, assisting teaching sometimes every day for long time, you may apply for position of assisting us. This in the future may support you in becoming independent TMS teacher...
If you already teach something, what may support my program I may give you the space for this.
Price depends from your commitment , individual talk and many more aspects. To give you estimation it may costs 6000 per year but if you do not have so much, believe in yourself and remember that in TMS we treat money as tool not as barrier.
For details in Romania you may ask: Ada Bianca 0(040)747751035 (speaks English and Romanian)For details in Bulgaria you may ask: Elena Bocheva (speaks English and Bulgarian) 0(0359)988750486
And for the rest you may ask me ( check the contacts <
8 Days Tantra Massage Retreat in Maldives-to make that link open: direct cursor on it, click right, then choose option"open the link
Wednesday, 8 March 2017 at 17:0

New year retreat
31.12.2016 - 3.1.2017

3/3 level 3 Transylvanian Mountains
2/3 level 1 Bucarest

1/3 level 2 Transylvanian Mountains
1/3 level 2 Bucarest
30.6-6.7.2017 Aqua tantra Retreat. See side
7-9.7.2017 2/3 level 2 See Side

There would be Info evenings between the weekends in Sofia all over the country in Haskovo, Shemen, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Ruse, Pleven... More info would come later. 
31.3 - 2.4 2017 3/4 1 level
7-9. 4 2017 3/4 2 level
26-28 .5. 2017 4/4 1level
2-4.6.2017 4/4 2level

14-16.7 . 2017 ?
21-23.7. 2017 ?
or 14-23.7 long retreat in the nature
Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46

Dear Lovely People. I´m giving up organizing work to give more time to the passions what I´m better in it: Loving, teachings, massaging, tantra...
We would be still in Amsterdam regularly around those dates and when someone would feel to organize for us, we could not only share the work but profits and other benefits as well. Together we are stronger <3
30.6-2.7 2017
11 - 19 january
1 level
20- 28 january
2 level - Massage course

One month retreat:
1 january - 27 february
1,2 and third level 
1st level Tantra Movement Course: "All Aspects Of Life. All Aspects of Tantra"
1 february - 9 february
Tantra Massage Course ( 2nd Level)
11 february - 19 february
Many other workshops ( some from 3rd level ) - This one not for new people anymore
20 - 27 february
Small example of one module of level 3
28 februari - 16 March
1 level and 2 level 

Whole time when I´m free from workshops I´m in Spain, Andalusia in nature community Badulina, my lovely home ( )

I´m open to share wisdom of tantra everywhere where I´m invited on very easy, flexible and beneficial conditions, so organizers - contact me !

Michal Kali Griks 
AD 3:
One month Tantra retreat in Thai Nature
Hallo lovely People
We would like to offer you great opportunity to go deep into tantra during whole month in Ko Phanghan
Our intentions are to invite you to go deeper into:
Love , Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Connection, Community living experience, Friendship, Living for the Nature and with the Nature, Cleaning and healing of your body, Good time and fun with lots of water and sun :)
This long retreat will include:
1st level Tantra Movement Course: "All Aspects Of Life. All Aspects of Tantra"
Tantra Massage Course ( 2nd Level)
Many other workshops ( some from 3rd level )
Small example of one module of level 3
Morning yoga
Dynamic Osho meditations
Conscious Parties
Resting time
Couching and guiding you in your own process of growth
Meaningful cinema
The nature - to have good , shamanic contact with the Mother Earth supporting us and us taking care for her as well.
Vegan, mainly raw,organic and detoxifying diet to clean your toxins and to support the energy flow
Community living experience to guide us into living in togetherness and connection in place of living alone and separated from each other. Together we can do much more and it´s more fun :)
Energy of sun and summer
Energy of warm water in crystal clean Gulf of Thailand - Just on the walking distance from the retreat place
Magic and spiritual energy of Ko Phangan island
Accommodation in the nature but when you feel for more luxurious options you may book hotel villas in the neighbourhood
Even sometimes we would be flexible to energy of the group this is 
Time schedule of the days:
10.00 - 11.00 Morning Tantra yoga by Alina Simuleac
11.30 - 15.00 workshop
15.00 - 17.00 Lunch break
17.00 - 20.30 workshop
20.30 - Evening meal and sharing of the day

You may check updates and invite your friends also here:
temporary discount for first people who would sign for it:
1000 Euro per month / 400 per level
1500 Euro per person ( 500 E per level ) and only 2900 Euro per couple
You could transfer the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank.
If you would like to be volunteer at this event contact as as soon as possible
1-27 February 2017  
1st level Tantra Movement Course: "All Aspects Of Life. All Aspects of Tantra"
1 february - 9 february
Tantra Massage Course ( 2nd Level)
11 february - 19 february
Many other workshops ( some from 3rd level ) This one is not for new people any more
20 - 27 february
Small example of one module of level 3
Ko Phangan Island, Thailand
Don't hesitate to ask the questions
About location details etc. you may ask our organizer of the place:
Eco Project <>
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac
School Of Tantra introduces You to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. Its expanding You to the deepest and the highest levels of love and ecstasy through working on all dimensions possible to You...
Love and light
Michal Kali Griks

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