Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Taking care for your students. Advice for Tantra teachers inspired by my Kundalini Yoga teacher

I got fortunate to have one of the best teacher in my life, Hari Kaur van der Zwan, who gave me individual Kundalini Yoga Teacher Course.


At the first class she told me: " Now as you´re my student, I take some responsibility for you. You may count on my support at any time. Even if you have issue in the middle of the night and you knock to my door with request for help, I should leave behind all my things, what I´m busy at that moment and be there for you. ."

And was really like this. I could really count on her as on my best friend. Sometimes instead of theory classes, we had my "private counselling sessions". She always gave her time for it. I could speak with her about my family, my emotions and other all kind of problems. Extra beauty in it, was that she never judged me or putted me down but in the same time she showed me reality in the ways how it widened my perspectives, showed me another points another angles of the situations and another deep insights of wisdom .

After her full of deep insights coaching I felt uplifted, sure what to do next and knowing how to stay aligned with the universe.

Thank you Hari Kaur.

Michal Kali Griks

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