Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New moon and happy birthday for Alina seeds

Hallo Lovely People.
In this special new moon, when Alina Simuleac have her birthday as well, we would like to share with you some seeds for the future. This time new course, The Essence for Couples
...what we will do at our Aqua Tantra retreats, already this summer:
... and as birthday gift and new moon seed, we would like to share our post from our fb page: Tantra Teachers looking for community
....where basicaly are looking for people who like to join us or/and support us. Here it is:
We going to build our community, retreat , centre, Tantra Movement School within great Badulina Community on the south of Spain. Who ever thinks seriously to join us or support us financially and in any other way, contact us PM... Soon we will let you know more about everything , soon we will run our campaign.For now when you would like to connect and find out more about our hosts, Badulina check
... and at the end we would like to share with you that updates of my book are constantly, slowly appearing at our page:
Happy birthday Alina <3 Happy new moon to you all <3

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