Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tantra Circle

Hello Lovely People!
Intention of this first Tantra Circle is connection with  ourselves, with others with nature and whole universe. Coming together, in awareness, in the nature, by the fire, meeting other powerful mirrors would help us to achieve this intention.
Connection, togetherness, oneness, unconditional love are directions what the world is awakening to.
Those are also very important aspects of Tantra. We as practitioners, teachers, tantric people, we are happy to shine example not just in words but in actions as well.

Those are main intentions of those  circles.
We would like that it would be a place where we could share from our hearts, empower each other and connect on all levels possible.
We would like that the main  element would be communication.

It would be good that it would be in form of ritual like this time for example we do "Heart sharing around the fire, under the stars".

Also we would love to include some short connecting practices what would support the energy and would our bodies (from sitting) and minds have a break.
We would like that everyone would  be equal in their sharing. That's why this time we would follow Native American Indians tradition of the talking stick.

As much as those Tantra Circles are Tantra Movement initiatives, we would love to share this space equally with other teachers.
We would like that in the future other teachers would guide the circle.
We would love that this place is open for everyone: beginners, active advance tantric teachers and practitioners. You're all welcome. Bring your friends :)
We would like that those gatherings would be also joyous events, where we not only discuss serious matter, share emotions but also where everybody would like to come back because it's uniting, loving energy.

We wish to see you there.

Aha! Aho!
Suggested donation for the place:
No obligation. Most important is that you're there :)
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center // Koh Phangan // Sri Thanu
Whenever you like idea but this time you could not come let us know, connect and do not hesitate to ask the questions.
Michal Kali Griks (FB)


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