Monday, February 23, 2015

Clarity - the way out out from confusion. My ideal wish for relationship

Quote from one of my recent letter, part of the text what I´m rewriting now

In general at that moment I don´t wanna limit my potential only to one person. If there someone would come in my life, some princess, goddess Kali on white horse, with who I would wish to be together fore, probably it would be the person , who would do the same sharing love, tantra work with passion and without limits as I do.

She would be able to give the workshops together with me, watching with proud when I´m making the other girl happy. She would be able to accept that I massage, I cuttle, or even maybe kiss and maybe make love with another person because she would know that I´m doing it to help that person.

Of course she may do the same and we could even share freely our experiences to support each other. There would be full trust that the love between us is beyond the healing relationships, what we sharing to help people. Full transparency and honesty about everything. Love on the highest level

This is my dream who may hold me next to her and I know its just the question of time that will happen because it happened already not once. I don´t worry because I´m in love any way. In love in myself, in love in whole universe – love is energy within and everywhere. Only conditioning made us not feeling it. 

to be continued ...

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