Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tantric Solutions for Blue Balls

One of the common problem what mans are facing when they're begins their tantric path is pain in the testicles also called as blue balls.
 When we stop ejaculating this to much energy what before we use to release, now we need to bring up and transfer to the higher chakras. To master it may take some time so often it happen that man who menage to learn to avoid ejaculation after some time is starting facing another challenge - blue balls. 
It took me while to find good solution for this. The most easiest way is prevention method what comes from sexual Tao and I learnt it from the book: "Sexual Secrets for Men; what every woman will want her man to know" written by Kerry & Diane Riley
Everyday you stretch the bag where are the testicles as many years you have. The bag is elastic and strong. You could pull it hard and stretch in any direction. I noticed that during more sexual days you may need to do double or even triple number of the stretches.
Another method is more tantric and is important to learn and master it. After making love, after ecstasy or even after having just erection, at the end you have to bring the energy, ecstasy upward. It is all about that after making love to not let the energy and ecstasy stay in genitals. To achieve this you have to constantly bring energy up with your breath, pc muscle and visualisation. Also place your palms at the heart chakra and focus your love and attention there. That's aslo why conscious after play rituals like for example melting hug or heart salutation are very important in tantra. 

Anyway inevitably on our tantra path we will experience pain in testicles. Then is also good to know that the ejaculation is not the only way to release it. 
Any upside down yogic positions especially when you may maintain them for long time may help. We talk here about shoulder, hand or head stand, bending forward and probably more positions in acro yoga. They're releasing pain at least for the time of doing them.
Uddiyana bandha also helps and you may use it as daily practice for the prevention as well. This technique is very crucial with process of sublimation for man and woman.

Another way is to massage testicles, get exited, erected with this, then with circulation breath , pc muscle and visualisation bring the energy upward. 

To conclude for me most efficient is prevention as stretching bag where the testicles are. Most tantric, so most worth to master is to bringing energy up, keeping there after every love making and even after every stronger excitement. 

I wish this will help you on your tantric path of continence and not loosing the energy. 
There is not so much information available on that subject, so is good that you share and spread this wisdom. Also when you have some tips and experience, please share them with us. 
Some of those tips may also used by the woman for similar reasons but I wish to hear / read some wisdom of experienced tantrika on that subject. 
Love and light 
27. 11. 2016 Transylvania. Romania

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