Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Three exercises to add Tantra Teachers Manual

Cleaning Aura
There are two parts of this exercise. First is distorting aura, the second is stroking aura.
We divide groups that in each are three people. One person, receiver is standing in the middle and two others are standing facing each other. Between them in distance smaller than 1m is atanding receiver facing one of the givers. Person in the middle like very often in tantric exercises have eyes closed to perseive more by other senses and to support the mind in the switching to observing mode.
Two people on the sides starting waving their hands as they would have wings, with intentions of making wind. They do this movement from the feet to the head, then when they´re coming back they do it outside, downwards, in only one move. After two times they rotate clockwise around the parson. The teacher should count the hours, that the students will finish all together and they may benefit also from synergy of the group.
When they made whole 12 hours, whole circle, they do second part: stoking aura. Very gentle, softly, slowly with fether touch , almost no touching, we stroke receiver from the top to the bottom. After each stroke within one move, we come back upwards, back to the head and on the outside. Again two strokes "per hour". When we finished 12 hours, whole circle, we let receiver to ajust for a minute. Then we change the roles. We repeat the exercise till everyone receive the experience. I would suggest, that the person who have challenge with physical exercises should be receiver as second.

Emergency Breath
Everyone sit in the circle in meditation pose: - crossed legs, bottom grounded ( if need put under the back pillow ) spine straight, shoulders relaxed, slightly rolled backward, the chin a little in, fontanella, back of the head is pulled upward as we would hang on something. The breath in is rather fast. You breath with your mouth like you would breath through the strow. On the breath in you tide your pc muscles. On the breath out you relax your pc muscles. Breath out is as slow as it is comfortable. When we do it in the group, we do it all together everyone following the teacher. On the breath out you make sound of pleasure. You may imagine delicious, raw, vegan, fair trade, chocolade cake. Mmmmmm… You may continue this exercise for 3-5 minutes, then you stop commanding "tide", so everyone should hold the breath in, tide all the muscles especially pc muscles, then whenever feels comfortable ( its not a competition ) release the breath and take time to come back to the natural breath.

Goddess touch Massage ( face and neck )
Person who receive is lying preferably in Savasana, yogic corps pose. The giver have the head of the receiver between the knees while he/she is sitting with bended legs on her/his own feet or between them. Most important like with all massages is that the giver would take optimal comfortable possition. Only when we feel comfort ourself we may pass this comfort to the receiver. When we feel tension, pain in our muscles from sitting to long in one way, we will pass it to the person who we massage. So whatever you start to feel any tension, tiredness in your body, don´t think twice, just ajust your position. Massage is done very gentle with delicate, soft, not pressing touch. Like with all massages but especially in this one : we worship the god, the goddess with our touch – that´s where the name is coming from. We start from the top of the forehead and centimeter by centymeter we stroke, we are moving into direction of the bottom of the neck. We stroke from the middle line dividing face to left and right half, towards outer sides, ears, hairs. After making 2-3 rounds from forehead to clavicle bones we let person to ajust. Then we change the roles.

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