Monday, November 14, 2016

Tantric Love - Highest Spirituality

When I see my lovers eyes happy smiling to me for hours of making love.
When I see her smiling, 
Mourning from pleasure
Enjoying life, 
Enjoying being worshipped as goddess, 
Enjoying being loved soooo much, 
Enjoying having my full attention and devotion to her for such a long time
When I feel my self as god 
When there is nothing just We
No other thoughts
No worries, no stress ,no noise
When my mind for hours is absorbed in love making and nothing else
When my body,heart and mind love so much my goddess
That they do not want to waste any second for thinking something else
Doing something else
When our freedom is expanding
Together with our trust
When there are less fears and barriers affecting us 
When after we feel strong
Full of love
So much 
That we could not sleep
So much that we have inspiration 
Thousands of ideas
And energy to do them
For ourselves
For our Lover
For whole humanity
Mother nature...
Because we are one
We just felt it
We just experienced it
There is no separation 
We just felt it
We just experienced it

When we feel all of this
I know this is my highest prayer
I know this is my highest meditation
I know this is my highest spiritual practice
I know this is my most efficient activism
That''s why I choose the Love to be my religion
My Lover to be my Goddess
Sacred Sexuality to be my prayer

I love you Alina

And you fucking morons don''t even dear to tell me that making love is sinful
You idiot ignorant 
Coward who doesn't love himself/herself
Because conditioning is not allowing
I feel deep sorry for you
But I offer you solution too
That''s why I share wisdom of tantra
That you too could become free, loving strong person
A god of your universe
Proud and shining with Love
Welcome on the path of tantra 
Sacred Sexuality
Unconditional Love
We are all one
The time is now 
If i could,
You also can
Everybody can 
We all can 
Love and light

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