Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aqua Tantra retreats this summer

Water it's the second element of the planet. It's the second chakra, which means intimacy, flow, transformation... Chakras are all equal but not without reason, some consider this chakra as one of the most tantric ones. Our bodies are from more than 70 % of water... I'm double Pisces, so no wonder I feel very deep connections and love to water. Whenever I have a chance, I go swimming. When I'm in the water I do not only swim, I play, I dance, I enjoy, I breathe, I don't, I challenge myself, I exercise fear, I fight against the waves.... even simple shower may guide you into so many ecstatic experiences... Aqua tantra...another passion of us, we would love to share with you.
As a single drop of water may drain the rock, step by step, we are happy to guide you into healing, liberation, bliss, love...
We are drops in the ocean, all being one. Love​

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