Monday, April 24, 2017

Fairness note for Tantra Movement Teachers

Fairness note

Wherever you got inspired by Tantra Movement School teachings and you would like to share it further it´s good for energy flow to follow some of our guidelines.

For the future of idea would be good that 10 % of your profit you will give back to the movement that we may invest into the flayers and into spreading the love further.

Also is fair that you may give us some "word back credit" like telling your students where did you get the information, inspiration, experience… In that context putting links and some info at your pages, leaflets, posters it is nice idea too.

More important is to not teach against our main principles what are:

- transferring energy upward instead of loosing it

- sharing unconditional love, educating into going deeper into friendship and wider into compassion to others, nature, animals… and what follows during our retreats always require from students to eat only vegan food.

More we principals we may discuss at our meetings

Use your heart and common sense.

Let the Love grow in us.

Thank you that you´re <3

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