Friday, June 19, 2015

Awaken your inner child in you

 As conscious parents most important is to observe all those beautiful things in your children , cultivate them instead of killing them. Learning freedom from the kids, liberating ourselves instead conditioning those innocent beings. Open your eyes, hearts and minds for that. Awaken your inner child in you, listen, respect and keep it alive. It is so important part of you. Unconditional Love here have its beginning. What you give, what you get. Whole journey. You're complete wholeness: Inner child, inner woman, inner man, soul, heart, the body, mind and spirit; whole universe, all planets - but it only work when you take good care for this inner universe. Only when you develop, grow this unconditional Love there, for yourself, then you may expand it's overflow to the others. From abundance and willingness of sharing not from lack and needs for fulfilment.
Unconditional Love is giving without expectations. Love is not a business. Let's learn. Don't stop here. Let it be <3
Michal Marek Griks ADM 19.6.2015

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