Monday, June 8, 2015

Is having someone special obsession ? Last update to my tantric ethics in to direction of unconditional Love

26.5.2015 - Last reflection of me going out from relationship concept, having someone special and = obsession in to more and more unconditional Love

I choose for Love - this unconditional - and to achieve unconditional Love we have to  ¨uncondition¨ our self not only from sex but also even from love( this conditioned ones ) .

Somehow it gets to me the feeling that make someone to someone special is connected to some obsession in us. Something feels in me more and stronger that no one should be more special or rather we all suppose to be special. This feels more like unconditional love. It´s still very new, fresh feeling in me, what still has to grow and get strong. Still I´m not sure about it but somehow it feels good to be in that direction.

I´m aware that not every one would agree on that but agreeing is not the point because we are in different perspective and different stages in the path of life. Acceptance for each other and not harming - Ahimsa is very important in any togetherness, healing and sharing love.

From other side understanding and seeing things in bigger picture, being active even violently if needed to stop bigger violence.
Let the love not fear lead us to better universe. Connecting on every level with whole as deeper as possible.

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