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[SOTM44]Full Body Energetic Orgasm workshop with Flaviu Pop-last events before I´m gone to Romania,,Schedule,SOTMTV&newsletter[44]

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Dear Lovely people
This time a bit short and concrete. Mainly to promote last events in School of Tantra Movement before holidays. Full Body Energetic Orgasm workshop with Flaviu Pop (Roemenië) during coming weekend
It would be a bit saying good bye because I´m already in Romania. Of course I would still continue, in new form ( whole year program of intensive weekends ) to teach in Amsterdam. Also the full moon festival will have to get a new way of existing... but about that more in next empowering plans / Schedule and in the next newsletter. Now would be lovely to meet some of you at least at those great presentations by Flaviu and best experience this wisdom during the weekend. Hopefully see you there before I´m gone in Tuesday to my new home, paradise SatCitAnanda

Always with you and for you <3

My prayer :
¨... Thank you beautiful energy of unconditional Love for flowing through me and guiding me. Thank you unconditional Love from the source to allow me to be a channel of this amazing energy. Thank you that you´re. Thank that I´m... ¨

7.6.15 Michal Marek Griks
Full Body Energetic Orgasm presentations and workshops with Flaviu Pop (Roemenië) in Amsterdam
[voor Nederlands zie onderaan!]
This workshop is the perfect chance to quickly learn how to explore, live, experience and transform your sexuality to its maximum potential!

During this workshop you can learn an ancient tantric methodology which is both safe and efficient and which will teach you to experience and give full body energetic orgasm sessions without touching the intimate parts of your client or subject.

This workshop has the potential to forever change the relation that you have with your own body and allows you to experience the most intense states of physical, mental and emotional pleasure.

This method has the potential to help you:
- Unblock energies.
- Heal sexual and emotional trauma.
- Improve your perception upon sexuality and other related topics.
- Bring the relationship with your partner to a new deeper and more intimate level.

- By fully connecting yourself to your own senses and through personal experience of the full body energetic orgasm technique.

This workshop is for you if:

- You are looking for deep profound sexual experiences.
- You want to experience more passion and depth during love making with your partner(s).
- You want to communicate on a different and more authentic level with your sexual partner(s).
- You want to work with your inner masculine/feminine polarity and find out how it can influence and improve your personal life.
- You want to dissolve energy blocks and fears, so that the healing sacred sexual energy can flow free in through body on a daily base.
- You want to learn how to help clients reach more personal and sexual freedom in their own lives and the lives of their partner(s).
During this workshop you can find the answer to the following questions:
- Which are the similarities and differences between the male and female sexual organs?
- How is the orgasm actually produced by our body/bodies?
- Which are the different types of orgasm for men and women?
- What exactly is an energetic orgasm?
- How is an orgasm possible without sexual interaction?
- Is everybody capable of experiencing an energetic orgasm?
- Am I qualified as a full body energetic orgasm practitioner?

This workshop can be useful too:
- Therapists, doctors, sex & energetic therapists, coaching specialists and healers.
- Single people as well as partners are welcomed to the workshop and this goes for any who is straight, gay, bisexual or transgendered. Practically it means all those who want to bring their own sexual life to a higher, more loving and spiritual level.

This workshop is for:
People who are willing to work together and share an amazing experience. Big part of the experience is creating strong group/unity consciousness amongst all participants for the benefit of all participating.

About the facilitator:
Flaviu Pop comes from Cluj Napoca – Romania. Flaviu is active as a trainer & coach for personal development, relationship and sexual coach, energetic therapist, massage specialist in different types of massage. Flaviu is also the founder of the Romanian Albini Center, a place for alternative and complementary therapies.

- Friday (12.06.2015) from 19:30 - 22:00 – This is a donation based presentation about the workshop
- Saturday (13.06.2015) from 13,30 to 23 – Workshop
- Sunday (14.06.2015) from 9 to 23 - Workshop

Thursday (11.06.2015) from 20.30 to 23.00 - free presentation about the workshop in Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam

Friday (12.06.2015) from 19:30 - 22:00 – Twin Heart Healing Centre Jacob Geelstraat 38, 1065 VT Amsterdam

- Saturday (13.06.2015) from 13,30 to 23 – Workshop
- Sunday (14.06.2015) from 9 to 23 - Workshop
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 in Amsterdam.

Price and booking:
- €180,- per person
- €340,- per couple.

Registration: For registration, please contact Flaviu by e-mail or Facebook account:

- E-mail:
- Facebook:

Private sessions are also available between 07.06.2015 and 11.06.2015.

You can book the following sessions:
- Sensual Awakening: 120-150 min - 100 euro
- Lifestyle Coaching: 60-120 min- 70 euro / hour
- Relationship Coaching: 60-120 min- 70 euro / hour
- Sexual Coaching: 60-120 min- 70 euro / hour
- Relaxing Massage: 60 min - 50 euro
- Reiki Therapy: 90 min - 50 euro
- Reflex Therapy: 90 min - 50 euro
- Chiropractic Therapy 30 min - 50 euro

Don't hesitate to ask any questions in case you have any. I am looking forward to see you all this coming weekend or for any private session before. Thank you for your time and attention.

With love,
Flaviu Pop
On this video you can see Flaviu Pop doing this method:

Nederlandse vertaling

In deze workshop kun je een veilige en efficiënte methode leren om een Volledig Lichaam Energetisch Orgasme te ervaren en geven zonder aanraking van de intieme delen.
Deze workshop kan de relatie die je met je eigen lichaam hebt voor altijd veranderen en verschaft je een methode om te experimenteren met de meest intense staat van plezier.

Deze methode kan:
Energieën ontblokkeren
Emotioneel trauma helen
Seksuele perceptie verbeteren
De relatie met je partner naar een nieuw, onvoorstelbaar niveau brengen

Door jezelf volledig te verbinden met je eigen zintuigen en door persoonlijk experimenteren met het energetisch orgasme

Deze workshop is voor jou als:
Je zoekt er naar om te experimenteren met intense en diepgaande ervaringen
Je wilt ontdekken dat er meer passie in je is wanneer je de Liefde bedrijft
Je wilt op een ander en authentiek niveau communiceren met je partner
Je wilt je polariteit ontdekken (mannelijkheid/vrouwelijkheid) en uitvinden hoe het je leven kan beïnvloeden
Je wilt blokkades en angsten oplossen zodat de energie vrijer in je lichaam kan stromen

Deze workshop is een kans om snel te leren door te experimenteren hoe je jouw seksualiteit kunt leven, transformeren en verkennen.

Gedurende deze workshop kun je het antwoord vinden op de volgende vragen:
Wat de overeenkomsten en verschillen zijn tussen de mannelijke en vrouwelijke seksuele organen
Hoe orgasme geproduceerd wordt in ons lichaam
Welke soorten orgasme er zijn voor mannen en vrouwen
Wat een Energetisch Orgasme is
Hoe een orgasme mogelijk is buiten een seksuele handeling
Wie een Energetisch Orgasme kan hebben
Wie de Volledig Lichaam Energetisch Orgasme methode kan beoefenen

Deze workshop kan nuttig zijn voor:
Therapeuten, doktoren, seks therapeuten, coaching specialisten, helers
Vrijgezelle personen of koppels
Hetero, homo, biseksuele en lesbische mensen
Praktisch alle mensen die hun eigen seksuele leven naar een ander niveau willen brengen

De Facilitator: Flaviu Pop uit Cluj Napoca Roemenië; Trainer, Coach voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling, relatie en seksuele Coach, energie Therapeut, massage Specialist in verschillenden soorten van massage. Oprichter van Albini Center, een plaats voor alternatieve en complementaire therapie.

Deze workshop is voor mensen die bereid zijn om samen te werken en een fantastische ervaring te delen.

Donderdag van 20.30 tot 23.00 - gratis presentatie over de workshop in Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam

Friday (12.06.2015) from 19:30 - 22:00 – This is a donation based presentation about the workshop  – Twin Heart Healing Centre Jacob Geelstraat 38, 1065 VT Amsterdam


Zaterdag (13.06.2015) van 13.30 tot 23 - Workshop
Zondag (14.06.2015) van 9 tot 23 - Workshop
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41

Michal Marek Griks

Prijs en boeking:

180 Euro per persoon
340 Euro per koppel

Privé sessies zijn ook beschikbaar tussen 07.06.2015 en 11.06.2015

In die sessies kun je onderzoeken:
Sensuele Ontwaking 120-150 min - 100 euro
Life coaching 60 min - 50 €
Relatie coaching 60 min - 50 €
Seksuele coaching 60 min - 50 €
Ontspanning Massage 60 min - 50 euro
Reiki Therapie 90 min - 70 euro
Reflex therapie 90 min - 70 euro
Giropraktische Therapie 30 min - 50 euro

Aarzel niet om vragen te stellen ( in engels ) via mijn e-mail:


Hier kun je kijken voor updates, delen en je vrienden uitnodigen:

Content this time : No content. There is no so much info so just roll :) read and enjoy :)today is long. I hope you will enjoy it
and we just use the same videos and pictures than last time. I hope you would like them even more :)

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Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement
Last update : 10.06.2015
We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly

Keep in mind that I´m moving to Romania after Summer so it´s very probably that short events [marked as (?)] may be replaced with longer ones but less frequent

Tantra Full moon festivals:

Intensive weekend Workshop - Full Body Energetic Orgasm by Flaviu Pop from Romania
From thursday 12.06.2015 19.00 till Sunday 14.06.2015 20.00 check details here:
Romania Transylvania, Retreat in Nature for longer events or in Cluj Napoca for shorter ones
Every wednesday 18.00- 21.30 Tipografiei nr. 21 ap. 2 Cluj Napoca weekly meetings of Tantra Movement Romania group. I´m, Michal Marek Griks there always in wensdays around the events when I´m in Romania, so recently pretty often :)

25.5.2015 - 28.05.2015 Tantra Massage course second module
Details you may find here ( use translator )
More details would follow soon
All courses in Romania are in English translated in to Romanian.
Some more fresh updates you may find at fb Tantra Movement Romania group:
Use google translator if needed
Retreats in France
6 september - 13 september Nature in France - Course for all in one week
All in Chateau de Gressoux
AD 10:

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in Tantra and Sexuality:

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In love songs:

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Sistars - Freedom

Enjoy :)
School Of Tantra introduces You to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. Its expanding You to the deepest and the highest levels of love and ecstasy through working on all dimensions possible to You...
Love and light
Michal Marek Griks

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