Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Letter to Tantra Movement Romania

I´m writing to you supported by energy of this beautiful, empowering, epic compilation.
If you like to connect with the energy of that moment, with my words, with me, in this beautiful state I would suggest to play it as well when you are reading it. PLZ trust my feelings and check out this another way of deepening connections beyond understanding. You know tantra is to try new things now and again and go beyond the words and mind. The music and especially this one is real power what I would like to add to my words :) and give to your heart <3

I´m so proud of you all and everything what is happening: Every Wednesday tanrtic meetings <3 , 2 july Seminar for couples by Raluca Rusu and Daniel Rusu Rusu, then connecting camp by Ada Bianca Azap and Flaviu Pop. Before Flavius workshops in Amsterdam, woman circle by Amalia Costan, nice movies of Iacobescu Ion , spiritual festival, SatCitAnanda etc... those are only few things what are happening around. Some of your grow, your testimonies, your sharings made me cry from happiness for you, for myself, for deep meaning of this what we are doing, what we are going through. Amazing.
This is what the empowering tantra means... It really flow beautiful in Romania... not without the reasons... not without the needs... with enormous potential of all of us. It feels universe is supporting us and me in all of it. It feels so great to share this journey with you, be for you, be for myself. The most important for me in tantra is to teach myself to unconditionally loving my self. In that way I share it with you as well. Empowering you = empowering myself = empowering universe. Healing, liberating, deconditioning, de blocking or / and just loving more and more unconditionally. Ourself, partners, family, friends, neighbours, societies, all people, animals, nature and whole universe. Total connection on all levels as deep as possible at this moment for you and me. Are you going with us ?
I´m in Romania hopefully already around 2nd july. I will have to stay in SatCitAnanda for my cat to let him accustom in new place but with my heart I will be with you on other, your events... Then I´m for you at the first module of the first level from 10-12 july. ( Those who were at the Massage weekend and would like to count it as addition to finishing first level plz contact me. )

Then after active holidays, beside usual things, I´m starting for you Tantra Movement Year Training…/tantra-movement-year-tr…
what may give you opportunity to become our ( or independent ) Professional assistant, Masseur(se) or Teacher. Inspiring, Supporting, Empowering will continue. Living in illusion of a system is not an option anymore. Thank you for being

Let´s be always for each other. Let´s remember our ¨big family¨ and our ¨small families¨
...and remember bring this green light of unconditional Love of all that beautiful qualities of our Sacred Space to all being in whole universe.
That´s how we share love with universe. That´s how we make love with universe
Be proud of yourself
Now and always <3

Michal Marek Griks

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