Friday, February 24, 2017

Opening Ritual before massage

This ritual we perform always before any massage or practice related to it. After, the massage is always followed by CLOSING RITUAL, what is similar and we will describe it  below. You may perform also other rituals before like Tantra Kriya Breath or/and Heart Salutation.

Receiver should lie down on her/his back or belly (when is not hot, remember the blanket). Close your eyes to go deeper into experience. Wrap your palms together up till you feel the heat, then place them on your own heart chakra.

 You connect with yourself, with your lower self and with your higher self. After a while you may ask whoever, whatever you believe in, what is important in your life, for whatever you feel is appropriate to ask at this particular moment. You may pray for: maybe for nice energy, connection, focus, respect, openness, trust... Maybe you would like to ask that this massage would be very beneficial and nice for you and for the receiver. You may ask for whatever you feel. After a while (as we guide the group we use word "we"), we wrap palms again and when they`re hot, we move them wide apart. Then slowly you allow them to come back close to each other, without allowing them to be touched. When they`re close to each other, we pray: "We ask beautiful energy of unconditional love to flow through us, to guide us, to allow us to be a channel that the love flows from Universe through our body to the body of the receiver".

Then we open our eyes and then we place one palm on the heart chakra, and the other one on the pubic bone or sacrum. We synchronize our breath for better connection. After a while with one breath in, you move your palm from the heart to the crown chakra. Next, you move your palm back to the heart again with the inhalation. After a while you begin to slowly move your hands around the body. You softly touch everywhere (where the limits allow you) to make the body familiar with the touch and to make the touch familiar with the body. After this introduction you may perform the massage what you planned to do.

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