Friday, February 24, 2017

Why my tantra book is not perfect ?

Here it is, my book: "All Aspects of Life. All Aspects of Tantra. Tantra Teachers and Students Guide". I share here not only exercises, what I use at my teachings but also: my own process, reflections, reports from workshops, my written homework's for Rasayana Tantra Academy, videos and above all, my authenticity, my real self. I decided to share my book now and skip waiting for that it will become perfect (it will never be) and complete. While I`m more and more living my dream and I share tantra almost every day, I just don`t know when I would complete this Guide. I just don`t want to forget about myself and I don`t want to do things under any pressure or deadline. I choose more relaxed way of sharing this book with you. Whenever I find enough time and inspiration, I will write, connect, edit, publish and share something. Even I know that each part of the book would be more powerful, when they would come finally together in one wholeness, I still feel that my students, readers will benefit from those parts already. So why not to share them now?

Now let`s talk about perfectionism. I`m not native English speaker. I was never at one English class in my life. Still I`m very happy and proud of myself that this never stopped me from expressing myself mostly in this language. Even in my previous books written in polish, what is my native language, I wrote: "Sorry for my mistakes. I choose to publish this book now because I`m already too enthusiastic about writing the next one…". I chosed to correct my mistakes, improve my style by keeping writing and not by trying to make it perfect. I feel to finish chapter, what I feel is closed already. This also fits so much to one of the most important principle of tantra: being here and now. We are living in the times when perfectionism and insecurity, two sides of the same disease, are holding us back from: expressing ourselves, living on full potential, sharing our own creation and from bringing change to ourselves and universe. Being authentic, being yourself, expressing it- that`s what I would like encourage in people. "Be proud of yourself. Now and always."

And do not understand me wrong. I don`t push myself to another extreme. Yes, I would like that my mistakes are corrected, that I grow up, learn and keep improving my style. It`s just I don`t want to be obsessed about it. I like my passions, that`s why I choose to live them as much as possible. I love to make love, share wisdom of tantra through my workshops, massages, practice… Writing it is further expression of it. Because I learned to prioritize my passions they're coming first. Some further things, like writing, sometimes have to wait a bit till it`s moment would come. When you feel that my book (or other aspects of me) are worthy to support in any means necessary you`re more than welcome. Not only me, but I wish whole humanity would be thankful.

Michal Kali Griks. Bulgaria, may 2016

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