Sunday, February 26, 2017

Neo Tantric Massage. Step by step

Neo Tantric Massage

Basic structure:


·         Upper back

·         Lower back

·         Arms

·         Buttocks

·         Legs


·         Legs

By woman: Breast


By men: Belly


·         Yoni

·         Lingam

·         Head


1.       8 on the heart

2.       8 on second chakra

3.       Kidneys massage

4.       Repeat on other side 2 + 3

5.       Simple stroke: from beginning of spine, along the body towards neck, skull. When you go back make round on the shoulders, go deep into the armpits, then stroke sides and move back to the sacrum. Make every stroke 3 times (eventually 6, 9, 13(so much only in extreme situations when you really know what are you doing it for) times when you have more time or you feel this stroke is indicated)

6.       Karma release stroke: cross your thumbs, then with right thumb press hardly on the left side along the spine and with left one on the right side. From coccyx to the neck. All other fingers should be up without touching the body. When you reached neck press hard, point under clavicula. Hold there, hang with your body weight for few breaths, then whenever you will decide, with breath out slowly with all your fingers spread over whole back pressing hard go back to buttock.

7.       Tantra Kriya Yoga breath stroke

8.       "Plough"

9.       Spreading energy all over


1.       Pull the arm holding wrist, shake and open till 900 , then still shaking, close

2.       Meridians massage

3.       Palm

4.       Fingers

5.       Pressing palm, elbow, shoulder and moving to other arm

6.       All steps from 1-4 on other arm

7.       Spreading energy from arms all over the body


1.       8 on buttock

2.       Circulating on outer parts on further buttock

3.       Changing sides


For women BREASTS

1.       8 on breasts (always avoid nipples at the beginning of breast massage)

2.       Circulating on outer parts of further breast

3.       Spiral closed + open

4.       Tapping

5.       Triangle

6.       Cupping

7.       All steps from 1-6 on other breast


1.       Palm chakras on nipples and pulling up the energy with inhalation

2.       Circulating around nipples

3.       Sliding nipples between all fingers/all directions

4.       Turning volume up and down

5.       Pressing nipples and circulating

6.       Squeezing

7.       Stimulating kisses with top of the 4 or 5 fingers

8.       Squeezing nipples, then release and pulling energy with breathing

9.       Spreading energy

LINGAM OR YONI ( check previous posts )


1.       Start as you would spread shampoo over hair

2.       Circulating movements with your thumbs, starting from middle of the head along the line where the hair is begging to grow

3.       When you`re behind ears scratch to pointing fingers

4.       When you`re behind neck, feel the hallow along neck then slide fingers upwards direction to the crown and when you feel the end of the hallow place, where neck is entering the head, pull towards yourself and in the same time lift neck by sticking your fingers upwards

5.       Hold like this for about 6 sec then release and continue with spreading shampoo

6.       Goddess touch massage

7.       With circular movements between your fingers, squeezing and pulling a bit massage the ears

8.       Circular movement pointing fingers massaging line between ears and skull

9.       Behind and under ears

10.   Jaw connection

11.   Temples

12.   Spreading shampoo

13.   Shaking fontanelle with 4-5 fingers and pulling energy upward, into direction of upper chakras (3 times)

14.   Grounding (especially when person drive after or do any responsible work)

15.   Closing ritual

16.   Letting person to adjust, detach, (offer tea when ready)

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