Sunday, February 26, 2017

Barking wolfs

Barking wolfs

As wilder you be than deeper you go - As much as possible you encourage the students to go for it.

First, we bark as wolfs at each other in the pack. Go into the warrior role, energy of Kali and your animal nature. Let your suppressed wilderness be completely  free. Don`t hold back. You may imagine that you fighting for position in the pack, thet you´re fighting for survival. You may imagine that the most precious things in your life, maybe your kids are attacked and it`s you with your anger, who is their only chance, their only protection.

In the same time, play already with polarities. Allow yourself to not all the time be dominant, but sometimes be as scared dog, surrendering to the wild ones. In that moments, you may go as deep as possible in to the fear.

Then, when you`re guided, you may choose one most attractive or most challenging wolf, with who you bark at each other still playing with polarities.

You may again remind yourself about going deep into the emotions and not to spoil them with not appropriate laughter. Recognise that this is very often a bit sneaky way of your unhealthy mind and unhealthy ego to try to escape from real change, from deep experience.

After barking at each other, when we feel that energy goes down, tiredness is entering into the process you guide the wolfs to directly give each other "Goddess touch massage", it`s important that there are no breaks between those both stages. That`s why, it is important to inform participants to prepare their "massage temple before the exercise".

When you made three rounds of the massage from top of the forehead to the bottom of the neck then, all students go directly into barking wolfs as couples one more time. Again, when the energy goes down, switch directly into goddess touch massage (changing roles). After massage receivers, as usual may stretch themselves. The givers may thank themselves for the beautiful experience. After, they may thank each other in the most beautiful way how they both feel.

Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac. Koh Phanghan, Thailand. 26.02.2017

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