Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moves for Lingam massage. Step by step description for that part of Neo Tantric Massage

This is part of the description for Neo Tantric Massage. Some of the words are more understandable for the students and more relevant for new readers. Read full description of that massage in my book to get the intentions more clear. 
Love and light <3

1. Worshipping lingam at the beginning, for few minutes:

·         asking for permission

·         left hand on the lingam, right on left, forehead bowing to right

2. Massaging pressing points on the groins with thumbs, while with other fingers massaging, pressing pubic bone

3. Massaging perineum muscle :

·         sliding on the sides,

·         circulating with fingers,

·         pressing deep point between bones,

·         half way between genitals and anus

4. Stretching, squeezing, rolling between the fingers scrotum, the bag where are testicles

5. Gently massaging testicles, moving them around

6. Twisting the bag, scratching testicles with nails

7. Shiatsu on the trunk

8. Clock

9. "Windows wipers"

10. Sliding your hands, pressing lingam on the belly while you massage belly as well

11. Making fire

12. "Corkscrew"

13. Sliding up

14. Massaging frenulum, foreskin

15. Massaging the neck with circular movement

16. Massaging "fontanelle", the place where the foreskin is attached to trunk

17. With the ring, from pointing finger and thumb twisting gently avoiding the neck

18. Gently massaging the half's of the head with two thumbs (avoid nails)

19. Very gently with enough coconut oil massaging urinary hole

20. Circulating pressing points of the head, avoiding urinary hole, with center part of the palm chakra

21. "Tommy" delight with movements upward with five fingers we squeeze the head as we would squeeze the juice out of citrus fruit

22. Prayer to lingam

23. Simulating yoni with enough coconut oil

24. Pulling the lingam

25. Typical movement

26. Fingers opposite direction palms moving different direction along the lingam

27. Massaging perineum in the movements of high arousal

28. Spreading energy all over the body, massaging everywhere

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